Alpha Training- Cool Hand Luke

i’ve always loved this movie. watch and get your masculinity mojo up to snuff. MANY cues for men to take heed to to up their game. now, the movies known for the egg eating scene, but i prefer 4 other scenes: the car wash, the poker game (it’s only viewable on youtube…watch it there), the scene where his mom dies, and the fight. to me, these clips cover most of men’s trials- social dynamics, strength, courage, pain/suffering, and lust (at least DEALING with it and recognizing it). and most importantly- NEVER let them crush your spirit.

i dig the banjo scene because it shows how men mourn- ALONE. we’re not emotionless beasts, we just don’t express it openly. when my maw-maw died last year, i was a stone. i stood by my paw-paw and mom, and let them mourn. i didn’t deal with her death until i went home and was alone. notice in the clip how the guys bail. they know he needs to be alone.

i put the boxing clip last because i can identify with it the most. i will NEVER stay down. EVER. pop me all day, i don’t care….i’ll never quit getting up.

let that set in.

stay up.

2 Comments on “Alpha Training- Cool Hand Luke”

  1. Danny,

    This looks like a GREAT film.
    The first clip is very funny – I agree the girl knows exactly what she is doing 😉

    The last clip gives me more insight as to why you always say ‘Stay up’.
    As a woman, I woud be more interested in preserving my life, but I can see how male pride/respect/honour would prevent a man from doing the same…

    Long live the differences between the genders, huh!

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