Look, we’re cool….

a girl i know asked me to make her snicker brownies. she gave me the $$$ and i told her i’d text her to make sure she was at work and i’d drop them off. well, she gave me about 6 pieces. i don’t eat sweets, but i figured i’d give them to the woman that DJ’s at the strip club since she’s copped me a beer once in a while and she’ll usually tell the bouncer not to charge me admission. when i went to the club i gave her the brownies and we talked for a bit, one of the girls came over to talk to her so i went to my table. after a few minutes the girl came to my table and asked when i was going to bring her brownies.
silly rabbit.
i just kind of laughed, and asked her WHY i should make her brownies. she replied, “i dunno….i mean why not?” again i laughed and delivered my go-to response for women that drop this on me.
look……we’re cool, but we ain’t fucking.
you can thank me later for it. it’s a great neg-frame-DHV, i’m a big fan of it. all the biggies rolled into one. i’ve never had it fail to set the frame in MY favor. she laughed and made mention of me using that line a lot. i told her, “of course, most of you girls don’t know how to act and need a guy put you in your place and bring you back to reality. sorry sweetie….but go get one of these other fellahs to make you brownies cuz you ain’t my girl.” then i winked. she just shook her head and told me i was too cute and walked away.
stay up.

8 Comments on “Look, we’re cool….”

  1. dogsquat says:

    One of my good friends is a former stripper. I can’t imagine trying to date her. Your game would have to be on BLAST 100% of the time. Speaking of bad songs, she’s a walking, talking version of Maneater by Hall and Oates.

  2. Jamie says:

    I’m kind of a foodie whore who will cook for anyone who is hungry. Can I use this line too?

  3. ASF says:

    She says some shit
    You: we’re cool, but we ain’t fucking
    Her: yeah, and we never will
    You: ?

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