YES!!!!Your Daughter too

A few months ago, I posted the manner I went about getting girls when i was young. Worked damn near 90% of the time. It was brutal, but raw and worked- at least on the high school and junior high girls I was banging at 14-16.

I had a Marine come in to see me tonight, he had his daughter  who needed an exam. Young girl, 3 years old I think. I’m NINJA with kids, seriously, fucking money. When I noticed dad was a Marine I told him, Why is it all the Devil-Dogs I know have daughters?” Dad shook his head and sighed, I got 3 of ‘em Doc. Fucking punishment I guess.”


Marines are NOTORIOUS lady killers. First thing I tell a new female HM or Junior Officer, “Stay away from Jarheads, seriously.” Which of course leads them running right to a Marine and approaching me 3-4 months later informing me what an asshole said Marine was for cheating on her.” Kind of odd twist as it applies to civilian life as well. Girl dates guy, girl asks male confidant what he thinks, guy gives honest assessment and advises her to avoid him, she doesn’t- rinse repeat until “all men as just assholes.”  Damn hamster.

I told him, “Dude look…here’s the thing. I used to get a lot of ass when I was in high school. Do you know what girls I was banging- well it WASN’T the alcohol pounding party girls chasing jocks. It was the nice, girl next door types. The girl who was at home alone for 2-3 hours after school. The ‘that’s not MY daughter girl’ . Yeah Marine…..THAT was the girls in was bagging.” He looked at me and said, “I got guns Doc.”
“Doesn’t matter if she’s home alone. I’m just saying, don’t fall into the ‘not my daughter’ horseshit.” in my experience it’s always the girls you least expect to be putting out on the DL.

15 Comments on “YES!!!!Your Daughter too”

  1. ASF says:

    The question is: what is a reasonable number of dicks/year I should try and limit my daughter to eventually? It is icky to write such a thing, but I know too much to believe in fairy tales.

    • Caelaeno says:

      …are you expecting your daughter to check in with you every time she gets laid?

      • ASF says:

        Certainly not. Actually, girls being what they are, I don’t think they would react well to logically based reasons. I suppose I will just do what I’m doing now, and hope for her to behave reasonably (actually, I’m omitting a lot of things but her slutting it up while < 18 is highly unlikely for reasons I don't want to get into, although danny knows). I think a more practical role for me will be in the screening of potential husbands.

    • JS says:

      @ Caelaeno…my thoughts exactly but one can give a daughter advice (hopefully, she’ll listen to it)

      @ ASF….Honestly…I dont think it is a number that is so important as the type of experiences she has and the age(s) she is when she has these experiences.

      In my experience the women who are the most naughty when they are young/high school are the ones who get married at a reasonably, young age and have good marriages. The women (like me) who were “good girls” in high school and wait, tend to get married very late and risk ending up as spinsters. For example: I was 21 when I finally cashed in my v-card with my long-term, committed boyfriend. A yr or two later we broke up and spent my 20s being pretty wild. (the genie was finally let out of the bottle). Now…I am 34, never been married and not a prospect in sight. I have a very good chance of never getting married.

      Because of my observations of my friends (wild when young, now married w/ kids) and my personal experience (on the expressway to spinster), if I had a daughter, the advise I would give her would be to do the following: #1) in high school, have 1-2 real boyfriends (no hook-ups), dont screw until you’re 16…. (and I would let her in on the big secret that girls dont seem to tell each other: the first time is usually painful, not fun, and not pleasurable). #2) In college, go to a big town (NYC, Boston, LA, Chicago, etc) where anonymity is a given [preferably somewhere you dont plan to live post-college] and go wild … do everything and everyone you want. #3) the minute you graduate college, move to a different town, start looking for a serious, boyfriend (preferably aged 28-32). #4) the minute you turn 24, start discussing marriage with your bf or if you dont have a bf/he doesnt want to marry, dump him and start looking for a husband (preferably aged 32-36) and make sure you get married by 29 at the latest. …….That way you never wonder if missed out on the party and leave your hubby/kids when you’re 40 to recapture your youth. And on the flip side, you wont get so used to the wild life (as is the case with those who are still wild past college) that you never learn how to settle down.

      just my two cents.

