Books for Guys that actually like to read

i figured this would be a great time to this book a mention. i’ve never read a political/no-fiction piece of work such as this book, but i rolled it after a friend recommended it to me. we were talking about the economy and some about politics and whatnot and my friend asked me if i had read the following book:

“The Road to Serfdom”-by F.A. Hayek

the book basically explains how government controlled free markets, socialism, marxism and the the like lead to complete finical ruin. i didn’t really need to read the book to know that, i can by WATCHING what’s going on in europe right now. hell i LIVED in spain from 2007-late 2009. i can’t lie, the book was VERY difficult for me to read as it’s a very very heady book and i don’t know SHIT about economics. but i got the just of the book. considering most of my readers are WAAAAAAY more intelligent and educated than i am, you guys should have no trouble churning through this. one of the things that drew me to the book, was the fact that it was considered social HERESY at the time it was written. i love talking to people from europe that live here and listening to them complain america is heading in the wrong direction, “look, i left britian/spain/italy for a reason, i’ve seen first hand how that shit doesn’t work.”


tonight i feature- the editors






9 Comments on “Books for Guys that actually like to read”

  1. dogsquat says:

    Doc, try “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell. That guy is a genius, but also an excellent communicator. I had about six “Aha!” moments while reading it. If I didn’t like medicine so much, I’d love to study Econ. It rules everything around us.

  2. Athor Pel says:

    If you keep reading in economics you’ll see many of the foundational concepts are actually ancient and not just 100 or 200 years old.

    Most of the time you won’t find formal economics literature from ancient times but you will see historical examples of things like government price controls and how they don’t work, or the only monopolies that have existed were by government edict, or that fiat currencies generally only last about 75 years, things like that. History is full of real world examples of failed government economic policy.

    If you wanna read some economics news that reads like horror fiction then you gotta read about derivatives and the amount of exposure many major banks have.


    From a global perspective derivative risk is many times larger than the entire world economy.

    Have a great day!

  3. mothersmurfer says:

    “The Road to Serfdom” is a difficult, but rewarding, read. I recommend “Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt. He specifically wrote it for the lay man. Of course, that was fifty years ago, so now it’s more of a college level book.
    Dogsquat is correct about Thomas Sowell. Read anything by that guy.
    If you want to get hardcore, read Murray Rothbard’s “Man, Economy and State” and Ludwig von Mises’ “Human Action.” I do mean hardcore. Each of those is a university level course. If you read both of them you will BE an economist.

  4. just visiting says:

    The Mises Institute has some good reads on the subject. I’m such a nerd, I’ve got a Hayek coffe cup. Lol.

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