Miss Advised Review

Last night I had the opportunity to watch “Miss Advised” and holy Jesus Palamino did it deliver the lulz. Here the run-down on these 3 “relationship experts”.

  • ·         Emily- from San Francisco, Ca. She hosts a show giving people advice on their sex lives. Long story short, she’s a late 30’s slut. She even goes so far as to say “…people think I’m a slut…” Well, she admits to “not believing in monogamy.” And she’s just enjoying having fun in her 30’s. YET……she’s looking for a relationship. Do I even need to go on? Her married brother offers her sage-like advice, and he’s been a LTR for quite some time.
  • ·         Amy- NY, NY. She’s a matchmaker. Now she gives relationship advice, but admits she rarely follows the advice she gives clients. She’s your typical NY ball buster, that’s “tough” on her clients. And she hasn’t had sex in a year. Another gem about Amy- her bf packed up and moved to Saudi Arabia without telling her. Did it out of the blue. lol. THEN, he comes back to visit and she agrees to go on a date with him because she wants to be “a supportive friend”. HAMSTER GOLD. Seriously. And she’s been a matchmaker for 7 years.
  • ·         Julia- Chicago, Ill. She’s a dating blogger (didn’t catch the site), and she’s been blogging for around 10 years. She moved to LA recently.  Now this woman actually has a book that includes the SEVENTY-THREE qualities her “future hubby” needs to have. She recently copped a date off of CRAIGSLIST!!!! [edit- she was looking at apartments and he was the complex manager] According to her, the perfect dress for a first date is one that says, “You can take me home to mom and I might give you a blowjob on the the way there.” Now the date she goes on she admits to “not really feeling a connection”, BUT she decides he IS good enough to have him help her move boxes into her new apartment, for the “second date”. Of course this douche-bag agrees and she’s so appreciative of him *eyeroll*. Smh. This guys isn’t just blue-pill…..he’s main-lining liquid blue-pill. Then she breaks her own rule of “do a break-up in a classy manner.” Well, as Craigslist was driving away, she calls him to tell him she’s not into him. What a fucking cunt. [edit- I read her “blog” on Bravo’s Site and there’s a TON of hamster in her reasons for going on a date with him that I’m fine with. But her “second date” reasoning was EPIC hamster.]

Honestly, the show’s fucking phenomenal, but in a SMP trainwreck way. I was laughing my ass off during most of it and had to rewind the ole DVR more than once because I was giggling that hard. I’m SOOO looking forward to this series and am considering writing bravo about how hilarious this show is and how it proves just how screwed up dating is in America. I’m IMPLORING all the manosphere writers to chime in on this show. I know I’m not all that liked by a few of the bloggers, and that’s fine. But we HAVE to rally around this show as validation as to why you just can’t take relationship advice from women.

Apparently someone has taken some initiative and started a blog based on Deti’s wisdom. He’s culling from various sites some of Deti’s gold. Deti’s said he’s flattered.


And lastly, I’ve been having a lot of issues lately and decided I need to take a break from blogging. Not sure when I’ll post again, but I’ve just gotten to a point where I’m running out of things to say, not stating anything other bloggers aren’t stating, and just need to get shit in my life sorted. I’m a broke–down sonuvabitch as of late and had more than one friend tell me they were concerned for me and that I “look like hell.” Seriously, I have ZERO appetite, and zero interest in anything but staying in bed. I’m sure I’ll be back, but I need to step away for a bit. Honestly, I don’t want my current state of mind ruining the chipper/good nature I try to maintain on this site.

Stay up.   

28 Comments on “Miss Advised Review”

  1. Chewie says:

    Get some rest, bud.

  2. Interesting show, Danny. Not sure I could watch it where I am, but perhaps I shouldn’t anyway!
    Take time out as you need. Take care of yourself. And your son Brody 🙂

  3. Just1X says:

    I’ll hunt the show down and try and get a few females to watch it too, should be fun to see if their take on it matches yours.

    Be well and be back


  4. dogsquat says:

    Give me a call if you want to shoot the shit.

  5. Angeline says:

    Take care Danny! Get some rest, have some fun. Hope to see you back soon.

  6. Handlingtheredpill says:

    I will have to check this show out . Keep well . Here’s some music medicine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpBeRede1X0&feature=related

  7. Max says:

    Enjoy your break and thanks for the linkage Danny.

  8. just visiting says:

    Take it easy and recharge your batteries. Hope you’re feeling like yourself soon..

  9. Firepower says:

    Wow, a slam-dunk on a Bravo show.
    Who’d have expected!

  10. Hey, you can take relationship advice from me! (But I agree, it’s not the normal stuff.)

  11. YOHAMI says:

    Rest and come back bro.

  12. Phoenix says:

    Don’t die on me bitch. I need you.

  13. jez says:

    Hello Danny

    1. Sorry to hear that you’re rundown.

    2. Be selfish for a little while.

    3. Come back.

    — jez

  14. A♠ says:

    Seems my timing could’ve been much better – since I just started reading your work.

    Regardless, I wish you well and look forward to you posting again.

    Take care of yourself.

  15. Esquire says:

    Well, when you come back, I’m still looking forward to the series on persuasion you were planning.


  16. Bb says:

    Don’t have cable, so I can’t comment on the show, but take it easy and enjoy your rest!

  17. deti says:

    Get some rest and come on back when you can.

  18. Randy says:

    What does “hamster” mean?

  19. Angeline says:

    Take care of yourself! I don’t have TV (we just watch movies) but I enjoy reports from the wild. This one sounds like a soul-sucker though. Glad you’re still posting when you want to.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Well thank you for reading Angel. I appreciate it. I’ll keep the show reviews running. Wish I could post videos, but YouTube is banning them.

      Sent from my iPhone

  20. Gnosis says:

    I downloaded the first episode and put it on last night to watch with the missus (and to gauge her reaction). We didn’t even make it into five minutes before my woman felt like puking and asked me to put something else on.

    Note to men:

    Use this show or something similar as a conversation piece during the initial stages of dating as a male shit test. Her opinion of the show will give you a clear idea of what resonates with her and can adjust your expectations accordingly. If she’s a fan of the show then she isn’t long-term relationship material.

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