Male Hamster Redux

ST brought this up so i thought i’d revisit it.
i posted last week about the male hamster, and believe it or not ladies, we men DO in fact have a hamster. i mentioned the hamster when it comes to watching/playing sports, but we have an even BIGGER hamster. yesterday i went too Academy to get some ammo for my upcoming trip to NO. well, hunting season is essentially over so that means….
30% OFF ALL HUNTING GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think i spent $130 on various calls, scent mask, a tom decoy, and cammo duct tape (don’t judge me).
the minute i saw the discount signs i went into a flurry trying to come with a list of what i needed for the coming deer/turkey season in fall. i am now fully decked out for the upcoming season. one of my friends/readers calls me by a certain nick-name from time to time referring to my love of all things hunting and i have to admit…..
i eat that shit up. it goes RIGHT my head. this woman simply fed my hamster. we really aren’t that difficult ladies….compliments and praise go a LOOOOOOONG way for us. seriously, girl has some decent girl game. when she calls me by the nick name i can’t help but get all warm and fuzzy. as i’ve said before, i KNOW my cooking is fantastic, but when i cook for a woman and she goes off on how great it is, and she can’t believe i can cook that well- STRAIGHT to my head. my hamster starts running like it had a 5 hour energy. i turn into a goofy, bumbling sap. it’s so pitiful…..seriously. but i can’t help it. and i know. KNOW. the women reading this are giggling with guilt. you’ve done this before…..and you know how unfair it is. shame on you.
there’s another one i’m guilty of falling for. it involves: the head tilt, the doe eyes, the fingers tracing my arm/shoulder and a girly voice saying, “baby….i was wondering if we could (insert menial task, outing that she KNOWS i don’t like but wants to do anyway) so she has to employ the special weaponry.
AWGAWDAMMIT!!!! dirty.fucking.pool.
i’ve learned LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ago that my job in the relationship is to go along with 98% of what she wants. WHY? because 98% of it simply isn’t worth troubling myself over and getting sand in my clit. i was in pattaya, thailand and the gf mentioned wanting to go check out the popular tranny show.
2 hours later, we’re in a theater, there are men in dresses singing show tunes, and i’m playing golf on my phone as the gf giggled and coo’d giddily. i think every healthy and functional rerlationship added up to the guys pretty much going along with what the lady wants. i’ve heard male friends agree to crap that gave me douche chills and prompted “the look”. guys know the look. it’s the look that says to another man, “ew. are you kidding me?” i’ve given and recieved the look. and the typical guys facial expression in response sends a fierce, “piss off and mind your own business dick-wad”. BUT….there’s a very good reason for going along with what she wants to do.
at some point, at some time, there’s going to be something a man either DOESN’T or DOES want to do that the woman doesn’t. that’s when you cash in 5000’s “ok, fine’s”, and it’s fucking sweet. i’ve NEVER had a gf turn down something in the daily grind that i INSIST on, when i do insist on it. my friend back in spain got into cigars via his golf buddies, now this guys wife is VERY cool. when my buddy informed the wife he was going to take up cigars his wife informed him that he wasn’t. he stopped, lookedher dead in the eye and said, “this is something i’m going to do.” the comprimise was, “you will not smoke inside.” which he scoffed at, “like i would. especially not with ****** (the kid) being in here.” i even helped him pick out a humidor.
women have the rationalization hmaster.
men have the ego hamster.

20 Comments on “Male Hamster Redux”

  1. Caelaeno says:

    Yeah you do…and we love it. =)

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    And what do you ladies love about it so much?

    • Caelaeno says:

      Hm. Well, it’s always a pleasant reminder that guys care about what I think–something that is just as powerful for me as the compliment is for you.

      Also, it means things happen that otherwise wouldn’t. For example, the first time I ever used my womanly superpower, I was able to coerce most of my school’s sophomore class of physics majors into building a room. Not exactly Helen of Troy-level work, but I was just happy I didn’t have to do it all myself (especially considering I’d never used power tools before).

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        You never did tell me your breast size. Lol.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Hahaha,
        Danny, thanks for the link!

        “You never did tell me your breast size. Lol.”

        I have to say, never in a million years would I have expected THIS reply to Caelaeno’s comment above.
        You men are something else 😉

        But alas, you distract me from the point I came here to make. On the subject of the male hamster, I think it’s great that you guys have one too. It gives us ladies something to work on. Clearly, Seal’s hamster was targeted hook, line and sinker by Heidi Klum at the start of their relationship 😀
        The poor bugger (the hamster, I mean) never quite recovered though.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        never question my approaches. lol. i think i’ve proven my proficiency.

        aaaaaw, you think i was gaming. that’s too cute. lol. trust me, when i start running game, you’ll know. my’lady i have not yet begun to work on you.

