watched a movie i’ve always liked firelight (i’d post the wiki, but it gives the entire plot) the other night. however, on this viewing, now that i’ve started blogging and have been steeped in red-pill philosophy……this viewing revealed A LOT to me. there’s a TON of game subtleties in this movie. the principle sub-plot is elisabeth (the insanely hot sophia marceau) trying to win over her overly entitled daughter louisa. this part of the movie is completely GOLD. elisabeth represents a red-pill “game” understanding alpha, and louisa is the text-book overly entitled woman.

the great thing about this movie- SOPHIA MARCEAU TITTIES!!!!!!!!! she TOTALLY busts out the beans in this move. 2- NO ONE saw this movie. SM is the only high profile actor in this film. it was SOOO under the radar. yeah, it’s def chick-flicky, but the story is great and there’s A LOT you can take from it. i really like the fact that most people haven’t seen it. plus….english period pieces are a guilty pleasure.

so….your homework is to watch the movie and report back to me the other “game” sub-plots/lessons you noted- and there are a few.

2 Comments on “Firelight”

  1. Wow, so I just saw ‘Firelight’.

    Can I just say, “What a great movie!”

    Thank you for this recommendation, Danny.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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