Welcome back to Junior High

i’ve been posting close to a year now, and i consider the blog to be a small success, i gat a fair amount of traffic. i enjoy giving advice and by and large you readers have been outstanding. things here tend to stay pretty civil. i like it like that. well,  last night i posted a link to UOM’s site (with a warning as to it being pretty critical of entitled women) on “how to get him to propose”. what struck me as interesting about my post is that the women that were critical of the way Mentu talked about women, but seemed to largely to ignore THE ADVICE!!!!! i ‘d stated that his site can be rough for women to read, BUT….the points in the ADVICE he gave was solid. i’m a single man who’s skeptical of marriage, and i can say with 100% certainty….that i agree with the advice. sometimes the truth is a bitter pill, but honest.
the first comment on that post was from someone i’ve seen on my site on ocassion and as far as i can remember has even “liked” a few posts. well, i guess i’ve fallen out of her good graces as of late, because i clicked on her “url link” and was led to her FB. where to quote GNYSGT Hartman, “WHAT THE FUCK DO WE HAVE HERE!!!!”
first, she has a copy “on hunting” on her FB since she obviously isn’t mature enough to have an adult conversation on differing opinions on my site. she has to scurry away to the safety of her FB. i SHOULD give out her page, but that would childish. let’s see the GEMS she has to offer. these first comments come IMMEDIATELY after the “on hunting post”.
Raven B- OMG. This guy is like a Mk.1 Caveman – have you read any more of his pages?
17 hours ago ·
oh you KNOW she has. but i wonder if raven had read the blog? and RW mentions “who would ever give this man a gun?”- well guss what toots, i don’t how they roill in “down undah” but this is  AMURIKUH!!!! and we have the right to bear arms pookie-pop.
  • Roxanne Wilde- the man continues to horrify me. A prolific poster, every day brings @ least 1 new revelation shot straight from hell. At the rate he’s been churning them out, I think he’s been stewing over this shit internally for VERY long time. The idea of him with a naive young girl makes me feel quite ill, really… 😦

see, she frequents the blog. the line about me “stewing over this shit” is fucking hilarious. she actually thinks i’d let a woman get to me. thats soo cute. how young are we talking btw, i don’t know what you heard, but she told me she was 19. i guess this would be a bad time to point out to her that i have female readers that admit to being attracted to me, obviously i MUST be doing something right.
  • Raven B- Did you see the one where he talks about not wanting a relationship with a military woman? Maybe cos she will have been trained to fight…. 🙂
the hamster is strong with this one. so i guess she HAS visited my site. but obviously has read that post where i state VERY LOGICAL reasons as to why i don’t date women in the military. but since when has a hmaster needed to research or hear  valid POV. and one thing i’ve learned about FB- a woman with a picture for her profile is ugly enough to qualify for handicapped parking….or fat, maybe both. never seen the woman but i’d be willing to bet i’d get more pleasure out of tea bagging a cup of bleach and broken glass then bang this woman. 
this is the comments left after she posted my “winning the prize” post.
  • Raven B- So, apparently it’s up to the woman to “sell herself” to a potential partner. Hey buddy, wake up and smell the roses. You’d better have something more to offer than a life support system for a cock.

OOOOOH!!!! we’re clever now. i LOVE how they’re talking shit within the safe confines of intarwebz anonymity. these 2 seem pretty tough, so i’m not even gonna really mess these these comments. they might fly to florida from australia (ip locator FTW!!!!), come to my house and beat me up for talking smack. *rolls eyes*
what i find interesting is these 2 are basically shit talking men the same way they complain about certain men in the  ‘sphere who may come across as vitriolic. WOMEN tell me they come to this site since i’m more “gender friendly” ut these 2 are hypocritcally and COWARDLY bashing me behind my back. i’ll bet a paycheck she’s a single mom. well roxanne wilde welcome to moderation. i’ll have to go into the dashboard and mod your comments now for being a fucking disingenuous cunt-rag. thank you for reading, and have a have a great day. oh……
die in a fire.
if you decide you WANT to see her FB page, just click on her name. and she’s SUBSCRIBED to my blog. lol. but she HAAAATES what i’m posting. don’t believe me, check her FB. this shit is too fucking funny.
run hamster run. in the meantime, i’ll be standing by for the next female reader to send me bewbie pics. toddles roxy.

37 Comments on “Welcome back to Junior High”

  1. just visiting says:

    It would appear that she’s an escort, so we’re talking opposite end of the spectrum from the femininity aspect. Not sure why she’s hating on the hunting story. Classic stuff.

