The Death of Dating

i’ve noticed something while doing recon on the SMP. one of the girls i mess with out here, when i text her to possibly meet up for lunch, or mention that i’m doing (insert activity here)- NO RESPONSE. when i text after 10pm and ask what she’s doing atm, i’ll get a response to which i’ll reply, “good, get yer cute ass over here.” i have a 50/50 success rate. these girls are 18-24 (+/- 2).

“you always just want to come over or pick me up to go to the lake and fuck.” i’ll get a call and this is what i’ll hear the moment i utter “hello”. i reply, “i was busy all day visiting with family, don’t have a cow.” she’ll then suggest getting lunch or something and going to the quarter that weekend. these women are +27. they don’t mind the sex, but they’re also jockeying for something that can be hamsterized as “commitment”. i should also add that these women live in new orleans.

the single mom’s- they just let me get in when they have a chance. they’re legitimately busy so i don’t pressure them for anything.

this isn’t an all inclusive dogmatic observation. but it has been my experience being in and observing the current SMP. of course not all women ages 18-24 are like this, but from what i’ve experienced i see a lot of them on the carousel as they hop from bf-bf immersed in the party scene. then they decide it might be time to start a family. but they’re still getting their relationship chops up to snuff. OR….well, see the single mom post.


enjoy your weekend. GO FLYAHS!!!!!

stay up.

13 Comments on “The Death of Dating”

  1. Bwana Simba says:

    I have noticed that too here in college. No one actually seems to be doing any dating. There’s the one night stands, then there’s the “born again virgin” church girls who get into some sort of weird ass courtship BS with the unknowing nice guy dumb asses or via hanging out. Phone game and dating game seems to be dying (or dead) while text game and hookup game are doing great. I have yet to see a relationship here that was initiated via dating. Even what passes for natural alpha males here (the football players, rugby boys, drug dealers, etc.) are controlled by the women they are in a relationship with. Hell, women here date multiple high status men at the same time so a lot of the game strategies I was learning are now defunct and must be replaced with others.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Just soldier through your 20’s. Once you hit your 30’s, there’s a HUGE change in the SMP for men. Take your lumps now (or give some) for the time being. Your 30’s and 40’s are truly sweet. Consider your 20’s “game boot-camp”.

      Stay up.

  2. atholkaymarriedmansexlife says:

    Girls in that age range are flaky anyway. Hell if you even set up a date with one they might not show up anyway.

  3. Caelaeno says:

    You know…you could just be picking the wrong (or right, depending on your point of view) girls to “mess around” with.

  4. Caelaeno says:

    But you do choose where you find girls. I’d like to think that a girl you approach in, say, a church might be more interested in commitment than one from the local watering hole.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Who says I meet girls at a watering hole?

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Caelaeno says:

        That’s not my point–I’m just saying that, if you were to be looking for a commitment-oriented girl, maybe you’re not going to the right places.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          I know what you were saying. But I go to places without the preconceived notion of meeting a woman. Remember, I won’t be in a committed relationship until I retire from the Navy.

          I KNOW this. In the mean time, enjoy my misadventures in the SMP.

          Stay up Angel.

          Sent from my iPhone

          • Caelaeno says:

            I know, I know. Hence all the “if that’s what you want” bits. It just bothers me when guys make the “girls today are skanky hos” generalization. And yes, I know you weren’t saying this about EVERY girl, just MOST of them. I still feel like I should be getting laid like tile after reading one of these posts, ’cause if they’re already calling me a skank, why shouldn’t I act like one? (Aside from, you know, a healthy sense of self-respect, paranoia of STIs, and my religious beliefs.) This makes me* crotchety.

            Which is not to say that I don’t love your stories. Keep ’em coming. =)

            *aka my libido

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