Watching things come full circle with a chuckle

there’s a girl i know. sweet girl- very cool. for the sake of this post i must point out: she’s COVERED in tattoos and her living situation isn’t all that stable. she works at the club i often mention here. well there’s a guy who frequents the place and he’s a complete mark. he drops a fair amount of money on the girls. you can smell the omega on him. well, the other night the girl i mentioned earlier comes in and she’s with mr. omega. when she saw me she lit up and smiled and gave me a hug. i pulled her close and asked, “is this your boyfriend now?” she smiled and said yeah (somewhat unenthusiastically) and i told her i was happy for her.
THIS is why i go to this club. hell, i even have a reputation there. i’m known as “the cutie that sits at the same table and doesn’t talk to anyone.” lol. i kinda like that that’s the reputation i have. i don’t really go there to mess with the girls, i go there to people watch. it’s a GREAT microcosm for the SMP. i sit at my table, drink my beer, and answer comments and email. now…i’m not judging girl (or any of the girls working there for that matter) and her new bf. BUT, i saw enough to tell me NOT to pursue it to hard, and DEFINATELY not something i’d be committing to. girls ducks aren’t in a row and i’m not getting on board with her issues. i hope her and dude find every happiness together……..
well….i number closed this woman LOOOOOOONG ago. and lets just say i made it known i wasn’t looking for a relationship (at least not with her). we’re still super cool, but i have to admit (after finding out some of her history) i’m in NO WAY surprised she’s dating him. but what i want to know is this-
a- will she lean on him long term for the stability?
b- will she get bored and dump him? or-
my guess is C. she’ll stay with him and cheat on him with other guys from time to time. i’ll keep my eyes open and keep you posted.
i ran across this and thought i’d post it. WOW, just wow. ladies there comes a time when you need to eat your own and deal with gals like this. sadly…i’m NOT surprised that this got made.

5 Comments on “Watching things come full circle with a chuckle”

  1. Bellita says:

    We officially have a Worst Song Ever Recorded.

  2. Chewie says:

    The hamsters have their own theme song now.

  3. aneroidocean says:

    The black chick in the video has a disappointing lack of ass. I have to disagree though, this is not worthy of being the hamster song. However, the idea of a hamster song is awesome.

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