True Colors

I want to be clear here: everyone knows how I feel about my family. You all know how important they are to me. I believe last Summer most of the sites discussed “female submission”. Well…I was on The Spearhead  today where there’s a post that validates EXACTLY why the MGTOW continues to grow. THIS is my reasoning for being so hesitant about marriage. The quote from Roslyn Holcomb says it all.

I WISH I could say this type of sentiment were uncommon. I am NOT advocating a guy trying to get out of child support or not take responsibility for his offspring. But after the quote Mr. Price makes a perfect point. The focus of this post however ISN’T about the Spearhead per se, I just wanted to use the article to reference my OWN encounter with a young lady shortly ago on DetiNation.

Deti was good enough to comment about himself on DetiNation where he gave his personal beliefs on relationships/marriage and made mention of “female submission”. It didn’t take long for a young lady named Pip to chime in regarding Deti’s opinion. *sigh*

“…women’s refusal to submit to the men in their lives, men’s failure to insist on their wives’ and daughters’ submission; men’s failure to lead their wives;…”

Submit? Really? I’m not going to be led. Why would I ever want to do this? Or allow this? It’s about choice. If two people want to arrange their union in such a way, fine. But if they want to live their lives the way I and my MGTOW partner do, for example, where we stand equal in all ways, that’s equally great. To claim that this is the only way to have a marriage – a soft form of slavery to my eyes- is utterly abhorrent to a lot of women. And they won’t do it.”

Well, how much you wanna bet she read and raved about “50 Shades of Grey”. I’d LOVE to talk to her SO in 10 years and ask him how “equal” the divorce proceedings were. How much “equal time he gets with his kid(s).I had posted a longer response to her, but my server dropped and I had to repost from my phone. But I’m not going to denigrate women in general. I do realize that this isn’t the sentiments of EVERY woman. But it’s prevalent enough for me to heed the warning that comes with me getting married. There’s no point to me being bitter when I can just go my own way.

Her sentiments and the comment Roslyn made are EXACTLY why I’m so skittish and apprehensive about marriage. It’s why I’m SERIOUSLY looking into buying an acre in southern Louisiana and putting a travel trailer on it. I’m just too scared of the risk that comes with marriage and I’ve come to realize I don’t need a huge house and 90% of the shit I have packed inside it. I own a 1800 sq foot 3BR house and utilize 10% of it.

I’ll have my retirement, I’ll have my little slice of heaven, I’ll have Brody, I’ll hunt, fish, trap, read, tend to the chickens and goats, and small garden. MAYBE I’ll get a job, maybe I won’t. Hell, even one of my best friends (divorced) said he’d LOVE to do the same thing and that he owns 10 acres out by his hometown of Jennings, La. I know what you’re thinking, “How the hell did you come up with this hair-brained plan?” Well, I read a book by a man that had a hunting camp. After a divorce, he was wiped out and broke. Then he lost of his job. He moved into his camp for what was supposed to a short while. Four years later and he said he should have done this years ago. Maybe it’s my outdoorsy ass rearing it’s head here, but what he’s doing sounds fucking awesome. I can buy a used travel trailer for under $5000 and an acre in La for under $3000. I think my buddy wants me to park on his 10 acres with him.

Rock on. For my retirement, I’ll be on an extended camping trip. In the event any of you guys are interested in the book-  Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat .  Now, the guy is a prepper, but I’ve also been reading up on homesteading and stuff and it’s a VERY intriquing idea. I’ll be like Shrek, “IT’S MY SWAMP!!!!” lol. I do also realize this is not ideal for most guys- especially the married ones; but it’s PERFECT for me.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the well wishes. It’s very kind of you to care. I’ll try and post sunnier stuff when I’m back to shitting sunshine

Stay up.

36 Comments on “True Colors”

  1. YOHAMI says:

    Going your own way bro?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Not in the sense that I’m swearing off women or relationships. But in the sense of realizing this choice I’m making is not something most people would be keen on.

      But it’s VERY appealing to me.

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. aoefe says:

    I can sympathize with your struggle regarding marriage or not. Today’s women are deluded about what makes them tick. Even with 50 Shades (a boring, bad read) I don’t think women are making the connection regarding their desire for a leader (in and out of the bedroom). I write about submission and what women should think about in regards to their inner core, my hope is the message will catch on. I get over 1000 hits a day, but I fear it’s mostly men as that’s the way I got introduced to blogging – through the manosphere. This is recent post I did on submission.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      One of the things I stress to men is that when a women submits, he shoulders a HUGE responsibility. She’s given you a gift, and it needs to be appreciated.

      I don’t see it as a sign of female weakness, rather it’s something she should be proud of. Masculinity attracts femininity and vice versa.

  3. Jim says:

    Agree. MGTOW gives a perspective like no other. I’m starting to lose attraction to women and not because of looks. Many are hot but it’s their feminist instilled values that turn me off. Their looks aren’t even in the equation now. I guess they are like men to me now.

