When Game Won’t Cut It

I know I mentioned needing to take a step back from blogging but one thing about working nights is that from midnight until 7:30am is pretty dead. This is when I usually write my posts. Well, I’m at work, its 1am and I’m bored to tears.

I had an interesting text talk with a prolific manosphere blogger and he was telling me about a girl he’s interested in and the fact that she’s a “good girl”. He then stated that if things pan out he’s going to keep her around.  Then we talked about how you really don’t need or have to use game with “good girls” and they usually are worth the effort of the chase. Interesting he should state that because-

I have a crush.


I do. She’s a 23-24yo radiology student. And she’s a total nerd. I’m talking Casio calculator watch wearing nerd.  Now I know you probably think I was some suave guy when I interact with her, but quite the opposite. I’m not nervous or anything when I talk with her, but honestly there are some issues. For starters- she’s an x-ray student, and it’s kind of inappropriate for me to mess with her. Game is pretty much useless on girls like her, and to honest…you don’t need it. I’m sure the lovely BB would be happy to chime in on this one since well…she’s a nerd.  I know you want some dirt on this so I’ll tell you. She’s about my height, 110lbs, brunette with red highlights (my fave), brown eyes, and….get this- freckles. I LOVE the freckles. Lol. She’s reserved and pretty quiet, but friendly- which in my experience is how most geek-ish girls tend to act.

Have I received any IOI’s? Sort of. I mentioned going to shoot at the gun one weekend and she chimed in about wanting to learn how to shoot. AH-HAAA!!!!!! Now, I’ve never followed up on it, because I’m not 100% sure she’s into me. AND considering she’s an x-ray student, I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. I’m sure at some point I’ll just be direct and find out if there’s a dude or not, and if she doesn’t- I’ll just ask her out. That’s really all I can do. Full frontal assault game will NOT work on this girl. Just being me is all I can do. I believe this was the dilemma Neil Strauss faced in his book. He was a great PUA, but when he finally met a woman that liked, he found out he didn’t know how to be himself. All I can do with this girl, is what I mentioned above. She’ll either say yes or no.

It’s that simple. I’ll keep you posted if I get a yes or no as I plan on talking to her next time I see her.

My grandmother’s ring (dad’s side). I’m gonna hock it and buy a ticket to Brazil and go bang a bunch of termas. lol.

[Edit- there’s been a recent discovery. Her rotation ended and I won’t really see her again for a minute. I was hoping for this. Now I can hatch my diabolical plan. Like I said, it’s kinda not cool for me to ask her out, if she isn’t into it, I could get reported for inappropriate behavior. SOOOOO I have to do the following: I will “mention” to new group of students how I have this ridiculous crush on her. They WILL tell her I said it. When they ask why I didn’t talk to her my reply will be, “Well…I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.” I’ll keep you posted if she gets back to me about what I said.]

33 Comments on “When Game Won’t Cut It”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    There are no special flowers, stay true to what you’ve realized works with women (sure, calibrate closely with her since she’s nerdy), and stay up!

  2. Bb says:

    Well, if this isn’t Bb bait I don’t know what it is. I wish you all the nerd-girl-magnetic-attraction I can muster. Do keep us posted. Don’t be thinking no rings though, yet. Take that OUT of your head so she can’t scan your strategic fwd planning with her nerd-girl powers. (I always could, lol.)

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “Don’t be thinking no rings though, yet.”

      oh no, i plan on selling the ring. seriously. lol.

      first thing i thought was, “it’s Bb.” i KNEW i had to tell you about this. i almost emailed you, then just decided to post it. and i just updated with news about her rotation ending. she’s cool, i’ve spoken to her many times. i just can’t gauge any attraction on her part. my gut tells me she’s got no clue i dig her because i really don’t flirt with her.

      that’s how you can tell when i like a woman, i DON’T flirt. lol.

  3. Oh Danny,

    ST is getting goosebumps 🙂

    Don’t sell the ring!

  4. Professor Mentu says:

    Go get em’ tiger.

  5. MissMarie says:


  6. LongLostFriend says:

    Geez. Did you try passing a “Check one: Yes/No/Maybe” note, too? 🙂

  7. You’re over thinking this. Just be yourself. You’re a funny guy, who’s definitely a man’s man.

    If you want to ask her out, do it. Be casual, ask her to lunch, or ask her to join you at the shooting range. You had a perfect opportunity there. I mean, if she wasn’t at all into you, when you mentioned going shooting, she would have said something like, “Oh, I hate guns!”

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Like I said, I have to tread carefully here since she’s a student. And yes, she did provide me with an open….but I did mention her going with me and she changed the subject.

      Is she shy or was it disinterest? I have to lean towards the latter.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • just visiting says:

        The ioi’s are going to be interesting to figure out. Girls like this will kind of “freeze up” on them when they really like a guy. Sort of like you not flirting.

