Bartender Close….

a reader/friend sent me the following email-
“So, I bartended Saturday night out in the boonies here and thought of you, so decided to share!  About 10pm a soldier in fatigues walked in and ordered a beer, never seen him before, 42 years old, engineer and in the Reserves.  He wasn’t overly attractive, though not bad looking, but there’s just something about a man in uniform, ya know?  He gamed me (don’t know if it was natural or learned) and it totally worked, lol.  It was still busy when he came in so I didn’t get to talk to him much, but around 11 it cleared out pretty well and was just three regulars and him.  At one point a good song came on and he stood up and held out his hand.  Gave him the WTF? look and he just calmly said, “Get your cute butt out here, you’re dancing with me.”  I tried to refuse (I’m a professional, you know 😉 ) and he just said, “No, now.  And hurry up.”  So, of course, I did.  Was totally hot.  This happened consistently through the rest of the night, and he kept correcting my dancing, which was hot too, as he was teaching me something.  Got the number and a kiss 🙂  So yeah, Soldier Game works, even on girls that know what’s going on and why it’s working.  Was fun!”the moral of the story- guys looks are moot, and game works. later in text land…..

me: so what did you find so hot?
i know, but i wanna hear it from you.
 *****:  The confidence.  He was a badass and knew it, and wasn’t gonna take any crap from the barwench, lol
And he liked to dance, and was proud of that.  Men that dance are HOT.  Most of them have to be cajoled.  And he was good at it.
 me:  bartenders are VERY hard to close too.
you guys get hit on all day. lol.
 *****:  It was late and he didn’t ‘hit on me’, he made me have fun
*****:  I did have to scold Mr. Soldier at one point, told him it was TOTALLY inappropriate to smack my ass as I walked away.  I did smirk as I said it though
me:  cause you loved it.
*****:  I was actually damn shocked he did it! lol  He kissed me on the cheek and I thought, “Aww, how sweet” and turned me loose and then smacked me on the ass, lmao
FTR, he smirked as he apologized, too.
class dismissed. lol.

3 Comments on “Bartender Close….”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    Haha, great story.

    So Danny, do you think that girls that can dance are also good in bed, or do you not believe in that correlation?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      The women that I’ve bedded down that were REALLY good in bed were in fact dancers. So there may be sone truth in it.

      I’ll have to ponder this.

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Random Angeleno says:

    You can sometimes tell a lot about a girl from the way she follows when you lead her. A few are so submissive it can be a fair amount of work to lead her … “give me some resistance here…” Most women are decent to very good at being led and they often get into it and that’s cool, I get into that.

    But at the other end, there are a few who resist being led and keep screwing things up by going one way while I lead the other way. You can tell these girls are control freaks or something along those lines, they just can’t stand yielding anywhere. So I say “relax, you need to let me lead, if I don’t lead you correctly, that’s on me, but don’t anticipate me, ok?” Some get the hint. And some don’t. Those who don’t get ruled out instantly, I don’t care how hot she is, if she butts heads and won’t be corrected on the dance floor, chances are very good she butts heads off the dance floor without remorse and I’m having no part of that.

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