On Going Down

Since posting on how to receive oral treats properly, I figured I’d be fair and post how to GIVE OT’s properly.

I’ve ALWAYS loved eating pussy. Seriously, I’ve eaten more pussy than cervical cancer. When I was younger I had a reputation as the guy that would “go down”. It wasn’t cool for guys to do that back in the early 90. It was unmasculine but I didn’t care…I LOVED doing it. Well women are like golf courses. You might have played the same course hundreds of times, but i i bet you’ve never shot the same game twice. This is the BEST analogy I’ve ever heard in regards to women.

So…..how do I go about chowing down at the Y- simple. Let’s begin-

1-      Get her head ready.  Seriously, the best thing you can ever do to get a woman primed for sex is get her to quit thinking about the other 9,000,000 things going on in her head.  Granted, sometimes you just need to take control . Every woman’s different.

2-      Kiss her. Obvious, but you can never kiss a woman enough. Now you just don’t want to jump into the lake, you want to get the waters ready first. Work your way from her neck, to the breasts, then eventually the lower abdomen.

3-      This is the part where you throw her a curve, and I’ll go BACK to her breasts. The key here is to keep her guessing. You don’t want to be on auto-pilot or predictable. When do you head “down there”?

4-      When she finally tells you quit teasing her or you notice her hips starting to arch, she’s ready. A Lesbian taught me this btw.

5-      Once you get down to her thighs, avoid direct contact with the vagina….at first. One trick I employ is lightly licking the thighs, then blowing gently over the area I licked: it drives women crazy.  When stroking the thighs, use wavy lines rather than up-down straight pattern. The wavey-ness causes more stimulation for her.

6-      Once you decide to move onto her place; go lightly. This is where “reading” her becomes crucial. Again, lesbian ingenuity- if she pushes against your tongue- she want’s more pressure. If she’s pulling away- she wants less pressure. Once she indicates she’s “getting there”. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. This is crucial. Most men that fuck up, do it here. We get eager because she’s getting close and we change pressure or speed things up. Well, when you do…..her “O” meter resets and she has to build her climax again. Most women that fake it, fake it for this reason. She got close to popping 2-3 times, you change pace and she lost it. I’ve found that using the flat, widened section of my tongue works best for getting her done. I’ll place my entire mouth over the upper portion of her vagina and make a slight seal over her clitoris. This allows me to lightly suck on her clitoris while using my tongue in a steady “up and down” motion. Again, once you hear, “oh my God yes, right there.”, don’t change anything up. Notice how this is listed TWICE? lol. Oh, and ladies….if you smoke, i can can tell. And I won’t be wanting to eat you out, it makes your vagina taste like bad prosciutto. 

7-      Once you know she’s “on the road”, insert a finger or 2 inside her. Most women want something to bear down on as they climax. A finger works just fine. This is where a Latina will typically pull me up and tells me she want’s me inside her. This is a personal call for women. I just know how my Spanish speaking ladies like it, they usually want to climax via penetration. As one told me as I entered her. “Quiero ueso, puedo hacerlo asi”- I want dick, I can do that (outer-stimulation) myself”.

8-      Once she’s informed you she’s about to pop….KEEP applying stimulation until she indicates she needs you to quit. Often you can trigger multiples and some women can climax for a a good 10 seconds if you keep stimulating her.

9-      Let her glow. Once you finished her off, she’ll let you know when she’s ready for round 2, or what she’s in the mood for next.

I have 10 black belts in eating pussy, seriously. You can always tell you have a decent technique when the ex’s call you for booty calls when they’re single. Besides, as one ex told me, “It not not slutty to fuck an ex, it’s just recycling dick.”

Whatever the hamster needs to tell her to let me bang her again…..WHATEV’s. lol Hope this helps you guys out. Class dismissed.
Stay up.    

30 Comments on “On Going Down”

  1. Thanks man, great advice. I’ve read the book “she comes first” and this is a more concise and practical application in a one page users manual.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Thank you Brother. I’m here to help. I do take pride in my work. I actually heard of the book. Never read it though.

