When Game Won’t Cut It

I know I mentioned needing to take a step back from blogging but one thing about working nights is that from midnight until 7:30am is pretty dead. This is when I usually write my posts. Well, I’m at work, its 1am and I’m bored to tears.

I had an interesting text talk with a prolific manosphere blogger and he was telling me about a girl he’s interested in and the fact that she’s a “good girl”. He then stated that if things pan out he’s going to keep her around.  Then we talked about how you really don’t need or have to use game with “good girls” and they usually are worth the effort of the chase. Interesting he should state that because-

I have a crush.


I do. She’s a 23-24yo radiology student. And she’s a total nerd. I’m talking Casio calculator watch wearing nerd.  Now I know you probably think I was some suave guy when I interact with her, but quite the opposite. I’m not nervous or anything when I talk with her, but honestly there are some issues. For starters- she’s an x-ray student, and it’s kind of inappropriate for me to mess with her. Game is pretty much useless on girls like her, and to honest…you don’t need it. I’m sure the lovely BB would be happy to chime in on this one since well…she’s a nerd.  I know you want some dirt on this so I’ll tell you. She’s about my height, 110lbs, brunette with red highlights (my fave), brown eyes, and….get this- freckles. I LOVE the freckles. Lol. She’s reserved and pretty quiet, but friendly- which in my experience is how most geek-ish girls tend to act.

Have I received any IOI’s? Sort of. I mentioned going to shoot at the gun one weekend and she chimed in about wanting to learn how to shoot. AH-HAAA!!!!!! Now, I’ve never followed up on it, because I’m not 100% sure she’s into me. AND considering she’s an x-ray student, I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. I’m sure at some point I’ll just be direct and find out if there’s a dude or not, and if she doesn’t- I’ll just ask her out. That’s really all I can do. Full frontal assault game will NOT work on this girl. Just being me is all I can do. I believe this was the dilemma Neil Strauss faced in his book. He was a great PUA, but when he finally met a woman that liked, he found out he didn’t know how to be himself. All I can do with this girl, is what I mentioned above. She’ll either say yes or no.

It’s that simple. I’ll keep you posted if I get a yes or no as I plan on talking to her next time I see her.

My grandmother’s ring (dad’s side). I’m gonna hock it and buy a ticket to Brazil and go bang a bunch of termas. lol.

[Edit- there’s been a recent discovery. Her rotation ended and I won’t really see her again for a minute. I was hoping for this. Now I can hatch my diabolical plan. Like I said, it’s kinda not cool for me to ask her out, if she isn’t into it, I could get reported for inappropriate behavior. SOOOOO I have to do the following: I will “mention” to new group of students how I have this ridiculous crush on her. They WILL tell her I said it. When they ask why I didn’t talk to her my reply will be, “Well…I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.” I’ll keep you posted if she gets back to me about what I said.]

Code Red

Apparently, heart disease is the number 1 killer of women.
While I do understand that women’s contraction of heart disease has increased since the dissemination of feminism, heart attacks still mostly involve men. If I start seeing “red” during NFL games, I’m going to off myself; for the end has arrived.

Miss Advised- The Wimminz

Ok, I know I said I was going to take a break, but this is going to be short because as far as I know- NO ONE is blogging about this show. So I feel it’s my duty to cover it. “Miss Advised” airs every Monday night on Bravo channel at 10pm. I watched tonight’s episode and rather than giving you a show recap, I feel I now I have a better handle on the 3 “girls”.

Emily- Emily’s a slut. Point-blank. She admits she “usually has a few guys in play.” I was trying to be fair before labeling, but no. She’s a slut- which is fine. But being a slut while being claiming to being open to a relationship is pretty hamsterific. You wanna be all independent, and cosmopolitan, and modern- FINE. Fuck anyone you want with impunity. God bless you. But you just now, the well of dicks is eventually going to run dry and someone’s going to go into “boy friend red alert”.

