The Challenge

In the post about playing sports with women, I though I’d relay a quick tale from back in when I was stationed in Spain.

One of my co-workers was a Captain for the hospital softball team. Now, when he was on call I’d cover for him so he could play. This provided me a GREAT opportunity to bring Brody out to work his mojo. The wimminz LOVE Brody. I digress, sorry. The teams are co-ed, and the base rules state that if a girl makes a base hit, she’s automatically awarded another base.  Basically- if she pops a single, she automatically moved to second. *rolls eyes*

Well, one of the girls on the team LOVED to talk shit. She had a lot of masculine energy, I think she was about 19-20. She used to wear shirts adorned with “you got beat by a girl” and the like. YOU GO GURRRRRL!!! *sigh* well after a game once, she was talking shit to another team-mate(a guy) for having a bad game. Well, the asshole gene kicked in and I decided to jump into the fold.

“it’s pretty easy to talk shit when you get an extra base for making a base hit.” Silence. I wasn’t done though, “Tell you what, how ‘bout we take 10 hits and see who pops it out further. Then let’s each get timed running the bases and see who’s crosses home quickest.  C’mon, I’m old as fuck and haven’t played softball in years, this should be easy for you.” Silence.  

I’m sure you can guess the challenge DIDN’T go down. I really hate when I have to act like this, but it’s pretty fucking hypocritical to sit on a high horse while there are rules in play to your advantage. You wanna talk shit…..FINE. but do it when you play under the same rules. Not when you get advantrages because you’re a girl.

Now, I’m not suggesting that men play sports better than women. I KNOW there are sports women play better than  men-

 knitting immediately comes to mind.

I keed, I keed
oh, this just came up-

Books for Guys that actually like to read…..

Short post tonight, like me. book zone…..


“Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte”. One of my faves. Read and enjoy.


tonight………..INTERPOL. RIP. TOTBL is by far one of my favorite albums to this day.


this one is my personal fave.






Yer a Player….

As you progress on your Red-Pill journey you’ll eventually be called a “player”. This is when you know you’re doing it right. I get told I’m a player ALL.THE.TIME. But I’m not- seriously, I’m not. This is just one of the many shit tests you’ll get from women. “Player” carries with it negative connotations, so she’s calling you a cad simply because you’re giving her tingles, so the hamster tells her “it’s becuase he sleeps with a TON of women.”


I’ve always advocating the “agree and amplify” principle. I’ve exhausted my, “No I’m not a player, I’m THE player. I have close to 300 girfriends.”  Then I wink. NEVER Had it fail. Here’s a few others that NUKE her player hamser. Thank me later.

· Not only am I a player, I also play one on TV.

· No Dear, I’m not a player. But I DO know how to play. *wink*

· Not only am I a player, but I have a PhD and teach at the University of Player.

· No I’m not. Just don’t tell my girfriend I said that.

· I dunno. But my mom told me this line ALWAYS works on
chicks….insert any awful line.

· I don’t think it’s fair to call me a player until AFTER we have sex. *roll eyes* You gotta be ballsy to pull this one. I use it on REALLY good looking women.

· I’ll tell you in the morning. How do you like your eggs: scrambled or fertilized? Stick out your tongue playfully. i LOVE this one.

Best of luck. Now get out there and make some girl smile.

The Tribe

I’m going to have to ask the ladies to head into the parlor as I speak to the boys. I don’t think any of you will find any of this crap interesting anyway.  My MAN-HAMSTER is banging at the gates like Kong.

I FINALLY got my membership card to North Florida Archers. It’s an archery club across the street from the base. I’m now a card carrying, red-blooded, Rick-Bobby, ‘MERIKUN!!!!! The place is great- 42 acres, an indoor shooting range, outdoor walking trail in the woods with life-sized 3-D target to pop with arrows. I’m heading out there this weekend to check the place out for the first time. I need to get my bow restrung and waxed and get a few arrows and walking quiver for the trails. Once it’s done, I’ll go by the club and get my locker (if you work on the base they’ll give you a locker since you aren’t supposed to bring your bow on base.  I’m SERIOUSLY considering getting a new bow since this is something I plan on doing for a long time. I THINK they have a shotgun range as well. If they do, I’ll probably pass out from the massive erection I’ll have. Seriously. It’s gonna be throbbing like a Chihuahua with Parkinson’s. if you’ve never tried archery, I completely recommend you taking it up. It’s a lost art, it’s a stress killer, and it’s DIFFICULT. I’ve always been into hunting and what not and bow-hunting is hell of a lot harder than glassing a buck at 125 yards. You gotta pull a buck in to about 40-50 yards, and even then….i’m JUST at the peak of my effective range.