    I actually did and maybe still do want a family. But the risks are simply too great and the burden of trying to make it succeed against a society that does everything to ensure it fails is why I’m slowly giving up. The nation does not value family structures because it’s main goal is to have a society of drones controlled by the elites. Can’t do that with traditional families and laws geared towards their destruction.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I think it’s a common sentiment for guys.

      I try to maintain a balance on this blog. I don’t want to be a PUA, I don’t wish to host a MRA site….BUT- I realize the realities/truth of both sides. I wish I could say I don’t run into this type of female mentality often, but I do.

      Funny thing is: ask most women if they feel a man should stand up for them when they are physically threatened and 90% will say yes. Yet- most of said women, who don’t mind a man’s dominant side when it’s beneficial to them, will argue against the “submissive” role of women and it’s attractiveness to men.

      If that’s the case Mi Lady, fight him yourself when he over steps what’s acceptable or you challenge him to “do something”.

      • Jim says:

        You don’t have to try and suit anyone’s taste. Write what you want to. You are open to all viewpoints and that’s the main thing.

        You talk about your big empty house. I’m in the same boat. And if you notice there is no middle ground to discuss because one choice could lead to complete disaster and the other is complete isolation is indicative of the society we live in.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          1- I don’t want be pigeon-holed as a certain “type of blog”. Especially when I see validity in both sides.

          Isolation suits me. Always has. I’ve always been a bit of a loner, which could explain my hunting camp decision.

          Sent from my iPhone

      • Jim says:

        You write what you see happening IRL. That’s all you can do.

  4. Annie says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m even more sorry that my fellow women have caused that. However, I would add that a woman being submissive is not a good indication of whether or not she will take you to the cleaners in 10-25 years, there are better indicators and why not just make her sign a prenup?

    Also, there are (still) good women out there, and I hope you find yours.

  5. just visiting says:

    A lot of the mentality is feminist training in the culture. But a lot of it is trust. If the man I’m with can’t be trusted to make good decisions or act in a manly way, it’s going to be very difficult to submit to that. For some, if they’ve ever been in an abusive situation, it’s going to be harder because they’ll be wary of going through that again.

    Picking wisely is key, for both the man and woman, but so is trust.

    And your hunting camp sounds lovely. I’m sure Brody will have a blast.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I’m not insinuating that men aren’t faultless. Many men are sheep, and I don’t blame women for feeling cheated by them.

      What I’m saying is without her submission, I’m not protecting her.

      But you are right in it being a trust issue for women. I can totally see that. My little sister went through something along those lines and the fam had to work diligently to make sure I didn’t find out she was being mistreated.

      I’d have driven 8 hours west and cracked a man’s head open.

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. Angeline says:

    Submission does require trust, and respect, on both sides. As someone who is very submissive, I will say that I have to really get to know and believe in someone before they will see that, except in little day-to-day ways. I’m a good bit older than most of the folks here, and I was certainly taught from all directions that submitting to a man was about the most backward, dangerous, Stepford wife thing you could ever do. It was tough to ignore all that and go my own way.

    I have to wonder though, how I would ever navigate that now. The message to women is ever more strident. And, if men are all but totally swearing off commitment and LTR’s, forget marriage, how does one ever get to a place where you submit to him? Because to me, the submission is almost a vow, a promise to follow. A commitment. That can leave you in a bad place if he walks away.

    RE: pre-nups – I’ve been told in modern divorce court, with kids involved, they are ignored. Family court is a lawless place.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      It’s not about respect towards women and commitment. It’s about men simply trying to survive and live where they aren’t trapped and facing incarceration because they’re riddled with debt.

      And it’s too easy for men to get caught in that very situation if they marry. I’m not anti-commitment or anti marriage. I actually support said causes.

      But I’m also aware it’s far too easy for me to be shackled simply because my wife decides SHE’S no longer into the commitment. And she doesn’t need a good reason to end the union.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Angeline says:

        Oh I totally agree that checking out of marriage as it exists now is the only sane thing for men. And I was left after my divorce with kids’ student loans, and no assets, no alimony, nothing, but I do understand that isn’t the norm. My fella and I have talked about marriage, but it would only complicate the web of debts and responsibilities to kids. He got absolutely raped by his wife, who had cheated on him 18 years of their 17 year marriage (yes, you read that right). One of my brothers was murdered by his wife when he threatened her with divorce over her spendy ways. I fear for my son and brothers. I don’t blame them at all. “Lawless” was a carefully chosen word regarding Family courts.

        I hate that Feminism made the genders so adversarial. Because so many good men and women are ‘disappeared’ in this current climate, never to find anyone. The feminist neighbor above, with no grandchildren? Sorry to be harsh, but that’s for the best. Maybe it’s going to take a few generations for the gender differentations to reassert themselves. But a lot of good, decent, doing-their-best people will get caught in that, too. Women too wary that this guy won’t stick to truly show her submissive, feminine self; men too wary to stick because the risk of pauperhood is high to ever be the safe haven for her to truly give herself to him.

