More Patrice Excellence

Listen and Learn Guys. Patrice (RIP Big Guy) schools a sex therapist Dr. Z. She wrote a book for men on relationships.

“Shortcuts to a woman’s panties ends up being long cut’s to my fucking life.” @2:12

Go into youtube and google “patrice oneal black phillip show”

Thank me later guys.

13 Comments on “More Patrice Excellence”

  1. ASF says:

    This is some straight up awesomeness.

  2. ASF says:

    BTW who is this woman with the 100 dicks in her, I didn’t catch her name. I really want to marry her.

  3. Esquire says:

    Man, I love Patrice. It’s funny how childlike he is sometimes (one episode of opie and anthony where he was negotiating for his radio show) but then other times be insanely insightful. He sees the world as it is.

    His fishing/ relationship analogy in Elephant in the Room is awesome, referenced in the first vid there.

  4. aneroidocean says:


    Patrice: “It bothers me how little women bring to the table and how many demands you have”

    Dr. Z: “I don’t think we have a lot of demands and you know what? … How many demands do we have?”


    I LOVE how she argues (I’d use the word debate, but she doesn’t have a semblance of logic in most of her diatribe).

  5. Danny,

    Patrice is indeed an insightful guy, and I found myself unable to disagree with him on many points.
    But I must say, the lady did rather well keeping her cool and taking the blows like she did. Sure, she was inconsistent most of the time, but she did not crumble under the pressure.
    I think she did rather well considering. I don’t think I would have lasted as long as she did with two/three ‘hostile’ men looking to trip me up!

  6. Chewie says:

    Brilliant stuff. This not only took the Red Pill, he IS the Red Pill.
    Also, note the irony in Dr. Z pushing what she herself described as a formula for picking up women: Mystery and other male PUAs do exactly the same thing. Not only that, but no one formula works for all women. The stuff she says about getting a girl to do anal for example, is more or less worthless. Forget those “subtle psychological hints” she mentions. That stuff is about fooling the girl who doesn’t like you so much. Hints don’t work anyway. Come out and say what you want. If she says no, well, she says no. At least she said no without too much on your part. The girl who DOES like you will go out of her way for you. She won’t need too much convincing, if she needs any at all.

  7. Chris says:

    Holyyy shit. Patrice is money! That first 15 minutes of the first video is pure gold.

  8. Raycomo1982 says:

    Patrice was the truth…

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      No, he IS the truth. He left behind a game legacy that I DEFY any PUA to argue against.

      Patrice was my red pill mentor, and taught me all about women and relationships.

      Sent from my iPhone

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