The Tribe

I’m going to have to ask the ladies to head into the parlor as I speak to the boys. I don’t think any of you will find any of this crap interesting anyway.  My MAN-HAMSTER is banging at the gates like Kong.

I FINALLY got my membership card to North Florida Archers. It’s an archery club across the street from the base. I’m now a card carrying, red-blooded, Rick-Bobby, ‘MERIKUN!!!!! The place is great- 42 acres, an indoor shooting range, outdoor walking trail in the woods with life-sized 3-D target to pop with arrows. I’m heading out there this weekend to check the place out for the first time. I need to get my bow restrung and waxed and get a few arrows and walking quiver for the trails. Once it’s done, I’ll go by the club and get my locker (if you work on the base they’ll give you a locker since you aren’t supposed to bring your bow on base.  I’m SERIOUSLY considering getting a new bow since this is something I plan on doing for a long time. I THINK they have a shotgun range as well. If they do, I’ll probably pass out from the massive erection I’ll have. Seriously. It’s gonna be throbbing like a Chihuahua with Parkinson’s. if you’ve never tried archery, I completely recommend you taking it up. It’s a lost art, it’s a stress killer, and it’s DIFFICULT. I’ve always been into hunting and what not and bow-hunting is hell of a lot harder than glassing a buck at 125 yards. You gotta pull a buck in to about 40-50 yards, and even then….i’m JUST at the peak of my effective range.

I’m looking forward to getting better so I DON’T miss out on the hunt. I got turkeys and Bucks to kill.

Since we’re all touching dicks right now and being dudes. I figured I’d share another place where I’ve seen “the tribe” mentality- Surfing. Back when I loved in San Diego, one of my classmates got me into surfing. I have a 7” G&S long-board. I don’t shred, I just cruise and try to stay on for more than 8-9 seconds. Getting out to the line up was often the hardest part; especially when you’re 5’4” on a 7” board….duck diving is a REAL joy. I used to surf La Jolla since I didn’t have to deal with locals. Them my boy brought me out to Ocean Beach to surf. I was VERY apprehensive. You see, if never surfed locals can be VERY territorial. I’d NEVER have gone to surf there alone. I’d get jumped and have my board stolen. But my class-mate knew some of the guys.

“You’ll be fine bro, I know most of them. Just don’t charge anything until you get permission. They MIGHT let you take a wave or 2.” As with being around any new set of guys I knew to shut and pay-attention. I figured out who the head dudes were and who were the underlings. I made jokes when I saw the chance then got out (thank God I skateboarded for so long) of the conversation. After about an hour of sitting in the line-up, I was told I could a wave. If I bail….i’d NEVER be able to paddle out. “fucking kook….why did you bring him out here bro.” fortunately I had a nice, smooth, 10 second glide. One of the groms asked me if needed som water. Oh….yeah, you don’t know what grom…a grom is a grommet. A kid, the 7-14 year old locals. They watch the surfers stuff and police the beach. They are the foot soldiers and all seeing eyes of the beach. When the guys are out surfing, the groms watch our stuff. In return, they get to surf scraps and the older local are the enforcers. Step outta line….yer gonna get beat up. I was about to paddle out when one of the guys came in and said the session was done. The groms cleaned up quickly and got to paddle out. As we dried off the guys are talking shit to the groms in the water. When the groms get older, they’ll do the same thing to the young guys under them. And so on and so forth. They told me I should come out more after. They even called me “coonie”, short for coonass- they thought it was hilarious to have someone from Louisiana out in the line-up.

I kinda miss those guys. Haven’t seen or heard from any of them since 2007. But I know they still out there. Getting high and sliding waves. I was pretty stoked to have made it into the tribe. It’ll be interesting to see how things will play out with the hunting tribe. I’ll keep you posted.


Stay up.  

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  1. Socialkenny says:

    Lmbao @ chihuahua with Parkinson’s lol.

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