Beta Idle

For some reason this is STIL being debated on various blogs. I posted about it LOOOOOOONG ago. Spoke to one of the guys who runs a blog about it today in g-chat land and I el-oh-el’d.

One of his readers called him a beta. OH NOOOOOEZ!!!!!!

Personally, if ANYONE calls me beta on the other more “less female friendly” sites- I giggle. Most of the time that guys are slinging the dreaded “B” word, they’re doing so anonymously on “locker room sites.” GEE, what a bad ass. I’ve always loved the intarwebz meme “arguing on the internet is like running in the special olymipcs. Even if you win- you’re still retarded.” Mean spirited, YES. Funny- TOTALLY. Look, I have an AWFUL sense of humor. I make some of the most disgusting, racist, misogynistic, misandric, jokes you will EVER hear. NO ONE is safe from my fury. My mexican gf’s have been the butt of MANY ethnic jokes. Most of which, I grew up with in my family. “Danny, are you REALLY Mexican?” I usually reply by refencing the fact that I have an uncle who’s 16. If you’re Latino, you GET THAT JOKE!!!!!! Look, as GOD-AWFUL as my jokes are, they’re just that….JOKES. I actually speak IRL to MANY of my readers, they can confirm my base sense of humor. Well….back when I was going to x-ray school I was living in San Deezy, Ca. I was out there for about a year. On 2 separate occassions, the Ex from Japan (Nancy) came to SD for a class (the ship sent her). Well, as I’m sure you realize, in x-ray school, it’s one big locker room and my humor was a BIG hit- with the girls as well as the guys. One girl in particular was VERY green to alpha/male/locker room toilet humor. I almost made her puke when we first started the class by going into how I “ate a hooker’s asshole” while she was suffering from IBS. Which NEVER happened, but she dry heaved and AAAAAAALL the class exploded in laughter. I was quite impressed. 2 months later, that same girl was a TROOPER. We broke her in.

Well, Nancy was in SD and was spending the weekend with me. The girl I almost made puke (Amanda) sees me and her and comes over to say hello. Once Amanda realized Nancy was the ex she lit up, “OMG, please tell me what Danny’s like….” Nancy stopped her right away. “He’s a teddy-bear. Seriously. He’s never “punched me in the throat or kicked me in cunt. It’s all just an act.”

This actually SURPRISED Amanda. She looked at me stunned. It was CLASSIC. I rolled my eyes and told her, “Do you really think I’d be alive if I were actually that big a sociopathicc jizzbag. I’d be locked up.” The moral to this little yarn is that 99% of the day, I’m on what I call, “Beta-Idle”. Seriously, I’m typically, sunny, eager to laugh and make a joke, and accomadating to most people.

The core of what “game” I know (which I learned from EE GADS- MY MOM), is simply self-respect and self-worth. It’s RARE for my “alpha” side to emerge. VERY Rare. I think most guys that look at being “beta” are looking WAAAAAAAY too deeply in the ‘phere labeling (and there’s no getting away from it….srslee). Well guess what.

I’m a beta. But cross the line (male or female) and guess what….you run the possiblility of SEVERE consequences that I react to based on the “offense”. Most of the time you simply get ignored. You can ALWAYS tell if I don’t like someone. How?

I ignore them. I don’t joke, I don’t offer favors, or my opinion (if they seek it).

So go ahead and call me beta, I’ll happily agree. If you think beta’s CAN’T attract (and KEEP) a girl in a state of perpetual tingle. Please feel free to ask a few of my female reader’s (some of whom I’ve NEVER MET) if it’s a true. I’m sure they’ll happiliy oblige.

Stay up.

Stingray on Submissiveness

Stingray  just started a blog. anyone that reads the sites knows who she is and what she’s about. well, i recently added her to my “blog ho’s”, and she recently posted a gem. she referenced 2 sites that i DO NOT visit, but i won’t edit her post. because…..well, her message is more important than my personal tastes. enjoy…..and please give her a read, she’s a VERY wise woman.

click her name, read the gem, partake in the conversation.

stay up.