I’m looking forward to getting better so I DON’T miss out on the hunt. I got turkeys and Bucks to kill.

Since we’re all touching dicks right now and being dudes. I figured I’d share another place where I’ve seen “the tribe” mentality- Surfing. Back when I loved in San Diego, one of my classmates got me into surfing. I have a 7” G&S long-board. I don’t shred, I just cruise and try to stay on for more than 8-9 seconds. Getting out to the line up was often the hardest part; especially when you’re 5’4” on a 7” board….duck diving is a REAL joy. I used to surf La Jolla since I didn’t have to deal with locals. Them my boy brought me out to Ocean Beach to surf. I was VERY apprehensive. You see, if never surfed locals can be VERY territorial. I’d NEVER have gone to surf there alone. I’d get jumped and have my board stolen. But my class-mate knew some of the guys.

“You’ll be fine bro, I know most of them. Just don’t charge anything until you get permission. They MIGHT let you take a wave or 2.” As with being around any new set of guys I knew to shut and pay-attention. I figured out who the head dudes were and who were the underlings. I made jokes when I saw the chance then got out (thank God I skateboarded for so long) of the conversation. After about an hour of sitting in the line-up, I was told I could a wave. If I bail….i’d NEVER be able to paddle out. “fucking kook….why did you bring him out here bro.” fortunately I had a nice, smooth, 10 second glide. One of the groms asked me if needed som water. Oh….yeah, you don’t know what grom…a grom is a grommet. A kid, the 7-14 year old locals. They watch the surfers stuff and police the beach. They are the foot soldiers and all seeing eyes of the beach. When the guys are out surfing, the groms watch our stuff. In return, they get to surf scraps and the older local are the enforcers. Step outta line….yer gonna get beat up. I was about to paddle out when one of the guys came in and said the session was done. The groms cleaned up quickly and got to paddle out. As we dried off the guys are talking shit to the groms in the water. When the groms get older, they’ll do the same thing to the young guys under them. And so on and so forth. They told me I should come out more after. They even called me “coonie”, short for coonass- they thought it was hilarious to have someone from Louisiana out in the line-up.

I kinda miss those guys. Haven’t seen or heard from any of them since 2007. But I know they still out there. Getting high and sliding waves. I was pretty stoked to have made it into the tribe. It’ll be interesting to see how things will play out with the hunting tribe. I’ll keep you posted.


Stay up.  

On Going Down

Since posting on how to receive oral treats properly, I figured I’d be fair and post how to GIVE OT’s properly.

I’ve ALWAYS loved eating pussy. Seriously, I’ve eaten more pussy than cervical cancer. When I was younger I had a reputation as the guy that would “go down”. It wasn’t cool for guys to do that back in the early 90. It was unmasculine but I didn’t care…I LOVED doing it. Well women are like golf courses. You might have played the same course hundreds of times, but i i bet you’ve never shot the same game twice. This is the BEST analogy I’ve ever heard in regards to women.

So… do I go about chowing down at the Y- simple. Let’s begin-

1-      Get her head ready.  Seriously, the best thing you can ever do to get a woman primed for sex is get her to quit thinking about the other 9,000,000 things going on in her head.  Granted, sometimes you just need to take control . Every woman’s different.

2-      Kiss her. Obvious, but you can never kiss a woman enough. Now you just don’t want to jump into the lake, you want to get the waters ready first. Work your way from her neck, to the breasts, then eventually the lower abdomen.

3-      This is the part where you throw her a curve, and I’ll go BACK to her breasts. The key here is to keep her guessing. You don’t want to be on auto-pilot or predictable. When do you head “down there”?

