Summer’s in Spain and the Best Summer Drink EVAAAAR!!!!

before i came to florida i spent close to 3 years in Spain, but not just ANYWHERE in Spain…but southern Spain, Andalucia. the home of flamenco, sangria, bullfighting. i lived in a small town called el puerto de santa maria, in an area called “vista hermosa”. it was an interesting 3 years. well, right about this time of year is “feria”, when the towns have their spring fairs. they drink and dance all night. i used to drive out to the “pueblos blancos” and walk the alleys looking for little gems in the town. southern spain is very laid back and chill. 2:00-5:00 is siesta, so don’t even THINK of getting anything done. dinner is at 10:00pm (which i never accustomed to) and the beaches are topless (which i DID grow accustomed to). as i stated in an earlier post, i had ALWAYS wanted to get orders to Spain., but by the time i ended up there my urge to run around had died. so it was a bittersweet duty station.

one thing most people say about spain is how bad they want a good sangria. well….i’ll tell you a secret- sangria is a tourist drink. the locals drink “tinto”. tinto is a mixture or red wine and citrus soda (i used casera, but they don’t sell it in the US) served over 2-3 cubes of ice. and it’s FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!!! dear GOD is tinto good. i’ll include the recipe in at the end of the post.

now….the fall/winter season was always pretty quiet. but summertime…..the place LIT UP. well, my house was next door to a hotel. the hotel always had tourists from england, germany, france, ireland, sweden……etc. well, i’d head to the hotel bar around 11-midnight (everyone heads to clubs around 1-2am and the clubs close around 6. fuck that btw) and hang out the bar. i got to know the bartenders so i’d sit and chat with them allowing to girls to hear my “accent”. worked like a charm. i’d AWAYS run into some girl that was happy to meet an American. i’d chat her up and “mention” that i live right around the corner. sometimes, they’d wanna see the place that night (giggity), but most times they’d want to meet up during the day at the pool, THEN, they’d end up “visiting” the canton. lol. the english girls were the best, they were ALWAYS down to chilling at the crib. i’d make them a few tinto’s, maybe BBQ some chicken, and then give them a little slice of “americana”. lol. it was a definitely a good time.  oh…..tinto-

1 cup red wine

1/4 cup diet 7up/sprite

2-3 ice cubes

my house in Puerto

at a bullfight. YES, i am rocking a pink shirt.

in Cadiz with Josie

Rhonda, spain. they threw "heretics" from that bridge during the inquisitions.

the beach by my house. many bewbies were gawked here. MANY.

the cathedral in cadiz.

the moor castle of puerto.

my girl Yoas and her niece enjoying feria.

arcos de la frontera. one of the "pueblos blancos" of andalucia.

yours truly at the roman theater in cadiz.

my living room in spain. let the seduction begin.

end game. this is where the disappointment happens.

6 Comments on “Summer’s in Spain and the Best Summer Drink EVAAAAR!!!!”

  1. Max R says:

    Muchas Gracias por el post sobre España, Me voy este verano para estudiar/sexo en Madrid y Alicante. Thank you for the hint about Sangria. Any red’s you recommend?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I didn’t really drink much wine out there. For tinto, I bought the ready made and casera at the store.

      I have to admit, I’m not great with wines. BUT I can BS my way through it. I’ll ask a local for a good brand (I learned this in Sicily btw) and stock that at the house. Worked for local girls and military girls as well.

      The line I learned was “it’s like walking through a damp garden at night” for reds and, “it’s fresh like walking through a garden at dawn” for whites.

      Total bullshit but the imagery is good enough to make it sound like you know what you’re doing. It’s all about diversion. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance. Baffle ’em with bullshit. Lol.

      Stay up and enjoy Madrid. I left my heart there in ’08.

  2. ASF says:

    Your girl Yoas = me mucho gusta.

  3. aneroidocean says:

    This is where the disappointment happens. Hahaha, I am SOOO using that next time I give a girl the tour of my place. It’s perfect if accompanied with the right amount of flirting.

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