Yer a Player….

As you progress on your Red-Pill journey you’ll eventually be called a “player”. This is when you know you’re doing it right. I get told I’m a player ALL.THE.TIME. But I’m not- seriously, I’m not. This is just one of the many shit tests you’ll get from women. “Player” carries with it negative connotations, so she’s calling you a cad simply because you’re giving her tingles, so the hamster tells her “it’s becuase he sleeps with a TON of women.”


I’ve always advocating the “agree and amplify” principle. I’ve exhausted my, “No I’m not a player, I’m THE player. I have close to 300 girfriends.”  Then I wink. NEVER Had it fail. Here’s a few others that NUKE her player hamser. Thank me later.

· Not only am I a player, I also play one on TV.

· No Dear, I’m not a player. But I DO know how to play. *wink*

· Not only am I a player, but I have a PhD and teach at the University of Player.

· No I’m not. Just don’t tell my girfriend I said that.

· I dunno. But my mom told me this line ALWAYS works on
chicks….insert any awful line.

· I don’t think it’s fair to call me a player until AFTER we have sex. *roll eyes* You gotta be ballsy to pull this one. I use it on REALLY good looking women.

· I’ll tell you in the morning. How do you like your eggs: scrambled or fertilized? Stick out your tongue playfully. i LOVE this one.

Best of luck. Now get out there and make some girl smile.

14 Comments on “Yer a Player….”

  1. Phoenix says:

    Dang man, wish I could use these lines. Takes wit and confidence, which I’m sadly lacking right now ><

    • dogsquat says:

      Start slow, man. Practice these goofy lines on cashiers and baristas – 20 seconds at a time. If she thinks you’re dumb – who cares? You’re walking outta there in 60 seconds anyway, never to see her again.

      If you want some inspiration, see if you can find some old David D”Angelo Cocky and Funny stuff floating around on the web. Tons of one liners in there, and a framework for inspiration.

      After awhile, it becomes part of your personality. Then you’ve got to rein it in – and it’s hard.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        truer words have never been spoken. i’ve mentioned cashiers and whatnot forever…..

      • Badger says:

        Service workers are great candidates to test your stuff on – there are lots of them and they have to be nice to you to some degree so you have a soft landing.

        I highly recommend a combination of David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating for a personality framework that is attractive and successful, and Roosh’s “Bang” for logistical CONOPS that will keep you from screwing up sure things. Mystery and Strauss are interesting but too complicated, club-oriented and performance-oriented for most guys IMHO.

  2. Spooky says:

    Personally I’d be somewhat cautious about making the assumption that it’s a shit test. For instance, if I said to someone, “Um, you’re coming off as a player and I’m really not interested in that, sorry,” it wouldn’t be a test, just a statement.
    If they responded with either a line or telling me that I was just shit-testing them, that would be (to me) the equivalent of a woman telling a man that “When I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you.”

    But since it apparently works on other women, then…huh. Interesting. People are weird.
    Thought-provoking post, at least for me.

    • Spooky says:

      (Okay, maybe not the exact equivalent, but I was trying to think of any fairly flippant phrases that I’d heard bandied around before as “something to say to men.”)

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        lol. yer too cute Angel. 99.99999% of the time…’s a shit test, trust me.

      • Esquire says:

        It’s all just part of the response. It’s a ‘shit test’ in the sense that the response WILL be judged. Regardless of the intent (assuming neither consciously or subconsciously the girl means to test you, which I don’t think is actually the case), the reaction to the comment comes from your core beliefs and character.

        A lot of communication, particularly during the courtship ritual, is just expression of your inner self. I can’t see into your brain, but by observing how you communicate, both verbally and through body language, I can learn a lot about who the girl is and whether I want her in my life, in whatever capacity that might be. The same goes for her assessment of me.

        Since girls put greater weight on a man’s character and confidence than on looks, his words being the vehicles for expression for his inner core are always judged, thus everything is a ‘shit test’ but that carries connotations of it being the girl giving you shit, which in most cases isn’t true, she i just sizing the guy up and seeing if she tingles.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Interesting point. But in my experience “yer a player” is a shit test within the context of initial chat up.

      • Esquire says:

        Yeah, i was making a general point but i’ll agree with that. 100% of the time, ‘Yer a player’ is a shit test. But (tying in with my earlier point) shit tests let the girl know how you respond to a little bit of social pressure and a girl will only want to know more about you if she’s interested.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        agree. thanks for chiming in.

  3. Badger says:

    “· Not only am I a player, but I have a PhD and teach at the University of Player.”

    Why did they hire you if you have a player hater degree? Opposition research?

  4. aneroidocean says:

    I’ve gotten it a LOT from girls that know me (not that I’m dating so much, but definitely female friends and acquaintances. I have to remember to agree and amplify. In many cases in the past I’ve explained that I had no social skills with women or men in general because of my upbringing, but that I’ve gotten that accusation many times before because now I have social skills and have a pretty big network of friends, both male and female.

    One line I heard from a really good friend recently when we were talking about volleyball is:

    “I’m not a player, I just crush a lot”

    I don’t think it would work saying it to women, but about volleyball and girls (from guy to guy) it makes me crack up every fucking time.

    Thanks for the reminder on this one, Danny.

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