Mexican Girls

Spacetraveller recently asked me as to my preference to Mexican girls, and attributing it to my mother being Mexican. I can see the rationale in the Oedipean led assumption, but sorry. While I WOULD like to find a woman who is like my mother- it has more to do with her morals and beliefs, NOT looks. I’ve ALWAYS liked Spanish woman.  I didn’t learn this until I was in 3rd grade. Her name was Wendy and my boyish heart exploded when I met her. I had the most serious crush on Wendy that it was silly. NEVER told her though….I was too scared. Of course, Spanish women play up their daughters feminimity at a VERY early age. They are made well aware of the fact that they’re girls, and they’re different.

Growing up in a Mexican-Cajun home was the same as any other Mexican household. Boys were boys, girls were girls. There was boy work, and girl work. NO ONE ate until my Paw-Paw had started eating and no one got seconds until he was done. When I was done eating I brought my dish to Maw-maw for her to wash, and the girls had to help. Boys worked outside. Yes, I know- typical patriarchial household. Well, guess what feminists……it worked. I was taught absolute respect for women and to judge based on character, NOT gender. I was taught to respect those older then me, and to listen to adults. It’s almost pretty typical in the South tbh.

I digress.

Of course I’ve dated white American women; banged quite a few as well. But through personal experience I’ve learned- by and large, that with most American white women:  you can’t please them, and they generally don’t know what they want. Now, before ANY of you ladies get pissy- hear me out. Whenever I tell this to my ethnic or non-American female friends (asian, black, spanish), they ALWAYS agree with me. I learned this by dating white girls and being friends with them. When you hear, “I don’t know….I mean he’s ok and all, but it just feels like something’s missing.” it’s usually a white girl saying it about a decent guy. Hell these women usually come to me for advice and I have to ask them….”is there physical or emotional abuse? Is there chemical dependence? If not…..what’s the problem? Why are you unhappy?”

Now, I’m not here to point fingers and say if you fall into the “white American woman” I codemn you to a life of spinster-hood.  But if you spend anytime around the MRA or MGTOW sites you’ll see a common and typical solution for American men that are marriage minded-

Expatriation. Yup. Rather than get married in the US where the laws are so crushingly against men, they’re telling young men to leave the US and marry in another country where men are appreciated.

Now….rather than pointing fingers , I prefer to offer solutions. I can say…..from my experience; when I’ve been involved with a white girl (such as in…my LAST gf), I was NOT appreciated and felt taken for granted.  I brought A LOT to the table, whereas she didn’t. I ended it after 3 months, and she cheated on me btw. I’ve lived (not visitied) but LIVED in 3 foreign countries. And the common theme was that the women HATED being out there. You see, MOST of the military guys stick to dating local girls. And you’ll find all the American 7-9’s dating the leftover’s. There were still the guys that still couldn’t get laid, but you found them closing the 3-6’s and I’ve seen VERY unattractive women devolope INSANE entitlement sensibilities while stationed overseas

Again….I digress, sorry.

Back to Mexican girls. They appear to fall into 2 camps: the ones that only date spanish guys and the ones that prefer white-boys. The one’s that like white-boys REALLY like white-boys that can speak spanish. You’ll commonly hear guys say, “Mexican girls are psychos”, to which I have to laugh and reply, “all women are psychos.” Lol. I keed I keed.  So WHY do I prefer them and tend to stay away from white women? Mexican women are typically taught very early to celebrate their feminimity. When they’re in a relationship, they are very affectionate and tender, and they usually have ZERO sexual hang-ups. But better than that, they APPRECIATE a good man, and they celebrate masculinity. One thing I tell guys that want to venture south of the border is, “you better stick to your boundaries and not be a whiny, clingy man. She’ll dump you in a second.”

I realize this is true for ALL women but the difference here is the return you get from your Latina lass. You get a loving, sweet, bold, tender, fiery Spanish speaking companion that WILL NOT shame you for being a MAAAAAAAN. And if anyone fucks with you, she’ll shank their ass.

Does this mean I’ll never date a white girl, of course not. But I PREFER to date Mexican or Spanish speaking  women. I understand them, and they appreciate my efforts.  Obviously, I’m NOT referring to the ladies that read this site, for the most part, red pill minded women get it, and I’m sure they cherish the men in their lives.

22 Comments on “Mexican Girls”

  1. dannyfrom504 says:

    WOW. let me guess, you’re a white American woman.

    this response has raging hamster all over it. but allow me.

    i NEVER indicated that WAW were damaged or flawed. i went to great pains to be clear about that. your response is irrelevant to the the topic. everyone is allowed their owne preferences in the SMP, i have come t othe conclusions is have via experience. if you chose to comment here, all i ask is the disscussion remain civil.

    secondly. my mother is 1/2 Mexican and i have Mexican Family memebers so your comment is an insult and offensive to me. my grandfather came here LEGALLY, and he is (and my entire family btw) ANTI-ILLEGAL immigration.

    i could go on to make comments that ARE degrading to WAW, but it wouldn’t be geunine and all-inclusve. you’re taking a swipe at not just a gender, but an ENTIRE culture as well.

    another comment like this and you will be in moderation. if you care to opine further (which i hope you do) let’s continue and discuss RATIONALLY my take on this subject. if not, i’ll simply put you in time-out like a typical bad-little girl SHOULD be treated.

    thank you for reading. have a great night.