    • JS says:

      funny thing is that if she is an escort she of ALL WOMEN should UNDERSTAND that men want femininity and that being demure works on men. maybe she ticked off that when men consider marriage they want more from their wives than what they are paying her to do (screw and leave). And maybe (like a lot of women), she never made an effort to cultivate any other qualities to bring to the table. Or maybe she thought men in her personal life would be vastly different from those in her professional life and after reading the blog on UofM, she realized that it’s not that different.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    i don’t understand why the hell she’s even trolling. lol.

  3. just visiting says:

    She’s offended because the post invalidated everything she stands for. Her core identity. So…it became personal, and she started slaming the other posts. (And you.) Of all the places in the sphere to be hating on and trolling, her choice is strange. Oh well…her choice to be offended after being warned that she was heading to the locker room.

  4. dannyfrom504 says:

    well, as long as she’s having a ball bashing me on her FB, God bless her. too bad she doesn’t realize it’s a FEMALE reader who asked to do the proof-reading. lol. i really need to talk Tia about, she’s gonna have a HUGE laugh.

    “a fucking australian escort is bashing your blog?”

    • just visiting says:

      Crack open a beer and have a good chuckle. You’ve managed to morally offend an escort AND nuke an industrial sized hamster.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Seriously, go to her FB and read the comments. Lol. Of course the omegas show up to validate her, typical. I love how they bash my poor grammar, yet…..it’s one of the appeals of the blog.

        Got of the phone with Athol and he laughed his ass off when I told him her background.

  5. Jamie says:

    Best part of this post:

    “she actually thinks i’d let a woman get to me.”

  6. Bwana Simba says:

    Just remember, the more manginas and women bitching, the better job you are doing.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      It’s beautiful because- who the hell am I? 2- she represents all the factors to avoid in a potential mate. An escort single mom….SERIOUSLY? Lol. I’d rather slam my morning erection in a car door than sign up for a woman like her.

      Sent from my iPhone

  7. OffTheCuff says:

    Danny my brother, what could you possibly know about women, what with all the women who give it up for free to you? Clearly a whore knows better!

    I mean, whores are awesome, but their advice on free love is suspect.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Thanks Brother. Seriously, with all the blogs that actually take issue with women….she decides to go after the blogger that is considered safe and that actually gives his female readers tingles. Lol. That’s classic.

      What a troll.

  8. sean says:

    if you are pissing people off, you must be doing something right.

  9. Chewie says:

    Danny, I busted a gut laughing at this. The idea of a single mom escort getting offended by what she reads on your pages is pure comedy gold. What’s better is this so-called lady doesn’t know any better than to *close the browser window and read something else* and she admits to it in her FB page. What a bloody moron.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      she’s SUBSCRIBED to the blog, but hates what i’m writing. can you get any more epic hamster than that? lol? what a hole. instead of reading my blog, she should be searching for employment that her kids can be proud of. “yeah, well…..my mommy does ass-to-mouth for $1000.”

  10. Craig says:

    Hey mate, I’m Aussie and ex-serving member, I like the cultural exchange here, like long look.

    Anyhoo, she’s a single mum, Escourt, maybe Uni Sudent, probably votes for The Greens(Bloody watermelons, green on the out side Environmentalists, but red in the middle Communists.). Being young and more than likely a Greenie, hunting and guns would fire up her hating.

    Her mating pool is probably restricted to bikers and mafia types, plenty of drugs and guns. So perhaps she hates due to you not being the destructive Alpha type. :-p

  11. MissMarie says:

    Well, for $1000…… Nah, I’m kidding. How entertaining this is!

  12. Professor Ashur says:

    You’d think these women would eventually realize that their chorus line of supporters include the men the are least likely to screw.

    When angry, bitter women hate you, you are definitely doing something right.

  13. ASF says:

    How do we know she’s an escort? (I havent read her FB).

  14. aneroidocean says:

    Is she really 19 or was I misunderstanding? She looks easily 30.

  15. Marellus says:

    You could have posted this on her FB wall :

    “… Miss Wilde, seeing what men sacrifice for your company, I’m more than willing to pay a penny for your thoughts … it’s worth it …”

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. i just put her on blast here and put out (giggity) her blog and fb. in the end, she unsubscribed.

      but i KNOW she trolls.

  16. Lost says:

    Yup, she definitely has a hard on for you man.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the FB conversations she was having were classic.

      • Lost says:

        Ha, ya i took a gander, it’s classic hamster rationalization that she shouldn’t be feeling tingles for the “likes” of you.

        But you know what they say, the best form of flattery is giving someone your attention, good or bad. Even better if it’s bad

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        i just had a blogger that posted about the sites he follows and who’s on his “shit list”. well I”M on his shit list now. thing is, he’s been following my blog longer than any other subscriber to my blog.

        he calls his site kennyspuathoughts. and i guess just recently his balls dropped. lol.

  17. Danny,

    Might I ask what went wrong?
    I thought ‘Social Kenny’ was a friend of your blog…
    What happened?

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