Daily Flirting Fun

I had to stop off at the NEX today before I went to work. Stacy was working today. I’ve posted about Stacy before. She recently moved in with her BF, yet maintains a very “meh” attitude about ther relationship. Well, Stacy has a AWESOME rack. And today she was wearing a very open shirt with her massive chesticles on display. She saw me, and smiled. I walked up to her, stared right at her bewbs and said, “Since you’re so intent on showing the ladies off, I’m going to make sure I get a VERY good eyeful. Thank you Stacy. Thank you very much.” She squeezed her boobs together and batted her eyes.

“Seriously girl, I don’t prozac or paxil. Tits for the win. God bless you Stacy, you just made my day.” She gave me a quick curtsie, I blew her a kiss and walked away.

I’m sometimes amazed at what I’m able to get away with. But part of the blog is to demonstrate that you CAN be sexual with a woman, but most, or many guys don’t seem to know how to do it playfully. Playful but pervy usually goes over well, but creepy and unwelcomed pervy will get you pepper sprayed (trust me). Now I’ve known Stacy for almost a year. You can usually gauge whether or not a woman will be open to playful pervy banter pretty quickly. And as I’ve experienced, most women enjoy it. Ask any one of my female friends, I’m ALWAYS perved out with them.

The key is, they realize I’m not serious. I have ZERO actual romantic interest in them, and I actually have a lot of respect for them. Trust me guys, most girls are more pervy than we are, so when they know you know how to be charming yet sexual WITHOUT having an actual sexual agenda….they eat it up. Never underestimate the power of making a woman laugh. Before I EVER take it to the sexual zone, I’ll have made her laugh (at something non-pervy) a few times.

Think about it, have you EVER heard a woman say she hates guys that make her laugh. I didn’t think so.

Stacy. The picture will be down when I head to work.

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