Books for Guys that actually like to read…..

Short post tonight, like me. book zone…..


“Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte”. One of my faves. Read and enjoy.


tonight………..INTERPOL. RIP. TOTBL is by far one of my favorite albums to this day.


this one is my personal fave.






18 Comments on “Books for Guys that actually like to read…..”

  1. Spacetraveller says:

    Ah Danny,

    Although not really a fan of the Bronte sisters, I did enjoy ‘Wuthering Heights’ years ago…
    More so as I have also been to the area in England where this story is set (the Yorkshire Moors).

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      ….”Over the Moors, take me to the Moors”….

      • Spacetraveller says:

        Heathcliff… If ever there lived an alpha…
        And a good example of how a man’s status rises with age…

      • just visiting says:

        If I has to guess, Heathcliff would be a Scorpio.

        In someways, Heathcliff reminds me of the men who come to the sphere. Though not beta, he endures a lot of un alpha indignities in the beginning. Gets his heart broken by hypergammy. Comes back alpha . But his oneitis is a cautionary tale.

        “Is Mr. Heathcliff a man? If so, is he mad? And if not, is he a devil?”

      • Spacetraveller says:

        @ JV,

        “If I has to guess, Heathcliff would be a Scorpio. ”

        Scorpio? Do you mean they dark and mysterious by nature? Heathcliff was certainly that!
        Please explain, JV!

      • just visiting says:

        Scorpio’s are intense. Their ruling planet is pluto which rules the eighth house. Key words being sex, death, other peoples money, wills, and obsessions. They’re known for their passion, and at times cruelty. Cross a scorpio,and they may very well sting them selves with their own tails in order to sting you. If you’ve ever locked eyes with a stranger across a room, it was probably with a scorpio. If you’ve ever been taken to the highest heights, plunged to the depths of despair and back again before catching your breath, it was probably with a scorpio.

        Disclosure – other kids had paper routes, I did natal astrology charts and interpretations.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          interesting. i’m VERY complex. i’m a capricorn-aquariun cusp on the western chart, and an ox-tiger on the eastern chart. i get along QUITE well with scorpios which is VERY un-aquarian.

      • Chewie says:

        Roger that. Haven’t read the book yet, but upon Heathcliff’s an alpha man, well, now it’s on the list. Apple iBooks has it for free if anyone has an iPad.

      • @ JV,

        Thanks for that explanantion.
        Scary stuff!
        Yes that’s Heathcliff alright! 😀

      • just visiting says:

        @ Danny

        Capricorn/Aquarius cusp!
        Very complex. I suspect that on a chart based on your date of birth, time and birth location, it would show Scorpio on one of the angles or prominent in other areas of the chart. (Also, Capricorns tend to do well with Scorpios) Complexities are good!!

        @ ST

        Who else but Heathcliff could get away with digging up his beloveds grave…TWICE!!!! Lol.

    • Spacetraveller says:


      Is there something to this astrology stuff? Really?
      Do you believe in it?
      Can one’s sign actually influence one’s life like, say, one’s personality?
      (Outside the realm of fiction of course!)

  2. just visiting says:


    The sun sign stuff in the newspaper is too vague and cheesy. The individulalized stuff makes me uncomfortable in how accurate it can be. Judaic tradition claims that it was taught by Razael, the keeper of the book of of Enoch and an angel that muddied his reputation in doing so. Unlike the fallen angels, Razael had good intentions, but the stuff contained in the Book of Enoch was a little too potent for the average human to handle with out becoming corrupted. It was eventually given to Solomon in order to build the temple, among other things.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      born jan 21 1974 at 2:42am. i know my chart is complex btw. lol.

      • just visiting says:

        Complex and intricate. I was right about that Scorpio,lol. Not just on an angle, but “the” angle.

    • just visiting says:

      And reading it back, I still didn’t answer, lol. I suppose like everyone else, I think the coincidences are interesting, but I leave it at that.

    • Spacetraveller says:

      Wow JV,

      Truly fascinating stuff!
      So does Judaism see astrology as a good thing or a bad thing?

      Yes Heathcliff was certainly intrigued by the morbid…and death. So he must have been a Scorpio alright from what you say! were interested in all this from your childhood?
      JV, are YOU a Scorpio?


      • just visiting says:

        @ST lol. I’m a cusp , Virgo/Libra . Though your intuition is pretty good. A stellium of planets in the eighth including sun pluto conjunct , neptune in scorpio and MC angle in scorpio lends a lot of that energy to my chart.

        As for Judaisim and astrology, it depends on the orthodoxy, tradition, and which jewish writings are included. The mystic tradition allows for a lot of things. Though I’m no expert, just a curious onlooker.


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