Class is in Session

Upon the  advice of a few people, I’ve decided to try my hands at teaching a day long class. Well I have the logistics figured out and will be making a dry run at the class (about 4-5 people) this saturday. Athol has been good enough to send me a few copies of his book to hand out to the students. The class will be a crash-course on the 7-8 hour class I’m looking at attempting. I have a VERY beautiful woman (seriously, she’s fucking SLAMMING, I’l get a picture of her up….and YES, she knows about the blog) I chatted up who has agreed to be a guinea pig as I run what I typically use on women.

The class will be about 2 maybe 3 hours long, and I’ll be VERY interested in feedback I get from the students. Then, I’ll be advertising for a paying class and if I can get at least 10 people, I’ll make a more concise curriculum and have a formal class in October. That’s all I’ll share, but IF this is a success, I’ll share with my other male blog friends how I was able to set this up. Let’s get the Sphere into the mainstream.

My next post will be a report on the class saturday, til then…..I got shit to do. I’m on New Orleans after all.

Oh, interesting side note. The girl that’ll be helping with the class told me she’d give me her email so she could keep up with me about the class. I told her I didn’t need it, I’ll just see her Saturday.

She gave me her email anyway.

update- the mini class MIGHT not happen. the guys she told to come “don’t need it”. i was afraid of this. i’ll still go saturday and see what i can pull out of my ass. oh………here’s a pic of girl.

she’s been a total sweetie.

18 Comments on “Class is in Session”

  1. YOHAMI says:

    Ah man. I would love go hang around.

  2. What is your class about?

  3. Jim says:

    Good luck dude.

  4. ASF says:

    Topics danny will cover: AMOGing, negging, social proof, wearing fuzzy hats, two set LTR pivots into backward somersault attraction phase comfort switching. Time dilation will be used to future project three venue changes to overcome LMR and get the kiss-close. Kino will be escalated with prejudice until her IOI level reaches over 9000.

    Good luck everyone!

  5. Spacetraveller says:

    Wow Danny,

    That’s great that you are taking your message to the mainstream. A lot of men could do with your charisma.
    Just how do you do it: persuade a random beauty to take part in your class just like that…
    Can you share how you managed to persuade/convince her?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Told her I needed. Nice looking woman to help in a class that teaches guys how to interact with women. She was intrigued, then told her I would pay her for her time.

      I told her all she had to do was react to what I tell her the guys could see her reaction. Women that know men are good with women typically can’t resist. I used ONE line on her that I typically use and she blushed and ginned from ear to ear.

      Like I said, I told her I didn’t need Email and she have it to me anyway. I’m stopping to see her today. I’ll get. Picture for the site.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Spacetraveller says:

        Supreme powers of persuasion you have. I can ask the same thing and I wouldn’t get the same outcome 😀

  6. Phoenix says:

    Great picture. +100 points

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