Give me a 7 ANY DAY

Had an interesting email from a “Young college Junior”. He’s good looking and he’s ingested the red-pill and applying it’s philosophy. But he admits to having a problem: closing 8’s and above. We had an exchange via email and I was able to help the fellow out. Now, I want to ask the class-

If a good looking guy is having NO PROBLEM closing 7’s and below. Why would he have problems with 8’s and above? Well, I’ll tell you tomorrow. Let us return to the “Matrix” analogy.

There is no spoon.

It’s THAT simple.  Who can explain what I mean? And who knows what this young man’s problem is with closing 8-10’s?


Personally, I’ve said on several occassions that I’d prefer a solid 7 for a relationship. OH SURE, the 9 at Starbuck’s probably makes a GREAT seat cover. But what if that’s all she’s got going for her? The problem with most women who fall into the 8 and above rating- RARELY do they have great personalities. They don’t have to. There’s no shortage of men worshiping at the alter of pretty. She doesn’t really HAVE to be interesting. These women end up on the carousel and has a string of “player” boyfriends (players can land an 8-10 EASILY) or keeps dumping “nice guys” that supplicate to them.

And they HATE it. They grow sick of men, “I swear to God, I’m going to go lesbian. I’m SICK of guys.” Can’t say I blame them. The girl I wrote about in the “BJ” post is one of these women. She’s an 8. EASILY.

Personally, my primary job with a new gf is “training her” her to be MY GF. She has to “unlearn” what the last bf taught her, and what I’ve noticed is this- most guys are fucking idiots.

Sometimes, there’s no saving her. I could NEVER be a good Captain for her, because she’s a shitty first Officer.  And I can figure it out in less than 3 months. Often, I can tell by the 2-3rd date (if there IS one). I watched 2 episodes of HBO’s show, “Girls” and was fucking both blown away and disgusted. These girls are EXACTLY what’s wrong with the SMP. Zero self-respect, and complete entitlement.  And sorry, but the main character and writer of the show is a 4. Seriously. She’s naked often and I’d honestly rather fuck a cup of hot coals. Coincidentally the cup would be safer because her character has HPV!!!!!!  And….she has NO CLUE who gave it to her.  These girls are jam packed with issues that I have NO INTENTION of helping out with.

So THIS is the modern, sophisticated American woman? Apparently women are gushing over the show’s reality. Well ladies…..this is what us men have to deal with. To be fair, the guys on this show are completely clueless ass-hats. I don’t really hang with guys, but I hear from MANY younger women how awful guys are these days. Is this the fallout from girls growing up on SATC. *shaking my head*
Patrice O’neal had a GREAT show on relationship management. His girlfriend was fucking beautiful, and Patrice was VERY obese. I LOVED Patrice, and can easily identify with his relationship philospohy. This was way back in 2001 when I learned about him. I was about to trun 30 and my views on women were a 180 from when I was in my 20’s. I had begun to dissect my successful relationships and knew there had to be a commmon theme in the women who i KNEW were 100% into me. That’s when I changed my behavior and quit trying to change the girl.
Either we’re a good fit or we aren’t, and if we aren’t- chuck duece sweetheart. I kind of have gone off on a tangent here but the point I wanted to make was…..that sometimes an 8-10 just isn’t worth the time and effort.

24 Comments on “Give me a 7 ANY DAY”

  1. jkaupp8 says:

    Black Philip agrees. Sometime you gotta take an L!!

  2. deti says:


  3. patterson says:

    My current girlfriend is a solid 7, petite, quite caring of her appeareance, smart, feminine, sexy and cute. I make her laugh and fuck her like no-one else. She gives awesome BJ’s and moans like a little girl. She loves that I lead, lead, lead.

    I doubt we are going to break-up in months-years.

    And yes, I literally think it is a waste of time to aim for a spoiled pretty-girl apart from a short afrair.

  4. just visiting says:

    Perhaps the man had trouble closing the prettier women because he wasn’t as relaxed as he would have been with the less prettier women.

  5. deti says:

    It is right. 8-10s aren’t worth it.

    Knew this girl, a 5. Funny, smart, engaging, so damn feminine she knocked my socks off. Dumped her for an 8. The 8 shit tested me within an inch of my life. Not worth it.

  6. Stingray says:

    So, are there no nice 8-10’s any more or are these women snatched up young? It seems such a waste to be that pretty and then end up used.

    (I don’t know if I am explaining this right, but I think you know what I mean. One is beautiful, and then at 35 . . . what? A job that couldn’t care less for her? What’s the point?)

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      SR- Being an 8-10 isn’t a boredom sentence. It just means that in my experience most of them aren’t interesting.

      Every woman that I’ve ever been closely intimate with was a 7. Pretty, attractive, feminine, but VERY girl next door. Pretty, but interesting. As long as she has dark hair and light eyes…..I’m done.

  7. Stingray says:

    By the way, Danny, Happy Memorial Day. A tremendous THANK YOU to you and your brothers.

  8. Tony Sax says:

    I recently met a chick at Subway, and ill say she is about a good 7. She seems to have a very nice personality but the fact that she acts like a 10 draws me closer to her for some reason

  9. Annie says:

    This is probably a stupid question*, but why is submission from a woman so important to you guys? I’ve seen it being mentioned a million of times on various blogs, and I don’t get it.

    *I know it’s stupid, but I would genuinely like to know; so I’d appreciate it if you’d respond

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      there’s no quick answer to this. this was a subject the blogs covered some time ago. i can tell you MY interpretation of it.

      female submission is not to be taken lightly by a man. a woman who chooses to submit to a man has given a man a great responsibility. he now shoulders a GREAT privilege and must do what he can to EARN the gift he’s been given.

      female submission is VERY difficult for most modern women to accept, yet….it’s something that has been a factor in ALL the best relationships i’ve had in the past. female submission DOES NOT make the woman a less creature and does not mean a man is better than a woman. it just means she’s agreed to let a man be the Captain in the relationship. she should only allow the BEST man possible fulfill this role.

      i really don’t expect most women to agree with me on this anymore and simply don’t choose to debate it any longer. but…..i hope my response helps you understand.

      • Annie says:

        Thanks for answering, but why do men want it? Why do you want it, and why is it better than an egalitarian relationship?

        I’m pretty much ambivalent to the whole idea, so I don’t want to debate it from a feminist pov and I’m not going to go ballistic on you.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        do you know the Captain and First Mate model?

        it’s not a matter of want or control, it’s a matter of balance. i NEVER try and CONTROL a woman, but i DO run the reins in a relationship. if she wants to be the boss……fine. be the boss of someone else.

        but it won’t be this man. and i’ve found that women WORTH COMMITTING TO, follow suit and submit.

        if you want to be miss independent and calling the shots- FINE. i’m cool with that, but you won’t land my commitment and time.

  10. Cheshirecat says:

    There is no spoon.

    It’s THAT simple. Who can explain what I mean? And who knows what this young man’s problem is with closing 8-10’s?

    There is no “8”, there is no “7”, there is no “10”…there is “woman”.

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