Beth and My Journey into Oneitis

i originally posted this back in june of 2011, back when i first started this blog. i had a few (read- BB, Badger, and Yohami) regular readers back then. they asked about my oneitis (it was a subject being discussed on the various blogs).

i met beth awkwardly. we’d exchanged  words while she was looking over the HM wall of medal of honor winners. i saw her looking and explained the wall to her. that was it. well, she came to my clinic (she was ill) and was seen and put on SIQ (sick in quarters). i filled out her paperwork and told her to come back the next day (i out ranked her, and was the man running the clinic then).

she came back the next day and one of the guys BEGGED to get her checked in. whatev. i soon got a request from the doctor she was seeing to meet with me.  turns out……she saw a different doctor and she was  SIQ for the weekend. I FELT AWFUL!!!!. look, she was sick… joke. so for me to drag her out of bed for an unnecessary appointment upset me.

long story short……..she told me to ask her out. from our first date…..i was her’s. we slept together on the first night and spent every moment we could together. the problem was….was that she was leaving to go back to LA in 3 month’s. not a promising thing….but i REALLY liked this girl.

her last weekend in NO she disappeared. no clue where she went. this was the beginning of the end for us. the last week she was in NO all she could do is argue with me. i eventually wrote her off a day or so later.

it was finally her time to go she and came to see me  the day she took off. it was awkward. we talked 2-3 times after she left. but i didn’t feel any connection. i let her go.


i ended up leaving new orleans to take to a ship in Japan. it took me 2 years to get into another relationship. i.was.crushed.

i ran into her while i was in Spain (told her that i still loved her), went to LA to see her. it was……odd.  that died out when i went to kuwait. we crossed paths AGAIN last summer (of 2010). she was going to meet me in NO, but it never happened. this was my learning point…..

i ended it, before we were supposed to meet in NO. she was draining me. i realized that despite how i felt, we just weren’t “right”. i was pondering “us” and had a moment of clarity where i honestly heard “let her go” in my head. then everything made sense. i wasn’t angry or confused, i felt a deep sense of peace in “letting her go”. i called her right away and ended it. she was FURIOUS, and sent me a series of VERY angry texts. i simply replied by asking her to quit texting me. i deleted any and all contact info i had about her. i’ll post a pic of her, but won’t keep it up very long- just to give some perspective to the story.

i’m not going to bad mouth her on my blog, she’s a great girl and i learned a lot about myself from her. but she’s the girl who broke me. and now….i’m better for it. as hurt as i was, the experience was a MAJOR learning point for me- the foolish boy in me, was dead.

Danny, replaced him. and here i am now. stay up.


I’m Lazy….Another Music Post

sorry, i’ll sit down and write the oneitis post when i feel up to it. in the meantime, i’m being a lazy dickbag and trying to enjoy my weekend. been listening to a lot of my old punk stuff lately so……enjoy.

the below video is a oneitis gem……….more to come.

Twilight? NOOO!!!!

Hopefully you ladies panties are dry now. So I guess I’ll switch gears.

Working a night shift means I get pretty bored after midnighht. Around 2-3am I imbide in my guilty pleasure: reading celebrity gossip sites. NO NO NO, not TMZ, or crap like that. I read the sites that openly mock the celebrity world with absolute toxic and caustic humor. Well, tonight at work (on yer dime btw) 2 stories circulating caught my attention.

1- the collective Twilight Nation is reeling in Kristin whatever the fuck her last name is screwed around on Robert with a married director. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOES!!!!! But it’s cool- because she apoligized and mentioned how she cares very deeply for Robert and the moment was “a huge mistke”. Yeah letting a 40 year old married dude kiss your tits and make out for an extended time is just a fleeting moment. Funny, I show my gf I care by not fucking other women. That Last line is from one of the site’s and I el-oh-el’d. I don’t get Kirsten. She’s mediocre looking at best and she has the acting range of a trout. What’s with her upper lip, it looks like a hummingbirds vagina. Robert seems like a decent guy, so I do kind of feel bad for him, but you just KNOW he’s a whiny omega. But I think this illustrates how easily women will pull some shit like this on a “nice guy.” Simply put, while Robert might have millions of women and girls going googly eyed, it won’t stop a girl from fucking around if a “better man” with attitude and confidence shows up. Sorry Kris, you didn’t “make a mistake”, you CHOSE to do it and now you can’t hide from it. And didn’t they JUST admit to being a couple.