      Don’t need it. Lol.

      Stay up.

  2. M3 says:

    My alias M3 is an amalgamated acronym for MuffManMike.

    I turned it into an art form. Truth be told, when i’m with someone i really like, it’s more arousing than getting a blowjob. True story.

    There’s nothing like watching them writhe and tense up, try to shove your head up into them while in the throes, and then watch’m get all shy n cuddly while your wiping the feminine goop out of your soup catcher 😉

    And i’m always up for doubles! As i said once before on HUS, eating pussy for me is a lot like Christmas.. i always love giving more than receiving! (Tho a mutual exchange of gifts is nice)

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      you want more head from your woman, GIVE more. if there’s no reciprocation…..then she doesn’t get the goodies either.

      problem solved.

      • Badger says:

        I’ve never thought of oral sex as “exchange” items per se. Part of this was having a partner who didn’t like receiving but didn’t mind giving. If I do something you like, you should do something I like or the pleasures are mismatched. But that doesn’t mean it HAS to be the same kind of thing.

  3. MissMarie says:

    When it’s done poorly, bleck. When it’s done well? *swoon*

  4. JS says:

    Great post as always. very accurate!!!

    And…..on behalf of women everywhere, thank you soooo much for: “once you hear, “oh my God yes, right there.”, don’t change anything up. Notice how this is listed TWICE?”

    Whenever I’ve said to a guy, “just like that, dont stop” ….almost 95% of the time, the guy will change it up (faster/slower, different pressure, etc) and it’s sooo frustrating because, like you said, we were almost to the promised land and he changed directions. lol….really this philosophy applies to anything you are doing to a woman’s body (inside or out) when she says those words.

    Danny, this post deserves a Pulitzer or a Nobel…. 😉

    • MissMarie says:


    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thank you.

      one thing i forgot-
      when a woman is close to orgasm, the once erect nipples disappear. a lot of guys (mistakenly) assume that means she’s no longer stimulated as well as she once was early on. BIG MISTAKE. once a woman is close to climax the erection she used to have to her nipples fades (blood redirected to the V) and her chest will sometimes take on a reddened splotchy pattern. this is a GOOD thing.

      as i mentioned above and the girls confirmed, just keep the same pace and rhythm, she’s gonna pop soon.

  5. “Seriously, I’ve eaten more pussy than cervical cancer.” I am so going to tweet the shit outta that.

  6. Athor Pel says:

    These kinds of posts crack me up. Not because they hold any inherent comedy value but because of what you’re doing right under your reader’s noses without many of them even seeing it.

    You’re gaming every one of your female readers, all at the same time. You’re getting into their heads, all of their heads.

    • JS says:

      Oh Honey, that fact doesn’t go unnoticed. 😉 We just enjoy it too much to say anything that may cause him to stop. I was having, shall we say… a difficult time seating in my desk chair at work without squirming and fidgeting by the time I was done reading the above post….not the first time his blog has had that affect either. lol

  7. JS says:

    *sitting* not seating…see what he does to me. 😉

  8. Keoni Galt says:

    There’s a very good reason why men enjoy giving women OT – it’s exactly how the male body figures out if your just masturbating or actually having real sex.

    Going down on the lady is essentially swimming in her female pheromones…it will cause the man to have a harder erection and cum much harder as his body recognizes the opportunity to replicate it’s DNA and goes “all in.”

  9. This post needs to be spread all over the internet. LOL

  10. Again, once you hear, “oh my God yes, right there.”, don’t change anything up. ….

    Aaaahhhhmen. 🙂

  11. BuenaVista says:

    Oral skills and attitudes that I have found helpful. Note: I’m a bit older than most of you, I suspect. But oral is the gift that has no expiration date. I daresay that very few women will consider you a valued lover unless you do it, do it often, and do it well. And no man can reasonably demand her oral (BJ) attentions unless he has oral credits in the bank and is making regular deposits.