      • ASF says:

        I think you will get a lot of push back about #2, because I don’t think most guys want to marry a girl at 22-24 who’s slept with dozens of other men. This is what guys talk about when they say women slut it up and then expect a guy to marry them. I would certainly not advise her to do anything of the sort.

      • JS says:

        @ASF… “I don’t think most guys want to marry a girl at 22-24 who’s slept with dozens of other men”

        This is why women should be taught to: safe-guard their reputation by never hooking up with people in the same social circle she is in. Never brag to other girls about their hook-ups. Never let anything get posted on Facebook… in fact, they’d be smart to not have facebook at all or have super strict privacy setting or delete FB after college and start a new one. And basically, dont be a kiss and tell… not even to their closest girlfriends. And move to a new city after college to seal the anonymity.

        BUT MOST OF ALL…women should be smarter than to EVER disclose their “number” because the past is no one’s business. I’ve never asked a man his past since man #2 and no one except man #1 & #2 have ever asked me about my past.

        All human suffering is based upon the constant attempts to live in the future or obsess about the past. All we have the present.

        And lastly, if a man really pushes about hearing a number: either dump him because his insecurity will permeate every aspect of his life and your relationship, which makes for a very tiresome life OR lie and tell him something like 6-8 (if you say 3…any idiot will know you’re most likely lying and saying 10+ will warrant a “conversation”).

      • Caelaeno says:

        @ASF: Good luck with that. Would turning her loose on some of the Game blogs be an option?

        @JS: Alternative strategy: One could always do what my mom did and take every chance you can to tell your daughter about women whose lives turned out horribly after they had sex (preferably for the very first time). Visions of pregnancy, AIDS, death, and failed marriages dancing through the properly indoctrinated head, while not a failsafe, will certainly put a damper on things.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Your situation is rough Brother, I acknowledge that.

      Best thing you can do is just be available to her.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    interesting discussion going on. for the record-

    i know when i’m with a slut.

    • Caelaeno says:

      But can you tell /before/ you sleep with them?

      I’ve had guys tell me that virginity was a requirement for any girl they married…which I thought was dumb, as there’s no way (I know of) to check beforehand that wouldn’t likely result in loss of said virginity.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        the behavior. the flirtation is pretty sexual. i’m able to escalate sexually easily and she’ll typically be open to it.

        whereas a “good girl” will usually shut down sexual advances that are made too early.

      • Spacetraveller says:

        I hate to break it to you, but there are ways to check for virginity.
        Sadly this requires a gynaecologist…

        Royal brides were subjected to this until 1981 at least, in the UK. I think it wouldn’t have been deemed appropriate for Kate Middleton however!

        If I am not mistaken this practice is deemed ‘backward’ in the West today. But some people still insist on it. Some gynaecologists refuse to do it though – as they see it as a waste of their time, and in any case, it is not 100% accurate, save for very experienced gynaecologists…

    • just visiting says:

      There must be some way a gyno can tell, because mine was able to determine that I was a virgin when I went in to get checked as a teen.

      • Caelaeno says:

        Sure…but just because your gyno knows, doesn’t mean your bf knows. =/

      • Spacetraveller says:

        Yes, Caelaeno, a man who is über-traditional could choose to ask a woman to undergo this test by a gyno before he marries her. Of course a woman consenting to this would also have to be über-traditional and have ‘nothing to hide’…
        In France it used to be compulsory for couples to undergo a full medical before marriage (I am not sure if they still do this) including STD check and also if required, or requested, tests for virginity. It was an attempt to prevent requests for annulment later on. Would it surprise you to learn that France is/was a Catholic country LOL…

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