Taking a New Lover

i wrote this and it got erased. so i’m not even going to try and be grammatically correct.

the first time i fuck a woman…..i want to get a feel for her body. i want to learn where she likes and does not like to be touched. when i fuck a new woman (that i like) i kiss every inch of her. i touch her entire body. i want to know every part of her that makes her tingle. i can only do that by touching and kissing every inch of her.

what do i do?

well, first off……when i find an area that she’s sensitive, i lick then blow. as in- i lick the area lightly then blow across the spot i licked. then, i kiss the are tenderly.

most men know the basic spots: neck, breasts, thighs, lower back, shoulders. BUT, have you kissed her behind her knees? have you licked her shoulder blades? EXPLORE her. know every inch of her. that’s what make her your woman. i LOVE the woman i’m intimate with. and i know where she likes to be touched and how she likes that area touched.

when you have her- naked, at your beck and call…..for the first time, touch/kiss every inch of her. get to know her. EXPLORE her. that’s 99% of the fun of having a new woman.

happy hunting. stay up.

6 Comments on “Taking a New Lover”

  1. Senior Beta says:

    Now that has to get your lady friends reading this the tingles. Probably even Susan.

  2. sosweet2362 says:

    Holy crap…are you trying to cause spontaneous combustion Danny? It is Hump Day after all.

  3. dogsquat says:

    This might sound kinda goofy, but when you’re with a woman you really like, it makes your hands feel good when you touch her.

    Bah. Ah cain’t ‘splain et.

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