  8. On the Game reference – are you talking about the girl he gets at the end or the 19 year old single mom?

    The 19 year old single mom he dated for awhile he used kiddy glove game on. Mostly just being a fun guy, a few simple routines, and some sex to get her hooked. He dated her and then wrote for a bit about suddenly sad he didn’t have a kid yet. At that point he knew how to have a relationship, he did the ‘meet the family’ thing and stayed over at her place fairly often for a bit. Then she started boring him and he moved on because she was basically spending all her time with the kid. Funny enough, it sounded like the then fledgling PUA would have considered settling down with that girl if she hadn’t been chained to some other guy’s kid.

    The end girl I think he didn’t realize exactly how much he DID have to game her. She was a high status band member. He just had to game her with completely inner game instead of the, at the time, over the top outer game that she had experienced before. It also didn’t seem to be matching Styles actual persona any more, so it was in-congruent with the rest of his frame. Plus, she was high status and she knew it. She wasn’t searching for a hookup, was very straightforward on demanding an escalation of commitment with sexual escalation, and he simply hadn’t run into that before and didn’t know how to handle it.

  9. ASF says:

    I’m not sure what a good girl is. Is it someone basically sweet who’s had little to no sexual partners, doesn’t party much or drink much, or subscribe to Western female entitlement culture? If so, “game” works on them too. Rather well actually.

  10. Allie says:

    The ring is beautiful!! DON’T SELL IT!

    (yay on the girlie… I think the mentioning your crush to coworkers is a fantastic plan!!) 🙂

  11. Phoenix says:

    Tough one Danny. Been having the same problem with my crush. It never turns out the way I want it to when I’m gushing for her. Nervousness builds in, and I usually keep my mouth shut and stay aloof. And she feels it, and does the same.
    But when I feel like a badass, my crush keeps her eyes on me.

    It comes down to moderation. You can be genuine at times, but you still got to use your game tactics to build the attraction. Push/pull. Compliment/take away. Too much sex, too little sex = bad. Moderate sex = good.


  12. Chewie says:

    That’s good news, bud. Stay on it. I’ve dated a few nerdy girls and I’ve found that they tend to not show their IOIs much at first. This can get confusing because while I’ve always heard those girls say, “Oh, I liked you right away”, I thought they were simply acting friendly.

    You’ll know what to do with her.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Oh I know what to do, it’s just that have to tread lightly with her being a student.

      She was always cool with me, I didn’t really flirt though and I didn’t really get IOI’s

      Sent from my iPhone

  13. Bellita says:

    Good luck, Danny. 🙂

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  15. Angeline says:

    LOL you and the freckles. Be careful (the student thing).

    And I see some “be yourself” advice. One of the things I think us moms and sisters get a bad rap on is the advice to “be yourself”. I honestly believe it’s because we see the “real” guy in our friend/son/brother, the total guy. We see the fun, confident, charming alpha man he often is with us, and love his sweetness too. We love him, and can’t see the nervous, indecisive person he becomes around someone he really likes. We believe that the alpha/beta we see IS the real person, and that’s who we think he is with a girl he likes. I personally believe a small amount of shy/nervous is endearing, but can see how it would scuttle a man’s chances as well. So, be your usual, brisk and smart and alpha self, game works on *everyone*. The underlying goal is the difference. With a good person, it is just fun to revel in the play, it doesn’t have to be a defense.

    I will second the idea that inexperienced and/or nerdy girls don’t show interest very well, we’re not good at “girl game” LOL. She also might be just as hesitant as you because of the student/supervisor rules.

    Have fun! Ees so cute.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Are you a nerdy girl? If so….welcome to the blog. It’s good to have you here. And; as far as girl goes….I doubt I’ll see her again. While I do have a plan; I don’t really put much into it.

      C’est la vie.

      • Spacetraveller says:

        But Danny,

        You can’t give up merely because she is moving to a different workplace? Technically if she is no longer a student in your hospital, you could meet up with her even if it is ‘accidentally’ arranged through your mutual acquaintances?
        ‘Happy accidents’ happen all the time 🙂
        And away from your present hospital, she perhaps would get a better picture of you…
        So perhaps it’s a good thing she has moved away…it’s your cue to follow!
        Bonne chance!

      • Angeline says:

        Oh Lord yes. Way nerdy. Biology major, band (but no band camp), CAD geek, early early (as in, the 80’s) adopter of computers, and know my way around some Dune/Star Trek/Star Wars references. Thank God I had sports to balance out the nerdiness with some physical grace.
        Thank you for the welcome, it’s been fun and enlightening reading getting caught up.

  16. Linanati says:

    I guess I qualify as nerdy since I scored 42 on the Autism Quotient test from the Autism Research Centre (Cambridge). My IOI’s definitely aren’t reliable. I’m surprised my husband realized I was interested in him before we were dating. But I think he’s always liked nerdy girls, so maybe he knew what to look for as the nerdy girl equivalent of IOI’s.

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