What went wrong….and BEWBIES!!!!!

“you always break up with gf’s don’t you?”

i hadn’t though about it before, but yeah….for the most part it was true. either i end it or i transfer somewhere else and the relationship dissolves. i thought i’d share my relationship history from 1998-present. these are go’s, not hook-ups.

1- the sicilian lass. dated close to a year, i transferred to NO, the relationship ended. you already know that story.

2- the gf in NO, met her 3 months before she headed back to LA, she was BEAUTIFUL. i had a picture of her back when i started blogging (if you can find it….you can see what she looks like) here on the site. i was in love after a month of dating her, i was in BIG trouble here. well a week before she left the whole thing went sour and she blew a microchip. i wrote her off and decided it was just a joke and moved on. the day she left for LA she showed up and told me she was sorry and she wanted me to keep in touch with her. i was a bit baffled. 2 months after she had left, it felt like there was nothing there. i walked away.

what follows is roughly 2 years of depression. i didn’t have a GF until jan 2005. i told myself the next time i met someone i loved that, i’d fight harder to make it work. time to move on. the gf in NO was face-8, body-8, personality (pre-melt down)- 9. i will point out that she was a small chested woman. but her body was STUNNING.

in japan i started with the gf in jan 2002. i broke up with her in april. she was an AWFUL gf. nice girl, great sense of humor, shitty, selfish gf. she was in love and the break up completely took her by surprise. she spent the next 2 months severely depressed. long story short, she begged for another chance. deep down i knew she had a good heart so i said what the hell, she was actually fun and pleasant to be around. july we got back together and by october i knew it needed to be over. of all the ex’s she was the least physically attractive. face-7, body-6, personality-9. she was 5’9″ and weighed about 170, she asked me to help her lose weight and she dropped down to 155. she was rocking 34c’s. respectable.

i ended it because i just had no attraction to her anymore. i loved, but not as a BF. so i knew it was best to not waster her time. she wanted to get married (aaaaw hell, i told this story), but i just couldn’t do it.

i got to NO in november 2009. i met my gf 2 weeks later. it started as a FWB deal, but she grew on me and i quit banging the other girls i had. i decided to give it a shot. i broke up with her in april. i had the strong feeling she sheeted, and the distance bothered me. found out in may that she HAD cheated. she was very beautiful. face 8, body-9, personality-8. she was 4’11” and weighed maybe 90lbs. she also suffered from ERS- epic rack syndrome. seriously, i weeped when i realized they were no longer mine. c’est la vie.

why do i keep mentioning the bewbies? well, i theorize that the way guys obsess about dick size, women place the same emphasis on their bits. but as evidenced but the ladies above, their breasts had ZERO bearing on my attraction to them. and i had small, large, and average. i loved the GIRL…not the tits.

so go easy on yourselves lades. most men are equal opportunity bob lovers. this post led to the below post. so…yeah.


bobbie man

13 Comments on “What went wrong….and BEWBIES!!!!!”

  1. OffTheCuff says:

    Boobs are merely the cherry on top of the sundae of a lovely whole woman.

    (But if I was going strictly for a hookup… I dunno…)

  2. aneroidocean says:

    Do you have a theory as to why you always break up with girls? I’m the opposite in that I’ve always been broken up with, although recently I’ve let a couple non-exclusive situations just fall by the wayside. I’m not sure that this can even count as breaking up with a girl.

    It sucks to always have been broken up with, but it left me at a point where I knew I had to become more proactive in order to get what I wanted with women.

    As for boobies, for me personally I love them but if I had to choose between a mostly flat ass with huge boobs and small boobs with a nice round ass, I’d always go for the latter. For me, breast size is secondary to how proportional and firm they are. If you’ve got DDs but they hang to your belly button I am pretty much turned the fuck off.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      2 relationships ended because I moved. One wasn’t a good match for me. And one was giving me a bad vibe and lived 8 hours away.

      Would you keep eating food that tasted horrible just because it was there? Or would send the dish back and eat something you actually enjoy?

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Danny,

    I shouldn’t be in THIS locker room…However, since you are such a great host I feel somewhat safe.
    Question: Is there a woman’s bodypart that you like (which is not the usual – bewbies, derrière etc)?
    I like men’s knees for example. I am yet to meet a man (who wears shorts) whose knees I don’t like. Perhaps because I know lots of cyclists/runners. But just out and about, I find that most if not all men have great knees!

    Also my father had beautiful ears. So I notice men’s ears. I can literally stare at someone’s ears for hours 🙂
    Do you have similar quirks, you gentlemen?
    Or is this a female thing?
    PS: None of these are used by me as ‘mate selection’ criteria. They are just things I take note of.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      eyes, i notice a woman’s eyes.

    • Caelaeno says:

      Oh, I can go one further on the weird body part fascination, Spacetraveller.

      I’ve always had something of an equal-opportunity libido. Short, tall, stocky, skinny, rich, poor, white, black, and everything in between–my preferences were all over the map. For a while, I thought I just had really low standards in looks. Then it dawned on me that I just have one standard: a square jaw. Every. single. guy. I’d ever considered screwable (everything but looks taken out of the equation) had a square jaw. Apparently, he’s not too fat unless you can’t see the jawline–then, he could be a hilarious Christian multimillionaire genius, and I would LJBF him on the first date.

      Never really noticed either knees or ears though…I did once think my last interest had great knees, but I was also in the “everything about him is perfect” phase. I’m pretty sure that I could have found out he had six toes, and I just would’ve said “He’s so smart he grew another one, just in case!”

      • Caelaeno,

        Hahaha! You crack me up!
        You’re hilarious you are 🙂

        Strange I have never ever had that square jaw thing…
        In fact I don’t even think I have ever met a man with a square jaw. They don’t exist in my own family, so I guess I have never been ‘primed’ to go looking for it, haha!
        The only guy who I notice has a REALLY squre jaw is David Coulthard the racing driver…but his is so exaggerated he just looks like he’s got mumps or something…

  4. Spooky says:

    Very interesting post.

    Also, next time someone starts telling me about how “Guys don’t notice me because they only like big tits, bawww” I’m not even going to respond properly. I’m just going to link them to this post.
    Though if someone has convinced themselves that their body is the only thing that matters regarding what incites someone to stay in a LTR with them, then they’re probably going to believe it no matter what. Unfortunately.

  5. blazefrazier says:

    Even though a nice pair of knockers isn’t a bad thing, the ability to hold a conversation and being a truly legit person matters more when it comes to a relationship.

  6. Aside from looks, let’s reflect for a moment upon all the OTHER wonderful qualities Danny looks for in a potential mate………….
    …………………………………………………. *echo*…….. *echo*………

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