Playing With the Boys

i played baseball as a kid. so this story resonated with me because baseball CAN involve physical contact. if i’m charging second and the dude’s trying tag me out, guess what i have to do?

tackle him. i charge right into him and try and knock the ball out of his hand.

but, if the second baseman’s is a girl, i’d hesitate. then i let the team down. i’m all for a girls baseball league, but sorry- i wouldn’t play against a girl. i think i read about girls playing on football teams now as well. i’d NEVER let my daughter play.
and before any of the women reading take offense….remember, i have 2 sisters and the older of the 2 tagged along behind me when we were kids (she’s 4 years younger than me), she was a tough kid, but even SHE knew not to try and get involved with the neighborhood football/baseball games. she saw brother get drilled more than once and wanted NO PART of that action.

but she was GREAT at talking shit. lol.

i taught her well.

team won’t play in state championship against team with girl on squad.

interestingly enough, “the sandlot” was on tonight. one of my FAVORITE movies ever. to this day. honestly, this was me as kid growing up from ages 6-12. if you’re a man, and you grew up in the US and you DON’T like this movie…or GOD FORBID haven’t seen it, kill yourself.

my favorite scene. they decide to be badasses after their win from the above video.


tbh, i don’t think i’ve met many women that didn’t like this movie. it’s a VERY realistic portrayal of the inner-workings of boys. i remember watching this with a woman i was dating and heard the following phrases-

“why do boys DO this crap?”

“OMG, i can totally see you doing something like this.”

“why are boys so stupid sometimes? LOVEABLE, but idiots.”

and as i’m sure you can imagine, there were plenty of moments where she was just shook her head. and….i should point out she had ZERO brothers. so ladies, if you haven’t seen this movie- do yourself a favor and check it out. ESPECIALLY if you have a young son.

if you’re a guy and haven’t seen it.

go schedule yourself a pap smear.

15 Comments on “Playing With the Boys”

  1. JS says:

    Hey, I have mixed feelings on the boys/girls playing against each other. Maybe if all sports teams were co-ed and players chosen either via an “everyone plays” approach or based on ability/talen (which means a lot of girls not making the cut), we wouldnt have to see “girl wants to play football” or “boy wants to be on girl’s volleyball team” type articles all the time. But I digress.

    I read the article this morning and actually I immediately thought of the manosphere and wondered about their reaction….BUT not their reaction to the actual news of the story (team wont play against co-ed team) …what I thought would be annoying to the sphere would be this quote:

    “”Teaching our boys to treat ladies with deference, we choose not to place them in an athletic competition where proper boundaries can only be respected with difficulty,” Fox reported the official as saying in a statement.

    “Our school aims to instill in our boys a profound respect for women and girls,” it added.”

    I have read countless times blogs or comments saying that men are sick of “treating women/girls like they are different or with deference or respect simply because of some anatomical differences.” Very curious about that construct and how the above quote fits into that ideology. Your thoughts?

    • @ JS,

      I don’t think men do not want to treat women with disrespect. I think it’s more a question of ‘can they (women) respect themselves?’

      Playing against boys in a co-ed team, in my opinion does violate common courtesy/decency among men and women. This girl is 15. She should not be in a field with many boys in a sport where she could be in inappropriate contact (due to the nature of the sport!).
      Small children, fine.
      Post pubescent girl…for her own safety, best not…
      I managed to avoid this problem (or rather my parents avoided it for me) because from ages 12 to 18, I was in an all-girls’ school. I am pleased about that now, because although I was a little ‘late’ in getting to know about boys, I recognise now that those ages are not the best time to learn about them. And certainly not the best tme to get into close proximity with boys, with their own development going on.
      In any case, why can’t this girl be in an all-girl baseball team? Why does she have to be playing with boys?
      Was there a specific reason given for this?

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        like i said, i’d NEVER let my daughter play. all-girls baseball……YES. with boys, NO. at least not a serious competition based sport where she could get pounded. even my sis saw what went down and she tapped out.

        touch football with girls- SURE. fucking cool. i’m down. tackle……NO. the last good hit i took i got DESTROYED. jumped right back and laughed at my friend who dropped me. i’d bet my friend would NEVER drop a girl the way he did me.