WOW. Just wow. However….could the relationship have been “set-up” by the studios? I mean, the series is over now. Wait……Do I even care? NO.

The second story is is how the “Call me maybe” chick had her phone hacked and there are nude pics of her floating around, and there’s a video of her blowing some guy out there as well. Color me surprised, a woman giving out her number and telling a guy to call her and how she goes nuts about how he gives her MINIMAL attention is shocking to me. TOTALLY SHOCKING. *rolls eyes* What DOES surprise me is HOW HORRIBLE she is at giving head. She DOES swallow though. But how a woman gets to be 26 and land a contract to record label is AMAZING, and kind of telling. Then again, I think she only got famous after touring with Beiber. So I can totally see how he’d be impressed with her “oral skills”- or lack thereof. I’m NOT linking where to see the video here. But if you wanna see it, send me en email and I’ll shoot you a link. The site is VERY NSFW. But her technique is GODAWFUL. She definately needs to read Aoefe’s post. Hell, I could suck a…..nevermind.

I mean c’mon you just KNOW Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez suck a MEAN dick. Especially Demi. Seriously, if I could turn back time I’d make my mom get me acting lessons, then land a job woking on a Disney show. Those girls turn into some BEASTS.

Forced Orgasm

Well, well, well. I guess we’ll go with the Randy post, because…….well, I’m pretty much a perv.


Had an interesting conversation with a woman at my local recently when she told me she had read “50 Shades of Grey.” *sigh* Now, said woman is genuinely a decent woman. I’m not really sure of her sexual past, but she’s always spoken openly with me about sex (most women do). I won’t deny the sensationalism the book has created among women. BUT, the women I respect that have read it have all basically said the sex was “vanilla”. Now, knowing JUST how to push a woman’s buttons I told her, “The book basically taps into a woman’s deep desire to be submissive sexually to a man.” She agreed that she LOVES being sub in the bedroom. Then she asked me if I had ever been in a situation where I had tied a woman up.

OH DEAR LORD. Talk about EPIC set up.

This woman lobbed me the BIGGEST soft-ball ever. I simply told her, “Yeah, I’ve had forced orgasm sessions with women before.” Her face was priceless. “Forced. Orgasm?”  She replied. I laughed, “Yeah, it’s when you bind a woman and stimulate her to the point of orgasm, but you don’t take away the stimulation. She has no choice but to allow herself to go where you’re taking her. It’s a VERY powerful thing. But it’s not something a lot of men can pull off. You can SERIOUSLY fuck a woman up if you do it wrong.” We then had a lengthy discussion about it and as she sipped her wine, I couldn’t help but notice she kept shifting in her seat. Lol. So….let’s get into it.

Disclaimer- IF anyone reading this decides to attempt what I am about to discuss, I accept ZERO responsibility for any psychological harm it may bring about. This SHOULD NOT be attempted by those without deep understanding and experience with BDSM and anatomy. I urge the women reading to NOT participate in the subject unless she has 100% trust in the partner she chooses in this endeavor.

My ex is a total Sub. When she found out I had 4 point leather restraints (I was issued them when I escorted a psych patient from Sigonella to Walter Reed) she glowed, “Really. When will Daddy be tying me up?” She LOVED FOS (forced orgasm sessions). She orgasmed VERY easily and when we finished having FOS’s she’s be blissful as a Hindu Cow. She’d coo in complete delight. So, how should a couple venture into the world of BDSM and FOS’s?