      • @ Danny,
        “trust me, when i start running game, you’ll know. my’lady i have not yet begun to work on you.”

        Somehow Danny, I am inclined to believe you on this one 🙂
        I marvel at your smooth operator ways.

        In twenty years I am sending all my futue sons to you for ‘training’.
        Whoever their Daddy might turn out to be, I get a feeling he just ain’t gonna be as alpha as you, King Kong 😀

  3. MissMarie says:

    Hmmm, must be why “Hey honey, you wanna go to Bass Pro?” goes over so well… 😉 Followed by, “Hey, do you think you can take a look at that noise my car’s been making?” lmao

  4. ASF says:

    I guess I’ll be the voice of discord and disagree on going along with 98% what she wants. Been there, done that. A more interesting topic would be why is it that women generally have endless lists of demands and requests, while men generally don’t. Is it merely just a function of their constant fitness testing? Women tend to be relentless at this, so I think it simply has to be biologically hard wired.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      1- the shit tests will NEVER go away.

      2- you missed the crux of what i said and that’s- that most of the 99% is inane and not really worth arguing. BUT…when the is something i’m against or want…she concedes because she know’s “no” is not an response i typically run with.

      do you REALLY think i WANTED to go to a tranny show in thailand? of course not. it’s too difficult to hide my erection (wokka wokka). i ended up breaking up with this particular gf b/c i was doing a lot for her, and getting little to no reciprocation.

  5. Random Angeleno says:

    I’ve done a fair amount of projects around houses, both small and big… long time ago, a friend told me that “every project is worth a new tool” … ta da!!! Easy way to justify a large collection of tools. I’m out of that business now, I’ve had enough remodeling to last a lifetime, but I can remember when hanging out in the Craftsman section at Sears was sometimes on par with hanging out in a strip club.

  6. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Thing is, you’re pointing out that male rationalization is about behavior that isn’t relationship oriented. Males rationalize buying the SUV instead of the Prius, despite being a proponent of saving the planet. Males rationalize buying hunting gear when they don’t really need it.

    But the second part, about getting respect for your cooking ability, or attention of a positive nature from a woman, that’s not rationalization, no hamster involved. The only part that involved a rationalization in a relationship was the quid pro quo for doing something that you don’t enjoy.

    With all due respect, Danny, this isn’t quite the same as females rationalizing that their boyfriend with the drug habit is actually a good choice for marriage. What you’re describing is pure human societal interactions… sure, there are males that rationalize a lot of their relationships, but I am not so sure that it’s exactly the same as the female hamster. At least, not the hamster that is so commonly referred to on other parts of the ‘Manosphere’. I think what these other blogs are referring to, is the process that women go through to justify attraction based on tingles, rather than on logical assessment of a male’s suitability as a mate/date. I might be wrong on that, but that’s my understanding. I’ll grant you that justification/rationalization is the same thing as buying hunting gear that you don’t immediately need, but I submit that it’s a different level. Justifying an attraction to the bad boys is a whole lot like a guy that justifies an attraction based solely on a woman’s breast size. I’ve known a lot of men who never paid any attention to their girlfriends character, but were amazed at her DD cup boobs… and married the boobs but got the rabid hamster that bit them on the ass.

    Women, at least modern women, make me laugh out loud when they justify their own hypergamy, but then turn around and castigate men for being so visually oriented. Which is less disgusting… a man who won’t date fat chicks, or a woman who won’t date men who make less than $100,000 a year? In my opinion, neither is disgusting unless you happen to be the fat chick or the guy who is ‘poor’. Both tendencies are simply bald admissions of what attracts them to a potential mate. Both tendencies are also cutting out lots of potential mates that could really be a great match, but that’s of little or no consequence to a hamster. The funniest part about comparing female hamsters to male hamsters in relationships, is that if you point out the rationalization to a female friend, she gets pissy. Point it out to a guy, “Hey bro, I told you not to marry her, but you couldn’t see past the tits”, and he’ll acknowledge it freely.

    Everyone rationalizes some part of their life, throughout their lives. The only point I’d make is, realize that you’re doing it, and admit it. No need to analyze it too deeply, the analysis is why you’re now rationalizing it. My two cents, anyway.

    The Navy Corpsman

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i think you’re looking at this too literally. i was simply noting that even though i KNOW i’m proficient at something my male hamster eats up the compliment more than i should allow it. i’m suggesting a woman’s hamster is based in rationalization. but men’s is based on ego.

  7. The Navy Corpsman says:

    I probably am guilty of that, no argument. Like I said before, rationality is by it’s nature, human. It just seems to me that the original Manosphere definition of the hamster as being relationship rationalizing, which very rarely applies to males.

    The Navy Corpsman

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