Sultan Game

I’ve heard rumblings on keeping a soft harem. Well, what got me really into the blogs was when I found Rivelino’s site. I lurked for close to a month until he mentioned his desire for a harem. THIS was when I spoke up. Reason being – I ran a 5 woman soft harem at the time. I ended up telling Riv that he wasn’t quite ready for a harem, because…well, there are rules and certain things one must understand before taking on a harem. What does running a harem entail? Well, I’m here to tell you…

1- First and foremost, you must treat a harem like Fight Club – you NEVER talk about it to the women in the harem. This is the first and most important thing to remember. Any mention of other women needs to be treated with “agree and amplify.” I’ll respond to having other women with, “I totally have other girls. Matter of fact, after we’re done here, I won’t be able to pencil you in for at least 5 more years. Sorry.” Then I’ll roll my eyes. That’s usually enough to have her move onto another subject.

2- You MUST be a tad unavailable. You DO NOT want her swerving into relationship-land. I’m not telling you to lie, but I am telling you that your time must be limited. NEVER entertain questions that pry into what you do with your free time when not with her. Avoid that altogether. Reframe to something important to her, personal to her. Move the focus from YOU to HER. You DO NOT want her treading into “where is this going” territory. If she pushes into “where is this going” you MUST avoid discussion and if she persists, you must be honest and admit to not seeking a relationship. That MUST be the frame you hold. NEVER lie and say you aren’t sure where it’s going, always be upfront and admit to not being interested in a relationship.

3- Respect and care for her. She is human after all, dammit. You attract does better with honey than vinegar. You must ALWAYS be willing to let her walk if she no longer agrees to sleeping with you or finds a relationship. Be supportive of a new relationship – expect it. The harem must be treated as a temporary position *giggity* rather than a full time deal. If she finds a relationship SHE WILL try to give you head of the line privileges to commit, but will go to the other man if she’s seeking a relationship and he’s offering his commitment. Support her in her new relationship and wish nothing but happiness for her. IF the relationship doesn’t pan out, you can expect her to come back seeking solace in your arms. THIS is why you must be caring, kind, and understanding. However, DO NOT be her therapist. This will lead her to relationship zone. If she attempts to bring you into her personal drama, listen, be attentive, but then admit to not really being qualified to offer advice on something as complex as what she’s dealing with.

4- It’s not JUST sex. I seriously recommend spending SOME time together, just not too much. I’d have lunch with the girls, I’d go to their houses and just kick back for a while. There would be playtime, but spending a SMALL amount just hanging back will keep her interested and wanting to “f” to the “uck”. Again……I don’t make it JUST about sex, but there needs to be a delicate balance to keep her interested in keeping you around. Her hamster will justify the “relationship” by you’re not just making it about sex. AND since you’ve made it clear you aren’t interested in a relationship……she can’t accuse you of dodging the subject/her. Your best bet is to play nice. DO NOT give her ammo to call you out. Seriously, honesty here is truly the best policy. Be prepared for and expect her to walk at any given moment. If she decides she wants to bag it, let her. Do not argue, and wish her all the happiness in the world. And MEAN IT. Simply enjoy the time she decides to keep you around.

The women I have in the harem are not relationship material. I adore them, I seriously do. But there is no LTR possibility. I respect the fact that they might WANT a relationship, but I’m not that guy. So when they DO find “that guy,” I’m 100% supportive of them. I’ve never really been a fan of gorilla game, which is how some guys run a harem – not me. I treat it as an issue that is dependent on mutual respect.

If you play nice, and play fair……she’ll probably keep playing with you. And for the record, i never referred to them as “the harem”, i called them “the stable”.


Stay up.

12 Comments on “Sultan Game”

  1. Senior Beta says:

    Does Susan know about your harem? After getting into a mild dust up with her yesterday over the rather pedestrian Tom fucks Jane but forgets to tell her he has a girl friend, wherein I congratulated Tom, she might be shocked by your rather cavalier behavior. Even Dog took Jane’s side. Fucking Marines. Go figure.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yes, she does know. i talked to her about it today, and she’s fine with it. but to be honest. i really don’t run the stable anymore. i’m still friends with all them though.

    • dogsquat says:

      Dog took Jane’s side? No, man, you read that wrong. I disliked Tom in the example because he was dishonorable. I’ll admit to disliking cheaters, as well. That’s my own issue, though, and I’m far from objective on it. Him getting laid, though? No problems with that.

      I have little sympathy for a woman who will have sex with a guy, but is too afraid to ask him some questions. She was dumb and paid the price. Hopefully she’s not dumb any more.

      I wouldn’t lend either of them any money.

      My beef on that post stemmed from how many women were willing to decry Tom’s actions

      • dogsquat says:

        My beef on that post was the double standard lots of women have. They talk a lot about how smart and great they are, and how Game principles don’t really work. Then, in their next breath/post, they decry PUAs for using manipulation or unfair tactics, and the girls that “fall for” it are innocent victims.

        It can’t be both ways. Either women are autonomous human beings that make their own (sometimes dumb) choices, or they’re what some of the less charitable Game folks think of them.

      • dogsquat says:

        One more thing – it should be said that i’m not talking about Susan re: the hypocrisy thing. She’s very fair and willing to listen and learn, especially if the disagreement is done with courtesy. I have the utmost respect for her. I don’t.think Susan and I are on the same page about this specific issue, but we’re at least in the same ballpark.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Susan mentioned this on the phone earlier. She has no beef with you. She was a tad surprised to your reaction to the subject matter, but respects your opinion.

          Sent from my iPhone

      • dogsquat says:

        Danny, it’s the double standard that really sticks out. I don’t think a lot of women even realize they’re doing it. Some women will shout from the rooftops about being independent and smart and above good Game. Then, they’ll complain about being taken advantage of and victimized by some PUA.

        Those two points of view directly contradict each other. Some of the so-called “dark game” dudes hold this up as proof that women are inherently biased/are childlike/whatever. I wanted susan to address this seeming contradiction directly, wwhich she did late in the comments. I wouldn’t have made a bg deal about it at all, because it’s an essential part of most Hamsters and more common than air. However, I like Susan a lot, I like what she’s trying to do, and I want her to

  2. Socialkenny says:

    #2 was the greatest strategic point made

  3. JS says:

    Awesome post as always. I have been teaching this to my guy friends for years and have been thanked many times. Treating women with respect minimizes drama (fall-out) and maximizes getting laid very often.

    To be honest, I have been a member of a harem (well, no exact confirmation b/c of Rule #1 but I’m not dumb) but am always treated with kindness and respect. And I’ve had my own harem/stable of men …which when I was young, i used to call a Roster (like a sports team) and but now I simply call it: “my lovers” – though at present, it’s really only 2 main and about 2-3 more outliers…but got to do something to take care of “my needs” while searching for MFH (my future husband). Yes, never talk about it and treat them with respect.

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