Amy- I like Amy, I do. I think of the 3- she has the most potential. I think once she get’s over her “typeA” nature, she’ll eventually find someone. I’d actually recommend SHE see a matchmaker. Watching her date was both annoying, then cringe-worthy. She actually looks kind of like an Ex I dated. Of all 3 of the girls, she’s the only one I have any amount of sympathy for.

Julia- I saved the best for last. This woman is a fucking TRAIN WRECK. Julia represents everything wrong with modern American women. I PROMISE you, every woman reading this blog is going to DESPISE Julia. Watching her on a date is like watching a 8th grade girl. She has a sense of entitlement the size of the sun (no surprise). I want to feel bad for her, but I just can’t. She CANNOT STOP talking about relationships during her date. Seriously Ladies, if you’re on a date and not feeling him, drone on incessantly about relationships instead of- I duuno…maybe trying to LEARN ABOUT THE GUY YOU’RE ON A DATE WITH!!! Seriously, totally self-absorbed.

The premise of this episode is all the girls go on dates, and all I can say is it’s like passing a really bad car crash then finding out your worst enemy was involved. So-So popped her head up on occasion, looked up and uttered a disgusted, “Wow.”

I know most of you are wondering about the health stuff. Look, I’m going to be fine. I talk with DogSquat since he’s someone that can relate to a lot of the shit I’m dealing with, but it’s funny how the conversations morph from serious issues to complete bullshit and medical jargon. Thank’s for the ear Killer.

And I really appreciate all the well wishes. Thanks everyone.

Miss Advised Review

Last night I had the opportunity to watch “Miss Advised” and holy Jesus Palamino did it deliver the lulz. Here the run-down on these 3 “relationship experts”.

  • ·         Emily- from San Francisco, Ca. She hosts a show giving people advice on their sex lives. Long story short, she’s a late 30’s slut. She even goes so far as to say “…people think I’m a slut…” Well, she admits to “not believing in monogamy.” And she’s just enjoying having fun in her 30’s. YET……she’s looking for a relationship. Do I even need to go on? Her married brother offers her sage-like advice, and he’s been a LTR for quite some time.
  • ·         Amy- NY, NY. She’s a matchmaker. Now she gives relationship advice, but admits she rarely follows the advice she gives clients. She’s your typical NY ball buster, that’s “tough” on her clients. And she hasn’t had sex in a year. Another gem about Amy- her bf packed up and moved to Saudi Arabia without telling her. Did it out of the blue. lol. THEN, he comes back to visit and she agrees to go on a date with him because she wants to be “a supportive friend”. HAMSTER GOLD. Seriously. And she’s been a matchmaker for 7 years.
  • ·         Julia- Chicago, Ill. She’s a dating blogger (didn’t catch the site), and she’s been blogging for around 10 years. She moved to LA recently.  Now this woman actually has a book that includes the SEVENTY-THREE qualities her “future hubby” needs to have. She recently copped a date off of CRAIGSLIST!!!! [edit- she was looking at apartments and he was the complex manager] According to her, the perfect dress for a first date is one that says, “You can take me home to mom and I might give you a blowjob on the the way there.” Now the date she goes on she admits to “not really feeling a connection”, BUT she decides he IS good enough to have him help her move boxes into her new apartment, for the “second date”. Of course this douche-bag agrees and she’s so appreciative of him *eyeroll*. Smh. This guys isn’t just blue-pill…..he’s main-lining liquid blue-pill. Then she breaks her own rule of “do a break-up in a classy manner.” Well, as Craigslist was driving away, she calls him to tell him she’s not into him. What a fucking cunt. [edit- I read her “blog” on Bravo’s Site and there’s a TON of hamster in her reasons for going on a date with him that I’m fine with. But her “second date” reasoning was EPIC hamster.]

