The Challenge

In the post about playing sports with women, I though I’d relay a quick tale from back in when I was stationed in Spain.

One of my co-workers was a Captain for the hospital softball team. Now, when he was on call I’d cover for him so he could play. This provided me a GREAT opportunity to bring Brody out to work his mojo. The wimminz LOVE Brody. I digress, sorry. The teams are co-ed, and the base rules state that if a girl makes a base hit, she’s automatically awarded another base.  Basically- if she pops a single, she automatically moved to second. *rolls eyes*

Well, one of the girls on the team LOVED to talk shit. She had a lot of masculine energy, I think she was about 19-20. She used to wear shirts adorned with “you got beat by a girl” and the like. YOU GO GURRRRRL!!! *sigh* well after a game once, she was talking shit to another team-mate(a guy) for having a bad game. Well, the asshole gene kicked in and I decided to jump into the fold.

“it’s pretty easy to talk shit when you get an extra base for making a base hit.” Silence. I wasn’t done though, “Tell you what, how ‘bout we take 10 hits and see who pops it out further. Then let’s each get timed running the bases and see who’s crosses home quickest.  C’mon, I’m old as fuck and haven’t played softball in years, this should be easy for you.” Silence.  

I’m sure you can guess the challenge DIDN’T go down. I really hate when I have to act like this, but it’s pretty fucking hypocritical to sit on a high horse while there are rules in play to your advantage. You wanna talk shit…..FINE. but do it when you play under the same rules. Not when you get advantrages because you’re a girl.

Now, I’m not suggesting that men play sports better than women. I KNOW there are sports women play better than  men-

 knitting immediately comes to mind.

I keed, I keed
oh, this just came up-

5 Comments on “The Challenge”

  1. Spacetraveller says:

    “The wimminz LOVE Brody.”
    I concur 😀

    In the article you cite, I felt bad for the boy that his presence on the girls’ team was deemed inconsequential to their performance/results.
    But OK, it is fine at this age.
    If a fully grown man were described like this, I imagine he would feel ‘slighted’. And perhaps he should be.

    Hm, knitting Olympics. Sounds like fun. I mean, why not?
    Danny, have you heard about a sport called ‘extreme ironing’? It really does exist, I promise you I am not making this up! And it is practised by men!

    There is also exreme cello playing – I kid you not!

    Would it surprise you that these were started by eccentric Brits?
    We are a nation of weirdos 😛
    And I like it 😀

  2. deti says:

    Play up.

  3. Stingray says:

    WTH? It’s softball . . . .It’s already a woman’s sport. (not a jibe on the men playing, but since it’s coed . . . . .)


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