Like a Boss

One of the things I really enjoy is meeting young guys and giving them the red pill. One of my coworkers is still in the blue-pill state. But now….he’s aware. When I talk to him about women and how to build attraction and the proper behaviors/mannerisms that attract women- you see the light bulb go off. Well, he’s fortunate that his room-mate is WELL schooled in game. He’s a 21 year old cat and I can tell you, this kids got it down solid. He came down to talk with me since my coworker told him about the blog and how he’s happy to find guys that “get it”.

This evening on The Spearhead I read an interesting post about getting married and the risks involved. What I found most interesting was the commenter’s (Troll King- a young man) made this solid point-

“If anything the real problem for us younger guys is that we are lost in the woods without a map and compass. We weren ‘t taught how to read the stars (navigate women and relationships) and even if we do have a map or compass, it turns out it is for a different set of woods and the compass is broken.

The hardest part is that we really don’t have a way to conceptualize what being an adult man is or what masculinity is or how to seduce women(unless you learn game or learned through trial and error like me).

We are simply lost.

I remember as a kid, in the 80s and 90s, being confused when I heard older people complain about the lack of good male role models. Today I completely get it. I grew up in a completely feminized environment and the few role models (maps/compass) I have had lead off a cliff and not to water or happiness.”

I can relate to this all too well. Well, my co-workers room-mate was raised by his father. And Dad made DAMN SURE his boy learned about women. He referred to his son as “the company”, and told him if someone’s not working to make the company productive- they need to be let go. My Paw-Paw was good at setting an example of how a man should act. He was ALWAYS making women smile, blush, and laugh. He was playful and generally enjoyed having them around. The one’s he DIDN’T like he simply avoided. It’s that easy.

We all know the “Captain and First Mate” dynamic. Well that’s all well and good, but being a good Captain means KNOWING how to select a First Mate. But I want to take it a step further. You can’t be a good Captain until you learn to be an effective CEO first. What I  mean is this-

You are the CEO of You Inc. Ultimately the success or failure is dependent on your leadership abilities. I’ve been in management long enough to know I’m SHIT without good people. At You Inc you need to make sure the staff is on point. If you had a crew member showing up late, doing sloppy work- bringing the Company down….would you keep them on the payroll? If the answer is yes, you deserve to go belly up.

I’m fully responsible for the success or failure of Danny Inc. A prospective gf represents a potential staff member, but first, she’s a temp. during that time, i’ll constantly evaluating the temp to see if she’s a welcome addition to Danny Inc. If I notice poor workmanship from the temp- SHE’S FIRED! On the opposite end of the spectrum, if the crew member is kicking ass and helping to assure the company thrives, they deserve a raise/reward/praise.

No point being a good Captain if the first mate sucks. A better you will be more selective of a quality partner since you don’t want your company to suffer. This can only occur when you have an HONEST and TRUE appreciation for yourself as an individual. You need heaps of self-respect and TONS of self-worth. Once you have that internalized, you’ll start to hold poor performers accountable. [edit- self worth and self respect= the ultimate lady killer….confidence.]
Stay up.  

8 Comments on “Like a Boss”

  1. Athor Pel says:

    This is a great post.

    Now for the language fix. The term is “belly up”, not, “belly under”. Belly up as in, it is dead and on its back with its belly pointing at the sky.

  2. Stingray says:

    Whoo Hoo!!! Awesome post. I have tried to say this at a couple different sites and was often shot down for it (It doesn’t help that I didn’t explain it nearly as well and also coming from a woman. Understandable, I think). Girls will date assholes because they are a stand in for what they actually want, which is THIS.

  3. Danny, could I email you somewhere? I can’t seem to find your email. I’m Jimmy and left a comment or two a few months ago, I would appreciate your time.

  4. dogsquat says:

    Holding poor performers accountable, and being willing to toss the real turds overboard is a skill lost on the American male.

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