Honestly, the show’s fucking phenomenal, but in a SMP trainwreck way. I was laughing my ass off during most of it and had to rewind the ole DVR more than once because I was giggling that hard. I’m SOOO looking forward to this series and am considering writing bravo about how hilarious this show is and how it proves just how screwed up dating is in America. I’m IMPLORING all the manosphere writers to chime in on this show. I know I’m not all that liked by a few of the bloggers, and that’s fine. But we HAVE to rally around this show as validation as to why you just can’t take relationship advice from women.

Apparently someone has taken some initiative and started a blog based on Deti’s wisdom. He’s culling from various sites some of Deti’s gold. Deti’s said he’s flattered.


And lastly, I’ve been having a lot of issues lately and decided I need to take a break from blogging. Not sure when I’ll post again, but I’ve just gotten to a point where I’m running out of things to say, not stating anything other bloggers aren’t stating, and just need to get shit in my life sorted. I’m a broke–down sonuvabitch as of late and had more than one friend tell me they were concerned for me and that I “look like hell.” Seriously, I have ZERO appetite, and zero interest in anything but staying in bed. I’m sure I’ll be back, but I need to step away for a bit. Honestly, I don’t want my current state of mind ruining the chipper/good nature I try to maintain on this site.

Stay up.   

The Frugal Foodie

everyone, i’d like to introduce you to my baby sister Tracy. she’s decided to enter the blog world.

The Frugal Foodie

her site is about cooking healthy and on a budget. her goal is to teach how to cook great meals on a tight budget. she’s dealing with a problem i’ve had for some time- cooking for myself when having to buy ingredients that are only sold in quantity to cook for 3-4 people. she’s VERY good at budgeting and cooking- now she wants to share her knowledge with the blog world.

she currently works for a company in NO where she does cooking demo’s for said companies products. her journey into the families expertise of dining began late and i was VERY surprised when i learned she was going to culinary arts school learn how to cook pastries and deserts (and she makes some KILLER cakes/deserts). but in very little time she’s become quite the kitchen ninja.

she’s a HUGE nerd as well (which makes her all the more more endearing).

everyone………..meet my sister. oh………….

fuck with her, and i’ll fucking strangle you.

Blog Gold

i recently learned that bravo will be running a new show called, “miss advised”. it’s about the adventures of 3 female relationship experts and their difficulties in the SMP. irony anyone. look, i have no delusions about myself as a dopey blogger on relationships…but these women make their living by giving relationship advice.

Miss Advised

per IMDB- “Follows three single relationship experts (a radio personality, a columnist and a blogger) on and off the job. In each episode, viewers will watch these women juggle their work and personal lives as they maneuver through the dating world and discover whether or not they can practice what they preach.”

this made me so happy i had an erection like i took 3 cialis. this promises to be absolute hamster hilarity. i CANNOT WAIT to watch this.

Class is NOT in Session

well, it was a no go today. the girls who tried to help couldn’t get her male friends to come out despite being told by an attractive woman, “no, you DO need to learn what this guys teaching.” and i stopped off at the 2 local colleges where i put up flyers in the student center and found they had been taken down. yet…..OTHER flyers that had been for at least a month were still up.

i’m assuming some genders studies nazi girl took it down and rolled her own tampon with it like the marlboro woman on bizarro world.

Athol was kind enough to express ship me 4 copies of his first book (i know, i’ll send you your $$$ when i get back to florida) and gave 2 copies to the girls that tried to help.  the other 2 are going to 2 guys that i KNOW need the book.

i am undeterred by the no-shows. in retrospect i learned the following-

  1. having a good-looking women tell her BO friends to attend a workshop to learn how to understand women probably isn’t going to pan out. she still plans on telling guys about the class i’m going to try to do in october.
  2. putting up flyers about this crap at a college might be pointless unless you can check on them daily to make sure they’re still up.

BUT…..i have a new plan. i’m not sharing it, but i am starting a blog about the class and will be taking out ads in 2 high viewership circulations in NO. hopefully it’ll pan out.