    • Bellita says:

      If “Ryu” is a woman, then she’s using the relatively recognizable blog name of a man who runs a Human Biodiversity blog. So there’s a chance that there’s something other than feminine jealousy behind that comment. Not that that makes it any better.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      he’s in moderation now.

  2. Spacetraveller says:

    This is wonderful, Danny.
    I think the problem a lot of men have is that they think they want a certain type of woman and go for her without checking if she is indeed right for them.
    You on the other hand know sincerely and with conviction what your ‘type’ is, because you know your ‘type’ works for you. I too am not discounting the possibility of you ending up with a white woman, because afterall you can never say never.
    But you know what kind of woman would suit you best (not just looks but upbringing, attittude, character).
    Some of your brothers just go for the hottest thing around and are shocked when she turns out to be not-so-nice.
    Not to say hot women are not nice, of course! I am only using extreme examples to help make my point.
    In summary, I will always advocate that men verify, verify, verify.
    (Women know how to do this more than men).
    But then again, I am preaching to the choir here. Red Pill men like you already know to do this.
    If only someone will tell the Blue Pill men…

    By the way, the font changed…
    Is there a special reason for this?

  3. anonymous says:

    Ryu is a white supremacist dude…

  4. anonymous says:

    Danny, you should read his rants at the Spearhead and he gets eviscerated by many of the commenters but never gives up putting his 2cents worth from time to time.
    I agree with you about Mexican women. I lived in Phoenix for over a decade and I am Asian and dark skinned with some chinky features so many of the Mexicans there used to think I was Mexican as well. So, when I visit the strip joints, the Mexican strippers used to give me special treatment. I have also had many marriage proposals from Mexican gals too. Most of them can cook and not afraid of expressing their feminity. I also recall visitng some of the shopping malls in the more lower middle and middle class areas of Phoenix and it was nice to see the mall’s full of families with children running about everywhere. I found the same at Mexican markets in the Phoenix area as as well.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Well Ryu’s IP shows that he’s posting out of Phoenix as well.

      One of my good friends is a Vietnamese cat and went to specialized training an hour outside of Dallas. He said the Mexican girls LOVED him.

      He was very stylish and quite different from most of the men in the area. Kid has game too of course.

      • anonymous says:

        I now live in the South and I like the laid back life out here. Phoenix became a little bit too uncomfortable for me with all the crazy things going on there. I am 43 and I learned of game and all the sociobiology stuff only in these last 3yrs. Much of what you say is beginning to make sense. I am not there in the looks department where women are concerned but I am nerdish with a sense of humor and sarcasm. What is interesting is that be it in the bar or anywhere else I am getting attention from women half my age!! So is it too late to learn to game?

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Brother I’m 38 and I’m come on to by girls in thier early 20’s. Let’s just say that there some things I DON’T post about. Because it’s no one’s business.

          A gentleman is discreet.

          You dating pool is WIDE open. Women LOVE nerds. Nerds with game are 1000% times more successful. Keep me posted with field reports and feel free to email me for advice.

          Stay up.

  5. Chewie says:

    Excellent post here. While I haven’t had quite as many experiences with Mexican girls as you have, the ones I have known have been lovely. Both my brother and I have dated Mexican (or 1/2) Mexican girls as well as Puerto Ricans and they have been unabashedly feminine and affectionate. They were also no one’s fools. One Puerto Rican lady would cook for me all the time and loved to show off her housework. We lost contact with each a while ago when I moved though because she doesn’t use email.

    FWIW, Korean culture operates much the same way as you described dinner with your family.

  6. Anonymous age 70 says:

    Danny, as my i.d. indicates I am 70 years old. I Live in a Third World village in rural Mexico. My wife’s native village. She is also 70, we have been married, and I have been faithful to her for 36 years.

    The biggest cultural shock here is the number of young, 20 somethings, who hit on me. These are not the gold-diggers of the First Wave when I moved here, who simply want money or papers. These are women who actually like me as a person, and want to “see if I fit.”

    It certainly is not all young women, but a few. Enough to help my self-esteem. My estimate is maybe 5% of young women actually like older men.

    A cousin in his late 50’s told me a woman in her late teens asked to have his baby. He asked her why on earth she would want an old married man like him when she could have a young man her own age. She said older men are more responsible, they treat their women better, and they are more affectionate.

    So, it isn’t just the “rich North American.”

    I am forgetting the rich guy. His wife died a few years ago. He is 78, and his 20 year old “wife” is pregnant. People do not laugh sarcastically as they would in the US. They are much more realistic about January/December couples.

  7. Anonymous age 70 says:

    Let me add that in rural Mexico betas are hot. They have all the macho alphas they need, with plenty to spare.

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  9. dogsquat says:

    Doc, you ever get any static from the families of the girls? Maybe it’s because I’m a Bohunk from Pittsburgh (read: whiter than your dentist’s teeth), but I’ve run into that a few times.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the dad and brother’s always give you shit. never get in the middle of any family stuff until the family accepts you. but i speak decent spanish, so i kind of get a pass.

  10. dogsquat says:

    Also, Doc – it is a fugging good time to NOT be in EMS right now. Be glad you’ve done your time. These new high school/college graduates are doing some amazing shit with alcohol and motor vehicles. Seriously – I almost puked a little while ago. Idiots.

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