        That doesn’t even take into account the feminized men raised by feminists who don’t *want* a submissive woman. My ex wanted a ‘corporate’ woman, an “equal”, who made as much or more than him, even though he was miserable whenever I was working full time. He was trained to want it (uber Feminist, ball-busting mother who ran the family – I should have run for the hills), but it went against both our natures. Based on what he saw, the leader of the family was a no-win situation, because she was ruling from the back seat. All “leadership” meant was responsibility with no benefit. Not only no benefit, but constant, public emasculation. I can’t blame him, no one would want that. But he had no other model for how man as head of the house would work.

        I was just wondering out loud, in a PUA or MGTOW world, would you ever really see anything more than superficial female submission. Because that’s something that comes with time and safety. I didn’t mean to criticize anyone’s choice to check out of a system so slanted against them. Just a philosophical question that if you never intend to commit, is it realistic to expect submission.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          To answer your question: I can smell a ball buster or psycho girl a mile away-and I run for the hills. If I wanted a husband I’d fuck men. I prefer women, so I can’t be in a relationship with a woman who WON’T submit. Guess who taught me this?

          My mother.

          Sent from my iPhone

  7. aneroidocean says:

    Danny, I think it’s a great idea for a retirement. Nothing says that if you so choose you can’t decide to go travel and visit friends, then come back to your little trailer when you want to be alone again.

    While I don’t have the finances currently to buy a home, I’ve lived steps from the beach/ocean for years now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Other people think that my lease is expensive, but it’s often within a few hundred dollars a month of what other people are paying to live further inland in suburbia. Sure, I don’t have that much space compared to these other places people live and parking can be a bitch in the summer (when I don’t have my 1-car garage clear enough to park my car in it), but I’m living right by the nature I love and I don’t really feel the need to have a ton of space. The only reason I’d really need more space is if I had a family or a dog.

    People who are more astute often wonder at how I managed to live so close to the beach and the water. They wonder how I can pay so reasonable of a price to live in near paradise. My neighbors are millionaires, surf bums, and real bums. We all are much happier than anywhere else we’ve lived.

    As for the submission thing with women, I think that it’s similar to having a really great boss. I’ve had jobs before where my boss was DEFINITELY the one in charge when it came down to it, but like any good boss, he put me in charge of the things I excelled in, and encouraged me to do better in the areas I wasn’t great in. Overall, he had to discipline me rarely and it was a super positive experience. I had input in nearly every area of my job and ran nearly unsupervised in many aspects. I respected him, he respected me, we really had almost no conflicts.

    In a workplace environment you HAVE to submit to your boss, but in a great workplace environment, you are submitting by choice because you WANT to work with your boss as he not only offers encouragement/discipline in the areas you’re weak, but also provides structure and direction so that the entire team accomplishes it’s goals. I am still longtime friends with my old boss and he’s actually worked for me in a couple scenarios where I came back to contract with the same company. No power struggles, just a team effort. That’s just how a relationship/marriage should be. Nobody is a slave, there are just different roles that play to each other’s strengths.

    Has anyone ever felt like their parents submit to them once they are grown, but before that time, it’s completely the opposite? This has also happened with me and I find it a very interesting dynamic.

  8. ASF says:

    Reading that website is scary. There are certainly violent men, abusive men, shitty fathers, etc. The problem is that basically decent men get screwed by the family court system. The family court system is a court of equity primarily, where the main directive is to do what “justice” demands. It gives family law judges tremendous power.

    The “best interest of the child” often equates to best interest of the mother.

    Pre-nups are enforceable if properly executed, but it’s all very fact specific. Child support is statutory, so pre-nups cannot affect those rights and obligations.

    Bro, about this swamp cabin thing…where we gonna meet girls bro? 😀

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude, I watched my brother in law get raped in the custody battle. It was the most corrupt thing I’d ever heard of.

      I’ll throw the girls over my shoulder, bring them back to my trailer cave, and give them a dose. Lol.

  9. Senior Beta says:

    As long as you keep pumping out those great cajun recipes from the trailer I am all right with your choice.

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  11. Spacetraveller says:


    I think Angeline already said what I was about to say. it’s a big problem, this lack of femininity in our world. Both men and women are unhappy as a result. Like Bellita says, in this staring competition that is the current SMP, it is women who will have to blink first.
    That starts with submission.
    And yes, she needs a good and strong man to submit to. Of which there are many. But somehow, they are afraid to come out of their caves. In this crazy world who can blame them??

    By the way, can I come along with Senior Beta to have a taste of your cajun recipes?
    Um, will you promise not to throw me over your shoulder? I come just for the food…

  12. One thing I fault women for is the way they will move heaven and earth to alienate their children from their father (once they aren’t a couple, and especially if he’s found another woman.)

    Then, this mother, who did everything in her power to physically and emotionally remove the dad from his kid’s lives will bitch that he was “never” involved. And I know this is some of the reason men don’t pay child support (not that I’m excusing them). They figure, why should I pay for some kid who hates my guts, that I’m allowed to see twice a year if I beg?

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