On Seduction

I’ve spent many years learning about seduction/influence. It’s always fascinated me. I’ve had more than one post on how I go about chatting up girls. It’s a system I learned by studying and reading books on Eastern Philosophy regarding the subject. Most people hear seduction and think “getting someone into bed.” Such thoughts truly offer a narrow vision as to the REAL power of seduction.

Seduction is enticement. Nothing more, nothing less. It is not good nor evil (much like game); the context of the user is what makes seduction good or bad- whether your goal is to get the cutie into the sack, or learn an enemies secrets to plan an attack, is up to you. Whether you use more nefarious means, or playful luring…..again, your call. I’ll do my best to include exercises for you to practice over a week. Then I’ll follow up and see if anyone “got better”. I take ZERO responsibility for the manner in which you choose to use this. But it can be VERY helpful in assisting in “reading” someone.

There’s a LOT of technicality to this that I won’t bother with. I’ll just stick to the meat an potato’s. This knowledge is gender neutral, ANYONE can learn and use it. I very well may be repeating what “PUA game” sites have stated, but this is how I developed from what I’ve studied and had to use personally. Let’s get started.

In order to know what type of personality you’re dealing with you must LISTEN to them. Crash course here guys. When I first talk to someone, I pay attention to the words they use. Mostly- do I sense negativity or positivity? If sense negativity in a woman, I bail or use their negativity to find out as much as I can about them to find what angle I can work. Keep them talking long enough and they’ll usually tell you their weakness or willingness.

There’s a VERY good reason I use humor from the beginning of any human interaction. Lowering the minds defenses is crucial to seduction. You don’t want them “on guard” or suspicious of you. This can be done in less than 1 minute. IF you don’t have the luxury of being able to find out as much about them as you can beforehand, you have to begin slowly and open them up to revealing details about themselves. Humor is ALWAYS my strategy.

Once you’ve committed to seduction you must coax them into your world. Not the past and not the future. If the person is preoccupied with what happened at work, they aren’t listening to you.  If she’s concerned about all the guys that have fucked her over in the past….chances are you’ll never be one of the those guys that gets to see her naked. If she’s concerned about that paper she hasn’t worked on, she not concerned with what an awesome dude you are. How do you keep them out of the past or future? You keep them in the NOW. One of my favorite lines is if a woman is complaining about the guys in her past I redirect/frame her with, “Let’s not talk about things that didn’t work out.” This is a VERY powerful frame.

Age plays a HUGE part of seduction. The young adversary is usually vain and impatient. A young love usually feels they deserve attention or are too smart to fall for a trick. For older women, they usually want to feel useful and needed.  A young woman looking to seduce a man simply offers herself as a gift, with MANY strings attached. Gold diggers do it all the time. Looking to seduce an older man, have him teach you something. Thus you gain his confidence and influence.

Like I said, it can be VERY dark. But at the same time VERY useful in life.

So…..how do I seduce.

1-      Lower their defenses. Make them laugh and feel comfortable.

2-      Listen to them VERY intently, what kind of adjectives do they use. Do they seem negative or positive? Are they dwelling on past or future issues/project/problems? Are they chatty or need to be coaxed in conversation? Are they vain, aggressive, shy?

3-      Keep them in the NOW. The individual is talking to ME. So I keep them focused on ME, until I decided I have all the info I need to determine which way to go. If I’m chatting up a woman I keep her mind on pleasurable experiences in her past then reference near future ones where I inject myself into the equation (escalation anyone?). It can be a subtle transition or very direct depending on what she gives you to work with. Remember my line about, “you’re gonna end up pregnant”? If it’s an adversary, I stroke the ego and slowly work my way to him telling me the subject I REALLY want to know about.

Remember- “relaxing+reinforcing+refocusing= more receptive.” One of the things I took from something I read.
For the following week just practice listening to people and judging/guessing their personalities by the manner in which they communicate. Don’t forget to adjust based on the age. You have to realize I’ve spent 18 years treating sick and injured people. Sometime patients don’t want to comply, sometimes I need to find out specifics about their condition they may not want to reveal. Bedside manner works VERY well. And mine is second to none. And again, if it isn’t fun, it’s not worth doing.
If you want to study seduction more in-depth I recommend the following books:
“Mental Dominance”, by Dr. Haha Lung covers all this stuff very thoroughly. Fascinating book.
“The Seducer’s Diary”, by S. Kierkergaard. The first book I read on the subject back in 2004.
“The Art of Seduction”, by Robert Greene. Got this as a gift. I haven’t read it from cover to cover but what I have read is VERY good stuff. What I liked about this is how it breaks down each personality type and what seduction works best.

