Books for guys that actually Read: Rollins

i’ve always admired Henry Rollins. guy’s a BEAST. but more than that he’s a very interesting individual. he’s written few books and i ended up buying a book that was a collection of all his works. the book is VERY good, but i admit….being a fan of black flag makes me somewhat biased towards his work. his journal entries are alright, but his short stories are REALLY good. my favorite’s involve his talking about how he got into weight lifting, his time working as a pet store worker, and his first years living in LA. get a look into the mind of an honest Alpha male.

Portable Henry Rollins

tonight i feature- the black rebel motorcycle club

7 Comments on “Books for guys that actually Read: Rollins”

  1. dogsquat says:

    Black coffee blues is my favorite book of his. He writes interesting stuff…sometimes it’s page after page of bad poetry, and then POW! A story or even a line or two that sticks with you for a decade.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Totally. But it’s super easy to read. I stay away from the poetry, but when he talks about his life and what his journey has been…’s fascinating.

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      • dogsquat says:

        If you haven’t, you ought to go to the Washington Navy Yard in DC. There’s a kick ass Navy Museum, and just a few blocks away is a really crappy neighborhood. It’s a hoot to walk around SE DC on a summer night, watching and listening to the human animals that inhabit that place. Gives a lot of life to Rollins’ work.

        I was stationed at 8th and I for awhile and got rather more exposure than I’d like, but it lends enjoyment to his work nonetheless.

    • Chewie says:

      I got lucky and picked up a used copy of Black Coffee Blues in Seoul this weekend and am already 3/4 through it. Should’ve sought this out years ago. Thanks again.

  2. Chewie says:

    Wow, first the Dead Milkmen and now this. Good on ya for rocking the Black Flag. Damaged and The First Four Years provided part of the soundtrack for high school. Yeah! I read Get In The Van back then and loved it. He writes with searing honesty and makes no apologies for anything.

    Ever see him live? I caught the Rollins Band opening for X a few years back and him and his group were great.

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