Chemical Romance

the stirs article about the smell of a mate. i’ve posted about this before after watching an interesting documentary on human mating.
here’s the thing. our natural scent indicates compatibility. someone with a genetic makeup much different than your own will have a more appealing scent. this would provide a mating of 2 humans with altering genetic code, thus ensuring the child would have the greatest amount of protection and a stronger immune system. i know how a woman smells is a pretty significant to me. it’s def a turn on for me.
back in NO, the gf was quasi-living with me. now……i’m VERY much a creature of habit. i’m methodical with routines. when the alarm goes off, i’m up and getting ready for work. first order of business is a shower. well, i’d get out of bed to go to the bathroom and the moment i left the bed the gf would lunge over to my side and bear hug my pillow. it used to give me the biggest laugh. i’d be in the shower and she’d join me a few minutes later. when i asked her why she did it she replied…..
“it smells like you.”
women have a MUCH more heightened olfactory sense than men. i think this may explain why the gf’s have been so averse to my farts. or maybe they really just are that bad. hmmmmm. if i knew the exact name of the special i’d recommend it, but alas…..i don’t. but they play it on discovery.
this movie was GANGSTAH btw.

14 Comments on “Chemical Romance”

  1. Caelaeno says:

    I’m pretty sure Hanna could take Chuck Norris.

    • Caelaeno says:

      And more to the point of the post, I totes agree with great smells being chick crack. If, for whatever reason, I’m getting up close and personal with a guy and I notice that he’s wearing one of the Old Spice derivatives…it makes me very, very happy. =) I’ve considered just wearing it myself, but then I’d be sensitized, which would suck all the fun out of snuggling with my theoretical future boyfriend.

  2. The Pill apparently plays a big role in this.

  3. Rone says:

    My wife still rails about this particular scent I used to wear when we first started dating. I haven’t been able to find it since. But if I were to come across it I guarantee there would be a re-awakening.

  4. allamagoosa says:

    I definitely agree about the importance of scent. Though my extremely heightened sense of smell actually makes me really opposed ot people wearing scents, because for me it makes people blend together. Which is probably why I respond well to people who smell more unusual or have a body odor I have trouble detecting.

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