4-      When she finally tells you quit teasing her or you notice her hips starting to arch, she’s ready. A Lesbian taught me this btw.

5-      Once you get down to her thighs, avoid direct contact with the vagina….at first. One trick I employ is lightly licking the thighs, then blowing gently over the area I licked: it drives women crazy.  When stroking the thighs, use wavy lines rather than up-down straight pattern. The wavey-ness causes more stimulation for her.

6-      Once you decide to move onto her place; go lightly. This is where “reading” her becomes crucial. Again, lesbian ingenuity- if she pushes against your tongue- she want’s more pressure. If she’s pulling away- she wants less pressure. Once she indicates she’s “getting there”. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. This is crucial. Most men that fuck up, do it here. We get eager because she’s getting close and we change pressure or speed things up. Well, when you do…..her “O” meter resets and she has to build her climax again. Most women that fake it, fake it for this reason. She got close to popping 2-3 times, you change pace and she lost it. I’ve found that using the flat, widened section of my tongue works best for getting her done. I’ll place my entire mouth over the upper portion of her vagina and make a slight seal over her clitoris. This allows me to lightly suck on her clitoris while using my tongue in a steady “up and down” motion. Again, once you hear, “oh my God yes, right there.”, don’t change anything up. Notice how this is listed TWICE? lol. Oh, and ladies….if you smoke, i can can tell. And I won’t be wanting to eat you out, it makes your vagina taste like bad prosciutto. 

7-      Once you know she’s “on the road”, insert a finger or 2 inside her. Most women want something to bear down on as they climax. A finger works just fine. This is where a Latina will typically pull me up and tells me she want’s me inside her. This is a personal call for women. I just know how my Spanish speaking ladies like it, they usually want to climax via penetration. As one told me as I entered her. “Quiero ueso, puedo hacerlo asi”- I want dick, I can do that (outer-stimulation) myself”.

8-      Once she’s informed you she’s about to pop….KEEP applying stimulation until she indicates she needs you to quit. Often you can trigger multiples and some women can climax for a a good 10 seconds if you keep stimulating her.

9-      Let her glow. Once you finished her off, she’ll let you know when she’s ready for round 2, or what she’s in the mood for next.

I have 10 black belts in eating pussy, seriously. You can always tell you have a decent technique when the ex’s call you for booty calls when they’re single. Besides, as one ex told me, “It not not slutty to fuck an ex, it’s just recycling dick.”

Whatever the hamster needs to tell her to let me bang her again…..WHATEV’s. lol Hope this helps you guys out. Class dismissed.
Stay up.    

Taking a New Lover

i wrote this and it got erased. so i’m not even going to try and be grammatically correct.

the first time i fuck a woman…..i want to get a feel for her body. i want to learn where she likes and does not like to be touched. when i fuck a new woman (that i like) i kiss every inch of her. i touch her entire body. i want to know every part of her that makes her tingle. i can only do that by touching and kissing every inch of her.

what do i do?

well, first off……when i find an area that she’s sensitive, i lick then blow. as in- i lick the area lightly then blow across the spot i licked. then, i kiss the are tenderly.

most men know the basic spots: neck, breasts, thighs, lower back, shoulders. BUT, have you kissed her behind her knees? have you licked her shoulder blades? EXPLORE her. know every inch of her. that’s what make her your woman. i LOVE the woman i’m intimate with. and i know where she likes to be touched and how she likes that area touched.

when you have her- naked, at your beck and call…..for the first time, touch/kiss every inch of her. get to know her. EXPLORE her. that’s 99% of the fun of having a new woman.

happy hunting. stay up.

On Seduction

I’ve spent many years learning about seduction/influence. It’s always fascinated me. I’ve had more than one post on how I go about chatting up girls. It’s a system I learned by studying and reading books on Eastern Philosophy regarding the subject. Most people hear seduction and think “getting someone into bed.” Such thoughts truly offer a narrow vision as to the REAL power of seduction.

