More fun at work

i was listening to dead milkmen and female patient approached. “what are you listening to?” i told her the name of the band and she looked at me like my head was on fire. i explained, “it’s 80’s punk, i used to skate to this when i was a kid.” she looked at me curiously and asked, “so…are you a punk?” i laughed and told her it depended. “depends on what?” she asked. i replied, “depends on if it would be a turn on or not.” i gave a sly smile and a grin grew across her face. her gaze moved from side to side and my smile grew bigger. she finally answered, “i dunno, maybe.” i replied, “NO, absolutely not. if punk is london, i’m tokyo.” then i smiled. girls ALL know a man’s cocky/neg smile, and 90% of them can’t resist it. the 10% that don’t….fuck girls….so, yeah. after i told her no, she gave out a soft laugh, and looked upward and shook her head “no” a few times. she finally said, “i guess i should be going now.” as she turned and walked off i told her, “you enjoy the rest of your day angel.”

she looked back, smiled, and waved bye.

i decided to do friday nights music with this post. so…’s the dead milkmen. 4 guys from philly and they are absolute geeks. i used to love these guys when i was in jr. high and high school. i skated to “tujena” in a skate contest and “dean’s dream” is one of my absolute faces. back in san deezy i was friends with some surfers in ocean beach. they made a small surf/skate movie and i provided the DM for the background music. it opened with “tujena”, then segued into “beach song” (no video, sorry), then finished with “dean’s dream”. i WISH i could find that video. lol. enjoy.

this song made it to MTV.

5 Comments on “More fun at work”

  1. MadMav says:

    Always liked a little Black Flag and Social D before flirting with the bar sluts and their hair band music

  2. dogsquat says:

    I saw this post earlier. I have been humming the song “Stuart” under my breath since then. Apparently I am the only person who knows what the queers are doing to the soil.

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