    a. Per Danny, and the most sexual woman I have ever known: it’s not just oral that should be practiced in one rhythm in one way, once that Oh! train starts rolling the track, until she cums. My woman friend told me that guys who have watched a lot of porn are always switching positions on them, as though they’re making a demo-porn. She wanted to climax before being switched up. Don’t be jumping around demonstrating how many fucking kama sutra moves you’ve memorized on the interwebz. It’s stupid. Nothing wrong with releasing one train before signaling the next one into the station. What, exactly, is the rush?

    b. She Always Comes First changed my sex life. Just make her happy a time or two before you start worrying about your own pleasuring. You’ll have to be a real loser not to be invited back. Even if it turns out to be a one-night stand, and you run into her in a bar a year later, she’s going to smile at you. It won’t be strange. It’s mind-boggling that men would expect to be invited back if they don’t demonstrate interest in their partner’s getting off; it shouldn’t just be an accident. This is the ONLY piece of sex advice I gave Son#1, and I told him it was mandatory. Women are already conflicted enough about sex; when you have rushed, penetrating sex and cum and she’s not satisfied, or even warmed up, she may feel used, abused, and cheated. Not good. Bad manners. You won’t be invited back unless she is so in love she can’t think straight.

    Other benefits here: if you’re totally wasted (not that I’ve ever had more than two drinks in my life), especially as you get older, Mr. Happy is not going to work so well. Hardness and the ability to cum diminish. But it doesn’t matter so much if you see your role to get her off with your mouth and hands a few times. And guess what? After she’s gotten off a few times, she’ll start to get VERY insistent that you cum to the party too, worry that she’s not giving you a good time etc.– and Mr. Happy gets lots of her love and attention. (If she doesn’t get insistent, she’ll always be a selfish lover, and you want to know that, too — before you run for the hills.)

    c. Some women only cum with clitoral stimulation, some G-spot only, some both (watch out: big train a-coming). Find out. The hand is a terrible thing to waste.

    d. The first time I became truly comfortable with my oral skills (this was post-marriage, and I had married young, so I had a lot to learn) was with a woman who, ten years later, remains a friend (she’s also my editor) who still looks at me *that way* (she’s married now, we don’t get it on) and introduces me to one of her friends once a year or so. I attribute this to the first night we slept together, though perhaps I exaggerate, because I got the most over-the-top series of barely disguised thank you emails the next day, and urgent requests for more dates. Did I know what I was doing? Hell no. But I used the alphabet technique that I commend to newbies (spell the alphabet with your tongue, if nothing else it beats thinking about baseball), until getting the “right there” signal. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJ-Boom! Of course, I don’t know if I was on the letter J or what, but she was having those whole-body-shivering shuddering orgasms and her face looked like she was injecting heroin. And she still touches my arm at dinner.

    e. I personally am a bit squeamish about a woman squirting when I’m down there. I prefer that she do it when I am using my hand and kissing her or fondling/sucking her breasts, or we’re fucking. But if she does ejaculate on your face, your job as a Real Man is to pretend it’s the most awesome thing in the universe, because that is one major compliment she just paid you by cumming all over you. Discreetly reach for a towel, clean up, blot out your knowledge that that stuff comes straight from the uretha, and get back to work. Your reward will soon be a woman who looks like she swallowed a handful of Quaaludes. The sequence: pussy blown, then mind blown. And you will be invited back.

    f. I am considered a good lover, I think, and it’s been years and years since I fielded a complaint. Girlfriends I haven’t seen in years ask me out. HOWEVER, with every new woman I experience performance anxiety. I deal with it by giving her pleasure with my mouth first. She relaxes, knowing that I’m not there to pump-and-run, and I relax. Start waving those trains down the track. Footnote: a lot of women have low expectations for the first sexual experience with a guy; they may figure that it will take a few trips to the station before everybody is having fun. But if you can get them off with oral, it’s like the first five sessions have already occurred: she relaxes, you relax. Better ingredients, better pussy, good sex.

    g. I like it when I receive aural stimulation along with my oral (BJs). So I like to hear her moan, or talk to me when she takes a break and uses her hands. I provide aural indications that I am dearly enjoying daty. I take a break and use my hands and talk to her. Seems to me good sex is communication. YMMV. Some girls can’t seem to handle noise, talk, etc. which is really too bad. Could be an age thing, and an enduring repression from their teen years.

