Landing 10’s

Guys tend to get caught up with the thoroughbreds of women. Well, I already posted about preferring 7’s, but I’ll do my best to help you guys with landing 10’s.

Look, I’ve only TRIED and been successful with 3-4 10’s. I’ve been in a LTR with one 10 but that was when I was living in Sicily, so I don’t count that. Beth was a hard 8, soft 9….and she was in love with me. I’ve been friends with MANY 9-10’s, and this is what I’ve learned-

10’s fall into 2 camps- toxic narcissistic cuntrags, and easy going- but blessed with looks. I know you’ve read how all the hotties are just shit, but it isn’t true. And here’s another secret-

Most 10’s are ALWAYS cheated on.

Serious. Most guys are so insecure that they don’t think the 10 could REALLY be into them and she’ll eventually leave him. I know one girl who’s a fucking knockout….every dude she’s dated has cheated on her and she’s NEVER had the urge to stray.

The funny thing is…’s easy to tell the toxic 10’s from the cool 10’s. How- the cool 10’s aren’t bitches. They’re receptive to red-pill action and mannerisms. They actually MELT when guys don’t put them on a pedestal. See- pedestalizarion is the main downfall for guy talking to a 10. NEVER discuss her looks, just be playful, flirty, and somewhat aloof. She’ll go crazy for you.

There really is no big difference between landing a 5 and landing a 10. The main difference is that men will pride themselves more for a 10. But when it all all boils down to it- I can’t fuck a woman 20 hours a day, so I’d MUCH rather commit to a 6-7 with a great personality than a 10 with little more to offer that curb appeal.

Landing a 10 isn’t nearly as difficult as wanting to keep one.

Stay up.

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