Happy Memorial Day

Today, I wanted to say a prayer to all my friends (past and present) who aren’t home right now, but sitting on foreign soil far, far away from everything they love and hold dear. Watch your 6, and get your ass home. 

This HM knows what you’re going through, and acknowledges your sacrifices. I know about the troubled sleep, the shitty meals in a DFAC served by fucking savages that don’t like you, but are paid 50 cents a day and live in squalor. I know about the fucking endless boredom, and the emptiness of TRYING to find solace in camaraderie. The soul draining routines that you hate but become your daily existence.


I know. Been there.


God bless, and stay up.



[edit- I wanted to add this last night but I can’t upload videos at work.]

This is one the funniest things I’ve EVERY heard. DogSquat is gonna piss himself. All my Marine and FMF buddies piss themselves when they hear this. Brokaw was a National News Anchor had had a speech impediment. CLASSIC. We do this shit ALL THE TIME in the Military. I use movie quotes from my faces at the appropriate time A LOT. Enjoy.

5 Comments on “Happy Memorial Day”

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks, Danny.

    I spent Memorial Day remembering my son.

    Thank you for your long, faithful service.


  2. dogsquat says:


  3. dogsquat says:


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