My response to Closing 8-10’s.

This is my email reply to last night’s email to the good looking fella that’s having a hard time closing 8-10’s. Now, I want to point out- give this guy some slack. I give him a LOT of credit for having to balls to put himself out there. This is guy is MUCH further along than I was at his age. Therefore, any comments poking fun at hime will be deleted. i want to ENCOURAGE guys to seek counsel, not shame them.


Fucking Savages. lol.


Hey Danny,
So I’ve been applying your advice whenever I can (I find it awkward to go out for the sole purpose of seeking women). And I can see what you’re talking about. I have a bad case of pedestalization…smh

I work in the  school’s fitness center and I see a fair share of some pretty women, but I really keep to myself because I don’t want to be THAT guy. I help them out when they need me and am decent at flirting/joking with them when the opportunity arises. [good]

The other day, I had just clocked out and was ready to head home, then these 2 girls walked in. One of em was OK with nice tits and the other looked pretty damn good. Apparently, they were from the other campus of my school and came to use the gym. It was their first time there, so they wanted a tour. [please tell me you ARE NOT this clueless. What woman NEEDS or asks for a tour of a gym. SERIOUSLY???!!!!!] TBH, I wasn’t in the mood at the time to test the waters[dude, test the waters, they gave you the pool]: I was hungry and tired.[you should have said so, and suggest you neet up later, and told her to give you her number] My friend at the desk quickly suggested (damn near demanded) I give em a tour. So I said fuck it and went with it. The girls turned out to be pretty cool [no shit sherlock, they were into you. I’d be willing to bet one of them was being more flirty than the other…she’s the one that wants you] : I joked with em, flirted…the whole 9. THEN, I caught myself. I noticed my body language was out of whack, I got all smiley and giggly. I was just fuckin goofy.[I got douched chills when I read this, you need to relax and enjoy the interaction.] I tend to get real smiley, and girls love it…to an extent, but idk I how I feel about it. I took long pauses for my answers…a little wierd. But it seemed they were down with the kid [tbh, they probably saw how they were affecting you, and were loving it]. Slow progress is better than no progress I  figure.[“progress”? outcome independence, learn it]



One thing that grinds my gears is when I find out an ugly girl…let me rephrase a female I find unattractive has a thing for me. By all means, everyone’s free to like whomever they want. Cool. One of my co-workers told me one of the girls in athletic department has it for me.

She’s a nice person and all that, but she’s a whale. I can’t imagine trying to get it up with her. [so don’t] I think it’s because I’m a generally nice dude. You know, I greet people when I see them, ask em about their day, etc. And I smile…fuck. I think she took it the wrong way.[no, she’s attracted to you. And when you display an aura of laid back cool….women LOVE it, especially when they think they can’t have you] I would’ve rather not known and I don’t want her to approach me.[dude, ALWAYS be nice. Reference pussy is still pussy. Girls WILL talk about you. If you’re a dick to “unattractive” women, they’ll tell “attractive” women what an asshole you are]

Why don’t I get this from the pretty girls?[DUDE….YOU DO!!!!! You had 2 good looking girls jocking you ASKING FOR A TOUR OF THE GYM!!!!!!!] And why is it sometimes I say hello to a good looking woman, I don’t get it in return. This isn’t recent. I mean, it’s a genuine “how are you” and w/e as I’m walking down the street. I’d sometimes get this expressionless look or scowl. Idk man. It just turns me off…I’m not that dude lookin to hit it ALL the time.

4 Comments on “My response to Closing 8-10’s.”

  1. Badger says:

    “If you’re a dick to “unattractive” women, they’ll tell “attractive” women what an asshole you are”

    This goes both ways.

  2. Chewie says:

    Solid stuff, Danny. Your line about encouraging people instead of shaming them is right on. It’s better to educate people than to punish them. There’s no shame in seeking help to better one’s self.

    Also: “they saw how they were affecting you…”–YES. Girls learn this stuff right away. Attractive girls like these Gym Twins have been doing this stuff for years. They probably enjoy playing with guys to test their reactions. They’ve also probably had a lifetime of interest from people based on their appearances. So, when Gym Guy goes into goofy mode, they know they’ve got a hold on him.

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