Books for guys who actually like to read.

i’ve been slacking on book posts, so i’ll make up for it here.

i’m a sucker for outdoors-type books. i just got a book in from amazon “wilderness wisdom”. now the books i’m featuring here aren’t book you read cover to cover. i refer to it and tackle it by whatever chapter/section interests me at the moment. i own and recommend the following books. yer welcome.

Wilderness Wisdom VERY old book. i’m looking forward to thumbing through it.

Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass  great book. a TON of cool shit to learn to help you navigate out doors.

Shelter, Shacks, and Shanties  this was a childhood favorite. it teaches you how to make shelters requiring ZERO architectual knowledge. it’s mostly pictures showing you how to assemble a shelter with little more than an ax or hatchet. the shelter i built in the hunting post was taken from this book. and it was written by the guy that founded the boy-scouts. WIN-SAUCE.

Wilderness Evasion this one’s a guilty pleasure. don’t judge me.

The Total Outdoorsman Manual this one sits in my throne room for me to thumb through while conducting “Kingly” business.

The Trappers Bible: Traps, Snares, and Pathguards ok, so you made camp, but you got no food. this book teaches you how to trap it. i however love the “booby-trap” and “perimeter security” sections.

introducing kim deal. i’ve ALWAYS loved kim. she had 2 bands- the breeders and the amps. she also played bass for the pixies. thus she’s cool by default.

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