Seduction is enticement. Nothing more, nothing less. It is not good nor evil (much like game); the context of the user is what makes seduction good or bad- whether your goal is to get the cutie into the sack, or learn an enemies secrets to plan an attack, is up to you. Whether you use more nefarious means, or playful luring…..again, your call. I’ll do my best to include exercises for you to practice over a week. Then I’ll follow up and see if anyone “got better”. I take ZERO responsibility for the manner in which you choose to use this. But it can be VERY helpful in assisting in “reading” someone.

There’s a LOT of technicality to this that I won’t bother with. I’ll just stick to the meat an potato’s. This knowledge is gender neutral, ANYONE can learn and use it. I very well may be repeating what “PUA game” sites have stated, but this is how I developed from what I’ve studied and had to use personally. Let’s get started.

In order to know what type of personality you’re dealing with you must LISTEN to them. Crash course here guys. When I first talk to someone, I pay attention to the words they use. Mostly- do I sense negativity or positivity? If sense negativity in a woman, I bail or use their negativity to find out as much as I can about them to find what angle I can work. Keep them talking long enough and they’ll usually tell you their weakness or willingness.

There’s a VERY good reason I use humor from the beginning of any human interaction. Lowering the minds defenses is crucial to seduction. You don’t want them “on guard” or suspicious of you. This can be done in less than 1 minute. IF you don’t have the luxury of being able to find out as much about them as you can beforehand, you have to begin slowly and open them up to revealing details about themselves. Humor is ALWAYS my strategy.

Once you’ve committed to seduction you must coax them into your world. Not the past and not the future. If the person is preoccupied with what happened at work, they aren’t listening to you.  If she’s concerned about all the guys that have fucked her over in the past….chances are you’ll never be one of the those guys that gets to see her naked. If she’s concerned about that paper she hasn’t worked on, she not concerned with what an awesome dude you are. How do you keep them out of the past or future? You keep them in the NOW. One of my favorite lines is if a woman is complaining about the guys in her past I redirect/frame her with, “Let’s not talk about things that didn’t work out.” This is a VERY powerful frame.

Age plays a HUGE part of seduction. The young adversary is usually vain and impatient. A young love usually feels they deserve attention or are too smart to fall for a trick. For older women, they usually want to feel useful and needed.  A young woman looking to seduce a man simply offers herself as a gift, with MANY strings attached. Gold diggers do it all the time. Looking to seduce an older man, have him teach you something. Thus you gain his confidence and influence.

Like I said, it can be VERY dark. But at the same time VERY useful in life.

So… do I seduce.

1-      Lower their defenses. Make them laugh and feel comfortable.

2-      Listen to them VERY intently, what kind of adjectives do they use. Do they seem negative or positive? Are they dwelling on past or future issues/project/problems? Are they chatty or need to be coaxed in conversation? Are they vain, aggressive, shy?

3-      Keep them in the NOW. The individual is talking to ME. So I keep them focused on ME, until I decided I have all the info I need to determine which way to go. If I’m chatting up a woman I keep her mind on pleasurable experiences in her past then reference near future ones where I inject myself into the equation (escalation anyone?). It can be a subtle transition or very direct depending on what she gives you to work with. Remember my line about, “you’re gonna end up pregnant”? If it’s an adversary, I stroke the ego and slowly work my way to him telling me the subject I REALLY want to know about.

Remember- “relaxing+reinforcing+refocusing= more receptive.” One of the things I took from something I read.
For the following week just practice listening to people and judging/guessing their personalities by the manner in which they communicate. Don’t forget to adjust based on the age. You have to realize I’ve spent 18 years treating sick and injured people. Sometime patients don’t want to comply, sometimes I need to find out specifics about their condition they may not want to reveal. Bedside manner works VERY well. And mine is second to none. And again, if it isn’t fun, it’s not worth doing.
If you want to study seduction more in-depth I recommend the following books:
“Mental Dominance”, by Dr. Haha Lung covers all this stuff very thoroughly. Fascinating book.
“The Seducer’s Diary”, by S. Kierkergaard. The first book I read on the subject back in 2004.
“The Art of Seduction”, by Robert Greene. Got this as a gift. I haven’t read it from cover to cover but what I have read is VERY good stuff. What I liked about this is how it breaks down each personality type and what seduction works best.