Into the Locker-room: Dude Manrod

i LOVE attack of the show (AOTS), i was pissed when i saw how direct tv dropped the channel. well, one of the segment is man advice from AOTS resident BAMF Dude Manrod. i feel as though i’ve cheated you guys with the locker-room/MSD posts. so to make amends, i present these gems. ladies, i must warn you. watching these videos just may lead to you’re getting pregnant. THAT’S how BAMF Dude Manrod is. you’ve been warned. guy, if your balls haven’t descended yet, they’re about to.

i’ll allow guys to let this marinate for a bit; stay tuned for this weekends utterly retarded GENIUS relationship advice.

4 Comments on “Into the Locker-room: Dude Manrod”

  1. Badger says:

    This guys looks like the bass player from Primus.

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