    h. Most divorced people had bad sex lives as marrieds. Stands to reason, right? Routinized sex is typical of bad married sex. Guess which activity gets slighted in the married-sex, seven-minutes-of-fun, I’m-tired-now routinized sex regime? Give oral to a recently divorced women. She will glow. Consider yourself a member of the helping professions.

    i. Most of the women I know, after the oral first act, start demanding the second act, which is my penetration. Really demanding, like the Mexican woman Danny notes. I do not comply, assert my physical strength and push her back down onto the bed (table, hood of car, whatever) and make her wait. I’m stronger than she is and she’s just going to have to wait for Mr. Happy. Wave another train onto the track. When we finally fuck, if you’re any good and a little lucky, she’s going to have a vaginal orgasm that will rock the whole room. This is unusual for women (I think the mean ratio of vaginal to direct clitoral stimulation orgasms is about 1:4); you’re more likely to be invited back.

    j. I have known a couple of women who did not like cunnilingus. As it happened, both went to Catholic school. Don’t know if “two” constitutes a robust sample set, but I do inquire during the flirting stage if a girl went to Catholic school. With one, she just had vaginal orgasms in about a minute after penetration, so we had quickies all day and night, with the other, a whole lot of fingering was required. I don’t really enjoy wham-bam sex of this sort, unless it’s a lunch time bend-over-that-counter-babe thing, so I always try to find out on our first night if she’ll enjoy oral.

    k. Note to femmes: are you SURE your pussy smells and tastes good? This is a truly annoying problem. The most beautiful woman I ever dated — I mean, 10 face, 9 body — had a pussy that smelled like a cat box. I am not kidding. I’d get fired up for some action and then I would think about the … cat box. This was a woman in her late 30’s and she was just not self-aware. It affected our relationship. I’m willing to do a lot of things, but I don’t want to teach women how to launder themselves.

    l. Note to femmes: if you want my face buried into your delta of venus, do me a favor and do not noisily urinate and flush 20 feet away10 seconds before you want to sit on my face. I don’t think too many men have urination fetishes. I understand that you want to empty your bladder and feel relaxed, but images have power. Figure out how to prepare yourself without being a buzzkill.

    m. Note to femmes: at least with a guy who has a daughter, and bathed her for ten years, a bald pussy is a bit of a hurdle. (I have no pedophiliac fantasies.) Ditto any guy who came of age when women had a bush. For me, a bush (not a swamp, not the back yard, but a tidy little bush) is a major visual turn-on. I’m a man, I like pictures. I have gotten more accustomed to bald, but with a lover I ask her to grow it out a little bit. Quite frankly, many women I see (age 30-45) seem relieved; certainly the older ones. The best lover I ever had (44 at the time, and recently out of an 18 year sexless marriage, so someone had told her the new fashion was bald) told me, “Thank god. It’s so creepy to get my thing waxed. But I thought all men liked bald?” This advice may be totally irrelevant to men and women under 30; I have no clue.

    MY CONCLUSION: your status as a man should really be revoked if you don’t make a real effort to make a woman cum first (assuming she’s not frigid or she doesn’t like you, and yes, some are and some don’t). The only way to make a woman cum first *reliably* is to bring her there with oral. First. As in before the man. First.

    P.S. I’m usually told that I am a good kisser (face-to-face kisser). Know what I’m thinking about when I’m kissing a woman on the lips? Really, I do. Then I tell my lover that that’s what I’m thinking about. Then with luck, she’s thinking about my lips on her pussy, when I so much as give her a quick brushoff kiss on my way out the door to work.

  12. […] said this before to MANY women. i was actually told this by the same lesbian i mentioned in this post, she taught me a very valuable […]

  13. Jakester says:

    It wasn’t “unmasculine” in the ’90s. It was REGARDED as “unmasculine” in the ’90s by fools. Since when is giving a woman intense pleasure “unmasculine”?

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