Fun at the Gym

went to the gym yesterday for the daily beating and as i approached the door, a cute blonde scooted up to get through the door i was holding open for her. as she passed through she looked at me and give a smile and, “thank you.” i nodded and headed in behind her (i wasn’t really being a gentleman, i wanted to check out her ass). *nice ass btw* i’d be willing to bet she’s a southern girl. i’ve noticed the girls from up north aren’t too keen on saying thank you when you hold the door open for them. hmmmmm.  i walked in and head to my cardio machine for my workout. that’s when i saw her. i see her in the gym damn near every time i go in there.

time truly is a bitch for you women. this woman was good looking and in her late 30’s early 40’s and she was dressed like she was at a fucking club. her tits (fake btw) were mashed up into her chin with cleavage exposed.her entire workout routine consisted of leg, gluteus, arm toning, and ab exercises. you could tell she was a real hottie and you could tell by her skin she smokes, or used to. look, i’m all for being healthy but i got the REEEEAL impression she’s trying to keep herself in the game. i felt bad for her, i did. but do you think that kept me from watching her gyrate and do the ever seductive superman lunges, and flutter kicks that let me see mad amounts of newbie? NOPE!!!!. made my workout go by kind of quick. then i noticed something…..

the blond i held the door for was 2 machines down from me. every once in a while she’d look my way (i was watching from the mirror 20 feet in front of us). finally i looked in her direction, she looked my way and i stuck my tongue out at her. she laughed and looked away. i finished my workout and cleaned my machine where i noticed she took 3 glances my way. girl was checking me out. HMMMMMM. as i walked up to her to go to the water fountain i noticed her eyes move towards me. when i passed her, she looked my way again. lol. i got my water and went back to the clinic.

back to the latina dresses kind of slutty. i noticed as she worked out she seemed to be looking around a lot. i’d be willing to bet she had scoped a few guys she thought was cut and wanted to see if they were checking her out. i mean, it’s obvious she was a total attention whore just by her dress alone.but the fact she kept looking around made me loff. i’d like to know what you ladies think when you see women dressed like this at the gym.

and sorry no field report on blondie. i’m not into navy girls, remember. lol.

stay up.



6 Comments on “Fun at the Gym”

  1. dogsquat says:

    I assume you went on your lunch hour? I miss those – we’d usually have chow from 1100-1300 when we weren’t in the field.

    The other day I was tried to buy a rottiserie chicken for about 4 hours. We’d park the ambulance, walk in to the grocery store, get our stuff, get in line – and then catch a call. Drop everything, run to the bus, haul ass to the scene….

    Happened 3 times in a row.

    I have a brand new partner and a student medic with me, and they thought it was hilarious. The student had tears rolling down her face, she was laughing so hard.

    Fucking chicken is bad luck. I bought a sandwich and salad the 4th time, and didn’t get another call for the rest of the shift.

  2. SexyBearFriend says:

    “(i wasn’t really being a gentleman, i wanted to check out her ass)… i’ve noticed the girls from up north aren’t too keen on saying thank you when you hold the door open for them. ”
    This is prob why us northern gals don’t say “thanks”. We’re not that stupid. Duh…

    Dude, this is priceless!! I say “thanks” for holding a door. Not cheking out my ass. I’m not a retard — I can see a guys reflection and his “intention”. Hahahaha.
    BTW, sounds like you’re from Philly. I live here now, but grew up in rural PA. When I 1st moved to the “Big City”, I was that nice little southern gal. Now, I’m hardened by cattleshoot that is walking to the El. Us gals don’t start out mean…

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks for stopping by.

      actually i’m from new orleans. but i got into hockey while in spain and chose the flyers after seeing a documentary on the broad street bullies. i’m not from a hockey town so i’m free to choose whomever i like. lol.

  3. Phoenix says:

    Coulda got her digits and banged her hard for validation.

  4. dannyfrom504 says:

    dude, i stay the hell away from military women.

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