Stay Up

stay up.

anyone that’s been to my site for any amount of time has heard me (and the ocassional reader) end a post with this line. but-

what does it mean exactly? fast forward back to the late 80's-early 90's- i was a writer.

NOOOO, not THAT kind of writer, i wrote grafitti. i was pretty damn decent at it too. i wasn't much for tagging, but i wrote "pieces" and did throw ups. now if you think the sphere has a unique terminology, graffitti is like learning mandarin. now, since i didn't have to deal with "top-to-bottoms" or "panel pieces", i was stiricly running "wall burners". "fade", "cloud", "end to end", "bomb", "throw-ups", "up", etc. were all phrases you'd hear me speak on a daily basis.

"stay up" is a common farewell to another writer. it means you're telling the other writer to keep his name visible on walls. "yo, you seen Best….that fools up like a muh-fuckah. and top-mob (my old crew) is KILLING it lately." back then my days were comprised of writing pieces in class (should have been studying…i know), skipping 7th period to go pick-up on chapelle girls to fuck (it's an all girls catholic school by my high school), downing 40's, and stealing krylon to "stay up".

now you know so…

my boy vic in miami. this is who taught me to write. wrote for top mob in NO.

i REALLY need to shoot down to miami.

back in NO in the 90's. he has SICK can control.

from his black book. all writers keep a black book to show other writers. lost mine LOOOONG ago.

best and bugs one. bugs was one of the prominent writers for top mob- a graf crew in NO.

my only surviving sketch circa 1995. not one of best pieces of work. lol.

nothing to do with graffiti, but....DAT ASS!!!! i REALLY need to get down to miami to visit my boy.

“for niggas who don’t understand, obviously this wasn’t made for you, so fuck you…..” or just skip to 2:52. for the record, i know EVERYTHING he’s talking about in this song. lol.

stay up. oh, my proof-reader took the day off. deal with it.

6 Comments on “Stay Up”

  1. Spooky says:

    That’s something I’d been curious about. Never would have guessed!

  2. Danny,

    Yes, I too always wondered about the ‘stay up’ thing 🙂

    By the way, these images are photoshopped, no?
    Please tell me they are, otherwise I might develop some sort of inferiority complex 😀

  3. Bellita says:

    Danny, I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting on your blog lately. This has been a hard time for my family and me.

    That’s some amazing graffiti art from your friend. I’m sorry you lost your own black book, but I’ll bet it was great, too. 🙂

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