28 Comments on “On Seduction”

  1. Esquire says:

    Humour is so powerful in breaking their guard. I had a recent experience when I had to go around knocking on doors in a student halls and convincing people to vote for their elected president. After the first 100 doors(read: approaches) I was at about a 60% conversion of them voting on their laptops right then, and the rest of the time was usually left with a positive response.

    And the key thing in my persuasive technique (read: seduction) was using humour, usually about something in their room, which brings me into being a part of their world rather than an outsider. They laugh, and suddenly i’m a friend at their door and oh, by the way, while i’m here let me tell you about this election going on.

    And the messier or more decorated the room, the easier i found it to draw them in. (both guys and girls, although it works better with girls, i’m not as used to seducing the fellas) That links in to what you were saying about using information to figure them out.

    Useable tip for other readers:
    I would always start off sounding scripted for maybe 5 seconds or less, then “suddenly” get distracted and laugh about something in their room and joke for a bit before accusing them off taking me off topic and bringing it back on more casual terms to my sell.

    Really looking forward to this series mate!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thank you good Sir. and you are 100% right with your strategy. humor is such a great weapon just as seduction is such a great tool. thanks for chiming in, i’ll try and keep this VERY short series interesting. i meant it to be a series, but think i may have bitten off more than i care to chew. we’ll se though.

      i’m known for my ADD. lol.

      • Esquire says:

        Ha, well hopefully you’ll overcome that, It will be interesting to hear an experienced and anecdotal review of persuasive techniques. I’m 21 so what I know about genuine persuasion (rather than persuasion when you’re a child, which is mostly older people taking care of you) has been picked up in the last couple of years of living independently. Thus being curious as to what you have learned in your years of dealing with people

        I’m definitely drawn towards the dark side of persuasion, the pitfalls in human thinking are just so much more fascinating, e.g. the sleeper effect or rationalising
        That’s one area where the pick up community have forged ahead. Since there are many different ‘researchers’ all pooling their data, the advancement is considerably accelerated relative to fields held back by the need for scientific rigour (and i’m a scientist myself, so get the importance of reliable evidence, but sometimes and particularly with ideas based on social interaction, it’s quicker to work by trial and error and use a rougher set of constructs.)

        I’d be happy to bounce ideas for the next in this series, I assume you can grab my email from this post, good luck with it.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        i’ll keep in touch with you to discuss these things in private. the dark side of game is something i worked in as a young Danny. also…..Kane (he’s linked) was a dark gamer for a very long time, you should check his blog.

        i can see the appeal in dark game for younger men as the women in your age range tend to be on the carousel. but…..and trust me on this, as you get older and have your partner count go up…..sex becomes a non-issue. your outlook on women will change DRAMATICALLY after your 20’s.

        trust me.

      • dogsquat says:

        I am struggling with this very thing as I type. You think you’re gonna bust out 500 or a thousand words, maybe help some dudes out….and then you realize you didn’t explain THAT, or THIS, or THE OTHER THING. And none of it will work without THING X, so get a paragraph in on it….

        Before long, you’ve got a rambling, semi-coherent treatise as long as the Encyclopedia Britannica, and you’ve puked from sheer boredom 12 times.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          KillSquat- I’m trying to put my next post together and after close to a year if posting…..some are easy, some aren’t.

          But as long as guys are reading, I’ll keep posting.

      • Esquire says:

        Yeah, I’ve heard that about getting older as well. Possibly it’s because once you’re older, you sufficient bargaining power so that the use of (slightly) manipulative methods isn’t necessary. I think one of the main motivators for my own interest is so that I can avoid falling victim myself. I know one old ‘friend’ who, possibly unknowingly, is hugely manipulative at times, and I used to find myself giving quite a lot of myself for that relationship when it didn’t benefit me at all.

        I also think an understanding of the dark side is good protection against certain marketers and advertisers who are experts in this field. (And full credit to them, quote Casanova: ‘deceiving a fool is an exploit worthy of an intelligent man’) But I would rather not be friends with fools, and not be one myself.

  2. MissMarie says:

    I have no less than 75 truckers wrapped around my little finger just by making jokes with them. These principles work in many areas. Good post, as usual 🙂

  3. Danny,

    I concur!
    Humour works 🙂
    Humour I think is misplaced intelligence…
    If a man is funny, I automatically think he is smart.
    Which is usually right.

