the supermarket by my house is a goldmine for practicing making girls smile. today i dropped in to get brody some beef for his din-din (my son deserves it after all) and some beer. one of the lines that was clear had 2 women- one cashier, and one bagging. i know most of the girls that work there….at least, we recognize each other. once i got to the register the girl (amber) beamed a smile and bid me hello.

“AMBERLICIOUS!!!” i said as we made eye contact. this is my nickname for her. it’s our own personal deal.

she smiled and told the girl bagging, “i don’t even know his name. but i don’t need to, we just have that connection.”

i laughed and replied, “i feel absolutely crushed that you don’t know my name. seriously. see this?” i held both hands to my heart, fingers intertwined then pulled them apart. as i pulled my fingers apart i winced. both girls giggled. “see that, that’s my heart breaking. you have destroyed my heart.”

she giggled and asked me my name. i told her and she mentioned she’d remember it. i told her, “we’re beyond names Darling. we’re here.” i pointed to my eyes, then hers, then back to mine.” she laughed and i gathered  my things.

i do this damn near everyday. this is how you stay primed and keep the girl senses honed. i’m absolutely flawless with my execution on everyday women….that way, when i run into one i like….i’m ready. but more to the point, it’s about cultivating a warm, pleasurable attitude that draws women in. it’s almost impossible for them to resist. and….even if you don’t number close, you’ve made a girl smile….and i GUARANTEE she’ll remember you. the next time she sees you, she’ll light up. just like amber does when i run into her.

amber EXUDES feminine radiance. she’s always bright and sunny and warm. i never have had an exchange where i didn’t leave smiling. she totally girl games me. amber has a scar from surgery on her neck. i think most girls would be embarrassed by it and it may hamper their spirits. NOT AMBER. this women is confident, charming, and delightful. the scar doesn’t hinder her beauty- in fact, to me, it adds to her appeal. a woman who has that scar, yet can be so charming and warm….is going to make some man VERY happy one day. ladies……don’t worry about your flaws, you’re not perfect, and you never will be. don’t let that dampen your femininity.

guys….ALWAYS use a playful nickname for a woman. it separates you from other men she knows. and…it’s a slight bit of role-play. i don’t many women that dislike role-play. lastly, it’s a secret between you and her. NO ONE else calls her your name for her, and 99.999% of women eat that shit up. it’s hamster heroin. there doesn’t need to be a sexual connection or intent, the playful banter is more than enough. and….you’ve taken her out of her mundane work environment and brought her into a world of just you and her. that’s some serious boy-mojo (boy-jo?). be that guy.

and YES, i will tell her about this post. maybe she’ll even comment.

5 Comments on “Amberlicious”

  1. Spacetraveller says:

    She sounds like a lovely woman, Danny.
    I won’t ask my usual question…I shall have to trust you know what you are doing! 😉
    Rooting for you, mate.

  2. Phoenix says:

    Same goes for guys. We got a bunch of flaws. Just accept them and work on yourself more and that confidence will pick up. First impressions are really important.

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