Supermarket Game

i hope you fellah’s appreciate my putting myself out there and showing you how easy it is to chat up any damn girl you see. since starting this trailer park of a blog (seriously, i’m the cartoon of the ‘sphere) i’ve MADE myself talk to 90% of the women i come across (giggity). today i was grabbing some beer and i was in line where there was a cute latina in glasses, i’m guessing she’s about 17-19. i was in her line since there was only one woman there and she had very few items (seriously). well, the woman had 2 kids with her and the cashier mentioned if the kids wanted a coloring book. when it was my turn in line i leaned towards her and whispered, “you have fucking coloring-books?” she laughed and asked me if i wanted one. i looked at her with a shocked face, “YEEEEEES!!!!!! why wouldn’t i want a coloring book?” she laughed and i told i was a master of crayola-kwon-do. i motioned how i’d color. well, i motioned how i’d be coloring with the crayon in a closed fist dragging it across the paper with the tip of my tongue on the top corner tip of my lips. this REALLY made her laugh. she asked if i’d stay in the lines and i replied, “LINES…..what are you talking about? i just color the sumbitch.”

but i wasn’t done.

“yeah, then i’d write something smooth on top like, “i think yer purdee. if you like me check the box “yes, no, maybe.” she laughed and i paid for my beer. as i was walking away she told me good bye with a huge smile on her face.

no number close, i know. i didn’t want it. if you want to get strong….you work out. if you want to protect yourself… train in fighting. if you want to get good with talking to women….YOU TALK TO WOMEN. and do it playfully. believe it or not, what i did with this woman was game. i think most guys get blindsided and pigeon-hole game as meaning “get laid”. i don’t see it that way. i see game as being able to interact well with woman. i didn’t want to date that girl, but what i did was like sparring or going to the gym. it’s practice. trust me, when i go back and she sees me….that girls gonna remember me, and it will be a FOND memory… me.

so….now if i go out and i have an interaction with a woman that i AM interested in, i’m primed and ready to escalate and notice IOI’s and move in for the close. and i won’t hesitate, because i’m USED to chatting women up playfully and flirtatiously.

game everyone or game no one at all.

stay up.


get that pussy dammit. lol.

2 Comments on “Supermarket Game”

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Lmao good game as usual Danny.This one was exactly the way I would’ve done it.It couldn’t get any better than that.

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