Guys can be difficult…i KNOW

working in radiology i’m basically a photographer that exposes people to ionizing radiation. i’ve made a funny realization while on the job recently…..

what i do as a “job” is do exams where i take images of patients. each exam has standardized views (positions) that need to be performed. typically 2-3 different views. i tell the patient what to do to be in the correct position and if need be i physically position the patient. that’s when i made the discovery.

male patients are MUCH harder and less receptive to instruction than females. see…..when i position women (giggity) if i touch- say, her hand and position it….she’s puts the hand into position with ZERO resistance. guys, will not even allow me to move their hand. then i’ll get flustered and tell them, “DUDE, i need your hand to look like this.” and i’ll position my hand the way it needs to be. well, you’d think that would help….no. it doesn’t.

none of this should be surprising of course. it’s like dancing: the man leads, the woman follows. i wasn’t really surprised by this but i thought it was a funny coincidence while at work.

so ladies…i know EXACTLY what you’re dealing with. cuz well…..guilty as charged.

15 Comments on “Guys can be difficult…i KNOW”

  1. MadMav says:

    Having been a rad tech for 20 years, i know exactly what your talking about.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      dude, how frustrating is it. it’s just a hand series, THREE pictures…….thats it.

      • dogsquat says:

        I like asking them why they punched the wall in the first place, especially the drunk and stupid ones..

        “No, wait, – explain it again – why, exactly, did you decide to give yourself a Boxer’s Fracture? Ok, lemme get this straight – it’s 4am and you’re pissed off. That’s the moment you decided to punch a cinderblock? Or, did that cinderblock make a sudden, threatening move toward you? Let me know – I can have law enforcement here in 45 seconds if you feel threatened by your masonry. Either way, I am here to help. Do you have any other medical problems? Past history of head trauma, hypoxic brain injury, anything like that?”

  2. MadMav says:

    Now, if they would only take a deep breath and hold it when you ask them to….

  3. dogsquat says:

    I love reading over-reads on x-rays where the radiologist busts on the rad tech.

    “On the PA Chest, the left costophrenic angle is not visualized. In addition, the left clavicle is foreshortened, indicating sub-optimal positioning for this view. Lung fields not adequately expanded for proper visualization. These oversights make clinical correlation and close follow-up necessary for this patient. Please note that repeat studies expose patients to unnecessary radiation.”

    Yes, I am an asshole, and sometimes take joy in the suffering of people who make way more money than I do.


    Dumb-Ass Ambulance Driver, 2nd Class

  4. Bob says:

    I must be atypical. I try to cooperate with medical procedures. Do your patients realize they aren’t cooperating?

  5. Random Angeleno says:

    It’s a control thing.

    On the dance floor, I lead. There have been group classes when there weren’t enough girls to partner with all the guys present so the male dance instructor will sometimes play the female part with guys including me in order to demonstrate something. I won’t say I hate that, but I do really, really dislike it. Though it’s his job and I’ve seen him pull very well at the socials I just can’t muster up enough respect for him.

  6. Spooky says:

    I don’t have anything to add other than nodding and laughing.

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