    Not saying the dumb can’t be funny, but in general, I find my observation to be true, yes.
    In general 😛

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I love when your hamster takes over ST. Lol.

      And thank you. I’m just trying to help the fellahs, and help the lasses understand us.

      • I can’t get rid of the hamster, Danny,


        Every evening I take it to the woods and shoot it.
        When I get home it is sitting comfortably on the sofa in front of the TV, beer in one hand, cigarette in the other, and asks, ‘Where’ve you been, pet?’

        What do I do?
        Any tips for me?
        Any professional hamster hit-men out there?
        I’ll pay handsomely for a well-finished job…

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        lol. you’re too cute.

        sorry. the hamster is like the terminator for you ladies. there’s no stopping it, no reasoning with it, and it can’t be bargained with. so, sorry Love…but you’re stuck with it. the best thing a woman can do is recognize she has it, acknowledge it, and move on.

    • dogsquat says:

      ST, I have a series of meditative exercises and some power crystals I recommend. Please send a self addressed, stamped envelope and $39.95 in cash (no check, credit card, or money orders) to:

      Buck-Toothed Bastard-Ass Mental Rodent Eradication Society
      #8541 Throckmorton’s Sign Road
      Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001

      All sales are final. There is no money back guarantee. Product may cause anal leakage. Do not taunt the Hamster.



      • dannyfrom504 says:


        Exactly. Lol.

      • Spacetraveller says:

        Dogsquat, you’re a scream!

        The anal leakage thing will stick in my mind forever – awww, how gross! Thanks for that delightful imagery, Sergeant 😀

        Re the name of the road, come closer Dog…I need to whisper this: my hamster is female, you know that right? If it suddenly developed Throckmorton’s sign after I administered your product…I would have to wonder, are we trying to kill this beast or give it a new (cough, cough) identity?
        Is this how you Americans deal with unruly rodents?
        Minnie Mouse know about this? (Just in case she steps out of line sometime?)

        😀 😀

      • Spacetraveller says:

        Erm…Danny, someone (mentioning no names) mentioned the word ‘hamster’ first.
        Spacetraveller no guilty..
        *blinks several times in quick succession*

      • Danny,


        I have a PhD in this 😀

        Laughter is the best medicine, isn’t it Doc?

      • Spacetraveller says:


        What’s the Crucible?
        It sounds like I could get myself killed trying to ‘pass’ it.
        Honestly, it sounds a bit dangerous…
        Is it something to do with the military?

        Assume I won’t be able to pass it.
        What else may I call you other than Danny and ‘Your Maj’?

        I would love to have your suggestions on acceptable forms of address of you – one list for men, one list for women.
        That would be cool!

      • dogsquat says:

        You’re sharp as a tack, Spacetraveler, PhD. Most folks have no idea (positive or negative….snicker) about ol’ Throckmorton.

        The Crucible is when some nice men bring you slippers and whisper politely at you, and you get plenty of sleep and stay clean and eat good food and relax. It’s fun! When it’s all over, you get a shiny badge.

        Don’t feel too bad about the Doc Danny thing. It seems cool and neato and everything, but it’s a club you might not want to join. Guys like me defer to guys like Danny and buy all his beers and stomp on dudes who don’t give him proper respect. All guys like him have to do to rate that is come a’ runnin’ when we holler. Keeps more dudes like me around awhile longer, that does.

        Sounds simple, but it’s complicated and beautiful and horrible all at the same time.

        Reminds me I’ve got to put a link up to you on my bloggy thing.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          DS- “The Crucible is when some nice men bring you slippers and whisper politely at you, and you get plenty of sleep and stay clean and eat good food and relax. It’s fun! When it’s all over, you get a shiny badge.” lol. i had to go to the ER and share this gem with the FMF HM’s down there. we were pissing ourselves.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          ST- your Maj is fine. lol.

          On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 1:07 AM, danny edwards wrote:

          > DS- > “The Crucible is when some nice men bring you slippers and whisper > politely at you, and you get plenty of sleep and stay clean and eat good > food and relax. It’s fun! When it’s all over, you get a shiny badge.” > lol. i had to go to the ER and share this gem with the FMF HM’s down > there. we were pissing ourselves.

      • @ Dogsquat,

        “Most folks have no idea (positive or negative….snicker) about ol’ Throckmorton.”
        Google to the rescue!
        Thanks for adding me 🙂

        Danny and Dogsquat,
        Yes I think The Crucible is too much of a boys’ club for me 😦

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