  • Start light. Bind her with rope made of paper towels. Just get a loooooong line of paper towels and tie her arms/legs down. If she get’s uncomfortable, she can easily break free. You will be stimulating her with a vibrator primarily, but you can also use digital stimulation. I use- Hitachi Magic Wand .
  • Once she’s bound, I always walk out of the room. This means, the session has begun. When I come back into the room, her body is mine. I own her. I begin with light flogging and fondling her body. I don’t have whips or anything. Lol. I use a wooden kitchen spoon. I lightly slap her thighs, the tricep part of the arm, and her breasts. Again…….LIGHT. Then I use the spoon to rub her vagina. Once she’s slightly stimulated, I’ll move on to using the vibrator. Please use lube. I use Eros (google it. Once I know she’s getting close to orgasm, I STOP. Then go back to the flogging, only now I use a LITTLE more force. Now…since she’s close to orgasm she’s released endorphins that up her pain thresh-hold. For me, using the spoon serves a purpose: I don’t want her to see the spoon as punishment, which is why I stimulate her with the spoon as well as spank her with it. Most women LOVE to be spanked. Once I’ve upped the spanking.
  • I return to digital stimulation. Once I have her close to orgasm I tell her she has to ASK permission to orgasm. When she asks I’ll usually make her hold onto it for a minute or so, then I’ll give her permission to cum. Once she climaxes, I keep applying the vibrator. I’ll usually keep applying stimulation for 2-3 more minutes. Then I let her get herself together.
  • Once she’s come down, I’ll stimulate her with my hand and bring her to orgasm, then switch back to the vibrator and keep it on her for 2-3 minutes. Then stop. I’ll keep this up for no more than 10-15 minutes.
  • Once the session is over, I walk out of the room. I stay out for at least 5 minutes. Lol. She needs time to come back down to earth. When I come back into the room, I untie her and walk her out of the bedroom. The ex typically crawled into my lap and purred about how great the session was.

Now. SAFE WORD. SAFE WORD. SAFE WORD. I can’t stress this enough. Personally, I use banana pancakes as my safe word. But the key is that the safe word be completely nonsexual. If she EVER uses the safe word, you must stop immediately and untie her, then walk out of the room. Then return 2-3 minutes later. You must NEVER scold or chide a woman for ending the session. It can be VERY intimidating for women. I think some guys get drunk on the power they get from the session and overdo it. But you can cause some very serious damage to her if you go overboard. But if done right…..she can have some of the most INTENSE orgasms she’s ever experienced. The woman has to completely submit to what you are doing. If she’s bound, she can’t stop you. She has to give in and allow herself to climax and go with where you’re bringing her. This is a VERY POWERFUL thing. The ex absolutely glowed and smiled and giggled when the sessions would end. Again, this does not last for more than 15 minutes.

Again…..I strongly urge that taking this up be done gradually. Start with paper-towel rope, and then move to one arm being bound, then one arm- one leg, then an arm and both legs. Then eventually both arms and both legs. Explain to the woman that she may feel the urge to urinate, and if she does, she needs to let it go. IF/WHEN she squirts, always follow up with a “Good Girl” or some form of encouragement. Always start and end the session with walking out of the room. This is important to separate this from “normal” sex with you. This is something special, something different. And it needs to be treated as such. That’s why the theater aspect is crucial. It was actually pretty difficult for me to write about this because I definitely don’t want any male readers to get into trouble or feel the guilt of causing their woman any psychological harm.

Most women will readily admit to wanting to be dominated in the bedroom. THIS takes being submissive to a whole new level.  This is why, as a man, you need to take this endeavor VERY seriously. Honestly, I’ve only done this with 3 women. And all three said the same thing: that they knew they couldn’t fight the sensation so they just had to let go and enjoy the ride. And THAT was where the pleasure comes from (per the ladies). I’m not a woman so I have no clue. But I think that so many women are gushing over the book to warrant why a woman would be so turned on by FOS. Personally, I’ve never been into role-play, and the “having to be in character” part of the FOS makes it unappealing to me.  Secondly, I really don’t get much out of it. The thrill of making a girl orgasm for me is like gloating about being about to chew food. But I guess it’s good to have in the old playbook to keep things spicy.


I was going to post a link to my post about oneitis. But I can’t find it. I had already started writing this, so I decided to finish this and the next post will be about my experience with oneitis.


If anyone reading this post has questions regarding FOS, please feel free to email me.

my 4 point leather restraints. WHAT… thought i was kidding?

Next post….

Should I post about my experience with oneitis or my experience with tying a woman up and giving her sexual gratification?

The readers can decide…..