      • JS says:

        @ ST I am almost 100% certain that there arent any all-girl baseball teams…in the world of high school sports…girls play softball and boys play baseball.

        As for the greater issue of girl/boy sports, I cant really speak from experience. I never played sports past elementary school…I was a drama geek in high school so I am just speculating academically.

        IMO, I think teams should be either all one gender or out-right co-ed. But all this “let’s make an exception for the one little girl who wants to play football or the one little boy who wants to be a cheerleader”…it’s annoying. Those kids should try to form an all girls football team or an all boys cheerleading team. OR find one locally that is already co-ed.

        My point was more that I cannot count the number of times I have read men on the sphere complaining that they were raised to fundamentally respect women and never hit women, etc even if they get hit by the girl first, etc, etc, simply on the basis of anatomy. I am not saying it is wrong to raise boys to be gentle with girls (personally I would raise my sons that way if I were a mother) but I am not saying that these men are wrong to be annoyed. Simply put, the quote got my attention and I was wondering if that quote (not the sports issues) would be picked up on by aforementioned men.

      • JS says:

        Sorry Babe, I should have put @Danny in front of the “IMO, I think teams should be either” How’s that now…. 😉

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i thinks it’s funny that we have one side of society telling us women are equal creatures (which by and large i agree with), yet set different rules and norms in the sport. as i mentioned in the post of i were playing against this girl, i’d hold back because she was a girl.

      NOW, here’s the thing. i’m a man…..i play some pretty rough sports and you know what- the guys don’t hold back. and i’m TINY, i’m a target. “let’s drill the little dude.” if i were a girl…..that’s never be an issue. they’d just give me a pass.

      it’s not a matter of respect/disrespect- it’s a matter of being raised to not be physical with women to the extent that you’d hurt her (and PLEASE tell me it’s wrong for boys to be raised that way), then putting them on the competition field with them where brutality can be vital or at least common.

      boys raised well will hold back and their team could suffer.

      if you haven’t played football or any competitive contact sport……you just don’t know. and trust me, my friends wife played al-woman’s hockey. she DOES NOT wanna take the ice with the boys.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i believe in mutual respect. period. i’m not commenting on the school ideology. as i’ve said….i have 2 sisters whom i love VERY much. neither of them would try and play contact sports with boys.

      maybe it’s just a difference in being raised.

  2. Stingray says:

    One of the greatest movies . . . . ever.

  3. Spooky says:

    I don’t even have anything to add. Just wanted to say that between the actual post and the comment discussion, I really enjoyed reading this.

  4. dogsquat says:

    I read somewhere about a girl who was a high school wrestler. She had 14 wins and one loss going into the State wrestling tournament – except those “wins” were actually forfeits. The only time she wrestled she got pinned in the first period.

    Anyway, she was pretty pumped up about her “record” until she went to state. Apparently, after her first match at the State tournament, she withdrew from competition. The kid she wrestled toyed with her – practicing his moves and hurting her just for the fun of it. I’m sure you can guess what the commenters said about that boy, but I think the girl deserved whatever pain she got. I’ve lost a wrestling match in an embarrasing fashion before, and nobody was worried about my self esteem….

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Precisely. If I get slammed playing football, no one’s rushing the field wondering if I’m ok or shaming the guy the hit me. The game can be brutal, if you take the field…be prepared to get hurt. And when you do get hurt….deal with it and get yer sorry ass up and get back in the game.

      If not….go home and cry to mamma.

  5. Spacetraveller says:

    Ah Danny,

    I think I have found a possible (justifiable) exception to the rule that girls can’t play on an all-boy team…

    Lisa Leslie! This woman is a 6ft 5 basketball player. By the time she was in high school, she was already 6ft 1! She played in all-boy high school teams until she turned professional and found other women to play with 🙂

    I think it would have been unfair for her to have been in a normal all-girl basketball team in high school. I can’t imagine there would have been many girls of her height then!
    But…she is obviously an extreme outlier…

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