Flirting and Nuking

interesting day today.

i usually don’t wear  my uniform off base unless i’m stopping somewhere for lunch. i was jonesing for a blackened chicken quesadilla so i left at lunch for a quick bite. the place i stopped at is familiar with me, they know my face. well as i was sitting waiting for my food to arrive (they bring the meal to your table) and trying to reply to reader comments. when my food arrived a cute brunette came to my table and placed my food on my table.

“you have a lot of ribbons.” (which is true) she commented. then she asked, “what does that one with the “E’s” and the blue back ground for?”

i pointed to my pistol and rifle qual ribbons. she mentioned the one in the middle. i answered, “oh, that one…’s for excellence.” she responded, “excellence in what?” and she looked at me curiously. i told her, “i can’t say. at least not while the lights are on, and you’re fully clothed.” she blushed, smiled and shook her head; i just smiled and winked at her. she walked away and i finished my food. lol.


later that day before i left work i had a woman in the army in for an exam. as we were talking (cute, married latina) she asked me how long i’d been in. i answered then she asked if i were married. when i told her i wasn’t i added that i had no plans on being married while on active duty. she asked me why and i told her it was because it’s too difficult with deploying and moving so much. then i added the part about a woman being able to go after my retirement if i get divorced. then i added, “besides, i’m not into military women.” this got her attention. when she asked why i told her, “when i leave here, i’m no longer a Sailor. i’m danny. when i go home i don’t want to talk military crap when i’m in liberty.” then i added, “besides, i have ZERO interest in marrying a woman in the military, they really aren’t appealing to me.” that’s when her latina kicked in and she fired back. “what’s wrong with military women as a gf/wife.” i replied-

“nothing….if that’s your thing. but to me, saying you can find great wife material in the military is like saying i can find a TON of good mexican food in jacksonville.” then i told her, “look, it’s a personal call. i DO NOT want to date, much less MARRY a woman in the military. i don’t want to deal with military shit in my own home. and i’m sorry, i’ve dated military girls before, they’re great for sex, but bad for committing to. and last time i checked sergeant…..i’m entitled to exercise the options that affect my life in a very profound way.”


3 Comments on “Flirting and Nuking”

  1. click says:

    No doubt you will have an email about a “sexual harrassment” training inservice soon…..

  2. ASF says:

    Eh just delete the above post danny, was supposed to be Guile. Nice job sailor. 🙂

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