Miss Advised- The Wimminz

Ok, I know I said I was going to take a break, but this is going to be short because as far as I know- NO ONE is blogging about this show. So I feel it’s my duty to cover it. “Miss Advised” airs every Monday night on Bravo channel at 10pm. I watched tonight’s episode and rather than giving you a show recap, I feel I now I have a better handle on the 3 “girls”.

Emily- Emily’s a slut. Point-blank. She admits she “usually has a few guys in play.” I was trying to be fair before labeling, but no. She’s a slut- which is fine. But being a slut while being claiming to being open to a relationship is pretty hamsterific. You wanna be all independent, and cosmopolitan, and modern- FINE. Fuck anyone you want with impunity. God bless you. But you just now, the well of dicks is eventually going to run dry and someone’s going to go into “boy friend red alert”.

Amy- I like Amy, I do. I think of the 3- she has the most potential. I think once she get’s over her “typeA” nature, she’ll eventually find someone. I’d actually recommend SHE see a matchmaker. Watching her date was both annoying, then cringe-worthy. She actually looks kind of like an Ex I dated. Of all 3 of the girls, she’s the only one I have any amount of sympathy for.

Julia- I saved the best for last. This woman is a fucking TRAIN WRECK. Julia represents everything wrong with modern American women. I PROMISE you, every woman reading this blog is going to DESPISE Julia. Watching her on a date is like watching a 8th grade girl. She has a sense of entitlement the size of the sun (no surprise). I want to feel bad for her, but I just can’t. She CANNOT STOP talking about relationships during her date. Seriously Ladies, if you’re on a date and not feeling him, drone on incessantly about relationships instead of- I duuno…maybe trying to LEARN ABOUT THE GUY YOU’RE ON A DATE WITH!!! Seriously, totally self-absorbed.

The premise of this episode is all the girls go on dates, and all I can say is it’s like passing a really bad car crash then finding out your worst enemy was involved. So-So popped her head up on occasion, looked up and uttered a disgusted, “Wow.”

I know most of you are wondering about the health stuff. Look, I’m going to be fine. I talk with DogSquat since he’s someone that can relate to a lot of the shit I’m dealing with, but it’s funny how the conversations morph from serious issues to complete bullshit and medical jargon. Thank’s for the ear Killer.

And I really appreciate all the well wishes. Thanks everyone.

11 Comments on “Miss Advised- The Wimminz”

  1. Now you’re making me so mad that I can’t watch this show!
    I shall have to rely on your updates 🙂
    Good to see you back, Danny.

  2. Jim says:

    Julia reminds me of this one woman I went on one date with. Typical liberal, herd mentality, keeping up, being different yet the same. Psycho to a tee, talked about banging married dudes on Facebook and whatever her sex life entailed yet what extremely pissed when a guy stood her up. Shocker there, right? She’s broke as hell even though she’s been gainfully employed and the scary part is I see her walking in my neighborhood. God I hope she’s not living near me now.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      She claims to be a journalist though her only real journalism job was writing for her HS paper. Her post grad work was blogging.

      Delusional. I saw a preview of the next episodes and she gets DRILLED and brought to tears.

      • Jim says:

        The only date I went on with her, she told me of her psychiatric sessions like it was a badge of honor. Oh woe is me I have such a difficult life and struggle daily even though I slut myself off to any swinging dick that gives me the tingles and have zilch in the morals department. I’ll just blame men for my problems. She even wrote a post on her wall about being slipped a roofie at a bar yet doesn’t comprehend that being a barfly and having a reputation to boot, because I’m sure FB wasn’t the only place she talked, never ends well.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Punch out Maverick. Good call on your part to move on.

        Uuuuuuuuh, no. This woman is toxic. I wouldn’t fuck her with a stolen dick.

    • Wudang says:

      Your crazy date made me think about this nutcase my friend had sex with. She talked about what an asshole her ex had been but claimed she was now over him because she had gotten back at him by fucking ALL of his friends!!! Great way to market yourself as girlfriend material.

    • Angeline says:

      Walk of Shame, more likely …

  3. just visiting says:

    Sooo, how could a red pill guy end up on the show as a date? Could be interesting Danny.

    • Infantry says:

      I would pay money to see that. Good for ratings and good for the hamster cardio.

      Heck Danny should go on there. His appearance would probably come to an abrupt end after the hamster annihilation though.

    • Angeline says:

      LOL I *might* get TV again to see that. Brilliant!

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