Drogo has MAD Game

in the season finale of Game of Thrones, Daenerys finds her dead king in a dream. and her hubby has some MAD game. the “skinny arms” and “i’ll kill the man” line are pure panty moistening gems. of course, it’s not applicable today, but the crux of his words are red-pill alpha gold. if and when i have a woman and i need to talk of protecting her……pure wetness ensues on her part.


she can’t help it. enjoy. oh, and the scene with her dragons is fucking brilliant. if you you haven’t kept up with the series……she’s immune to fire. she’s “dragon born”.


7 Comments on “Drogo has MAD Game”

  1. YOHAMI says:

    The dwarf is amazing too.

  2. ASF says:

    Never seen a single show. Some day I will catch up.

  3. Athor Pel says:

    I bought the first season of the series on DVD. Watched them all over a weekend.

    Then I went and bought all the books and read them over the following weeks.

    First I must say, Tyrion rocks, that is all.
    Second, Arya’s story could have, should have been made into a stand alone book.

    Once you’ve read all the books or watched all the episodes I will tell you what I found wanting in them. Unless you want to know now.

    Mr. George R. R. Martin had better do some fancy footwork to salvage the series in the coming books is all I have to say. Cause all he’s done in the last two books is tread water from a story advancement point of view.

  4. Nine Furies says:

    Dragon scene was bad ass.

    Drogo my fav character so far. So gay how he died…I was like WTF.

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