50 Shades of 504

i wasn’t going to post on this since  Tia already touched on it, so i figured i’d whore myself out in a different manner.
i was IM’ing with a female reader (nunyah) and the subject of “forced orgasm sessions” came (giggity) up. i was explaining it to her and she mentioned it being a post. i thought about and figured with that DRECK of a novel being so popular wit women i figured i’d show you fellah how to be your own Christian Grey. before i start i must say ONE thing.
you i am going to tell you can cause VERY serious psychological and physical harm if you fuck this up. DO NOT attempt until….
you agree on A SAFE WORD
from here out ‘m going to assume the readers know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. i’m not attempting to talk down to anyone so don’t take it that way.
the safe word can be any non-sexual word. it can’t be “ok, god….etc”. i prefer my safe word to be a food. personally i like “pudding”. if i’m gunning a girl down and she shouts “PUDDING”. 2 things will happen: 1- i’ll  stop what doing. 2- i’ll laugh uncontrollably. just close your eye, imagine you’re banging the old lady and she suddenly screamed “PUDDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!” if you don’t giggle, you HAVE to be brain-dead. lol. seriously, if a gf did this and i didn’t take notice i’d be functionally retarded or at least HALF a chromosome away from qualifying for handicapped parking.
now, once the safe word has been agreed upon; you’re ready for the next step- you have to tie her up, spread eagle on the bed. now i’m not talking pinned down, but she needs to be unable to reach her vagina or kick you. now…..this is where most women slam on the breaks. so you must EASE her into it. start out by binding her hands with papertowel and once she’s cool with that, move on to a scarf ot tie. once you have her fully tied down the safe word is a kill switch. stop what you’re doing. and untie her. now for the VERY important part.
if a woman agrees to let you tie her down, she is giving you a HUGE privilege. you have a responsibility to keeping her safe (physically AND emotionally) which is why so few women will allow it. like i said i’ve only done this with 2 women. the act itself wasn’t what amazed me. it’s what happened AFTER that got my attention. and i’m not talking IMMEDIATELY after, but a few DAYS later.
ok, let’s say she let you tie her up. again…..you must EASE into this. the first few times you just want to kiss and fondle her, then end it. once she’s comfy with that, you want to actually go down on her. after she finished, untie her. THIS is the crucial phase. i’d say you should give her oral at least 4-5 times before you move on to more tactical and stronger force. the final phase is when  i use  La Pistola   on her. oh, and i also use  eros (it also can double as a massage oil). i never understood guys that get all uncomfortable with bringing a toy to use on a woman. SHIT, it makes my job easier/quicker and let’s me get back to sports center quicker.
now…..here’s where it gets interesting. the plan is to bring her to orgasm and when she does….you continue to stimulate her. i won’t stop unitl i get the safe word, or she’s had 3-4 good ones. then i let her rest for 2-3 minutes where i’ll spank her thighs lightly. now once a woman has had THAT intense of an orgasm, her pain thresh-hold goes up. i don’t SMACK her, but i’ll slap her thighs and she’ll typically get more turned on. then i continue with manual stimulation, or the pistola, or both. the session could last up to 10 minutes. but i’ve never gone past that.
then i’ll untie her and let her rest, and follow with a “good girl”. i tell her to tell me when she’s ready to go again (sometimes she won’t want to) and when she is i bend her over the bed and give her the business. HARD. i’m talking hair pulling, doggy pounding. and she’ll make the most guttural, primal sounds a human animal can produce. when i’m finally finished, she’s done- she passes the fuck out. lol. i kid you not, she sounds like you’re murdering her when you work on her tied up. remember when conan fucked that witch by the fire. lol. now here’s what i found interesting-
with both girls (they liked it btw), after the session they acted VERY different when it came to sex. when sex was initiated, they were both VERY aggressive and lustful. but…..completely submissive. now….some women just WILL NOT like this. some women are SUPER sensitive so that’s why the safe word must be used. you can REALLY hurt a woman if you don’t stop.
i had a few friends IRL ask me why i don’t have my blog linked to my FB. here yah go-
“i’m sorry….you read what Alina (my 15 year old niece)? oh….about that….yeah.”
“i’m sorry, you read what Aunt Jane? oh…..uuuuuuuuuh. yeah. look….”
this has absolutely NOTHING to do with this but it made me VERY happy. ladies and gentleman Sarah Underwood out-take pics from Esquire. i’d take SU over Olivia Munn ANYDAY!!!!!! SU is a MUCH better geek.

i'm not sure what i'd do to her, but i'm pretty sure it'll be over in 6 seconds. sers-lee.

6 Comments on “50 Shades of 504”

  1. Senior Beta says:

    Jesus, HM1 did they teach this in Corpsman A school? A different Navy than I knew. But I was in Subic.

  2. JS says:

    Okay…I’m at work and I’m at my desk blushing (and trying to stop blushing which is really tough to do), my heart is racing a bit too fast, and I keep having to readjust my chair. Thanks Danny….way to make a girl’s life difficult….or very, very fun. 😉

    • dannyfrom504 says:


      knows what he’s doing.

      interestingly enough, when we talked about a few days later i asked her her over impression and she said it was “very scary” but also “incredibly hot”. she claimed the being completely bound and know i could anything was very frightening, but at the same time being so vulnerable was also “exciting”.

      same girl was a HUGE fan of wearing a blindfold and letting my do what i want. she was VERY submissive in the bedroom.

  3. just visiting says:

    Passing out as in very tired or actually losing consciousness? ( Lame question?)

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